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Fashion Flashback: The Tackiest Platforms of All-Time

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Most trends blaze hot for a brief moment in time, only to quickly disappear into the ether (languishing forever in yearbooks and mortifying music videos). The shelf life for most fashion fads is usually a decade, at most. Not so with platform shoes, a style that reigned from Carmen Miranda and Rita Hayworth‘s 1940s heyday until the Spice Girls and Deee-lite-drenched ’90s. Read more…

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The Olympics Closing Ceremony: Who We Were Most Excited To See

Spice Girls Performing At The Olympics Closing Ceremony

SPICE UP YOUR LIFE! Sorry, guys. We really did get excited seeing the Spice Girls reunited while performing at the amazing spectacle that was the Olympics Closing Ceremony yesterday (or this morning, depends on what part of the world you’re in.) Especially went whizzing around in those cool, lit-up minis! And they weren’t the only ones we squeed at. The whole playlist of sorts had moments we were giddy about. How about Take That? We used to swoon over them back in the day, and seeing them together brought back all those memories. We only wish that Robbie Williams had joined them, but we’ll take what we can get. We got One Direction for the swooning-in-this-day-and-age, so we’re all good!  George Michael busting out moves was awesome — did you sing Freedom out aloud too? And how about them supermodels, huh? All in glittering gold gowns. Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Stella Tennant, Karen Elson and the rest of the finest of the Brit fashion crop did make a huge impression.

We have to say that Fatboy Slim busting out Rockerfella Skank was a massive moment for us too. Acid house at the Olympics? Yes, please! And while we’re at it — what did you think of Russell Brand‘s performance? We love him, so we were more than happy to see him up there. More than anything, his inclusion showed just how much thought the organizers put into this ceremony. They tried to be together everything quintessentially British — fashion, comedians, music, dancing — and we think they totally succeeded. Look through our gallery to have a look at who else we were excited to see, and let us know if you agree!

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Spice Girls, Magic Mike, Cher…What Other Thing You Love Will Become A Musical Next?

Spice Girls Musical, Cher Musical, Magic Mike Musical In The Works

Honestly, up until today we thought all the things we love were already on Broadway: Mormons, phantoms, cats, Raven-Symone. Then we remembered how much we love the Spice Girls, Cher and (we’re assuming, even though we haven’t seen it yet) Magic Mike, and the universe quickly made those things into musicals too. Cher tweeted this week that a musical based on her life is already in the works. If that didn’t elicit an audible gasp from your lips, you should also know that the show stars three different Chers…and “[A]ll three Chers will talk and sing to each other.” Three times the Cher!

Meanwhile we’d already heard about a possible Spice Girls reunion at this summer’s London Olympics and today our favorite band from the sixth grade announced that Viva Forever!, the jukebox musical featuring their music, will hit the West End on December 11. The musical is being shaped by Mamma Mia! creator Judy Craymore and written by Absolutely Fabulous star Jennifer Saunders, and will star….wait for it…”Viva, a young woman with a chaotic home life who looks to resolve feelings about her adoption through belief in herself, female friendship and, well, ‘girl power.'” Of course it does.

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Geri Halliwell Launches A Union Jack Clothing Collection

We’re complete suckers for anything related to the Spice Girls. Including this bit of news that had us rolling with laughter (but in a good way). Geri Halliwell has a collaboration going with clothing company Next, and guess what she decided to design from them? An entire Union Jack clothing line, as you can see above. She unveiled it in London earlier today, wearing a sequined version of her own design — the flag sheath dress. It’s an obvious pimping of her iconic Union Jack-Spice Girls look, but who cares? What’s the bet that it’ll totally sell out?

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Spice Girls Reunion Rumored For London Summer Olympics

Whether it’s the excitement we’re experiencing in our souls or the 6-inch-platform sneakers we fished out our closets, the idea of a Spice Girls reunion is definitely cutting off the blood to our extremities. RadarOnline reports that The Spice Girls might allegedly take the stage for a performance at the 2012 Olympics in London. “Mel B and Emma Bunton are agreeable to doing it, but the holdout seems to be Victoria Beckham,” their source claims. “She has so much going on … and she isn’t agreeing to it — yet!” You know Victoria secretly wants to though. Why else would she have kept that same haircut in memoriam all these yeas?

We have so much catching up to do. Scary Spice, Posh Spice and to a sliiiiiiiightly lesser extent Ginger Spice and Sporty Spice have stayed in our field of awareness. But what of Baby Spice? Ugh, why did we unsubscribe from their fan newsletter? The proposed reunion would be part of a promotion for the upcoming Spice Girls’ musical Viva Forever, a long awaited piece of pure genius as well as our favorite nonsensical title of all time. “The girls are so very excited for their musical to be released,” the source adds. “They absolutely love what [comedian and screenwriter] Jennifer Saunders has done with the script. It’s going to be unlike anything anyone has ever seen on stage.” We’ll be waiting, everlasting, like the sun. So, does a Spice Girls reunion make you want to zigga zig ah, or are you content to slam your body down and wind it all around without the Spice Girls?

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What’s Up With Geri Halliwell’s Bridal Couture?

Geri Halliwell probably got the two things mixed up on her head. This was not her wedding, it was a party. And now she’s the laughing stock of everyone who’s looked at these photos. Geri turned up at the 6th Annual Raisa Gorbachev charity gala in London yesterday dressed like — this. Can we get a “Here Comes the Bride”?

Correct us if we’re wrong, but does this not look like a wedding dress? It’s a corseted, strapless, layered, tulle white gown. Do the math, Geri. And to add insult to injury, she looks orange. Big fan of the Spice Girls (yeah, so what), but this is something we just can’t get on board with. And if this what she wears to a party, can you imagine what she’s wear if she actually got married?


Spice Girls Musical In The Works


Are you a Spice Girls fan who longs to see their hit songs brought to life onstage, and you’re willing to pay around eighty bucks for the experience? Then we have some good news! Theater producer Judy Craymer, the mastermind behind the stage and film versions of Mamma Mia!, has struck a deal with Spice Girls creator Simon Fuller in order to create a musical based on the group’s pop songs.

The Spice Girls themselves will likely have nothing to do with the show and there won’t actually be characters based on them (although that would be kind of awesome: a dramatic reenactment of the day Posh met Becks? Yes, please.) Instead, like Mamma Mia!, the show will use the group’s songs to tell a fictional story. Boy meets girl, boy wants to be girl’s lover, boy has to get with girl’s friends, and eventually two become one. Tentatively titled “Viva Forever”, the show will take two to three years before debuting. Until then, we’ll be sending Judy Craymer notes with our ideas on how best to portray the elusive “Zig-ah-zig-ahh” onstage. [Photo: Getty Images]


Mel C Thrilled As Ever At New Spice Girls Musical News

She was the last Spice Girl to sign up to their last reunion, and from the picture above it seems that Mel C’s not exactly looking forward to the latest money-spinning project. (Oh, all right, we have no idea whether she is or not. Mel C is looking drab and dowdy above as she launches her new role in the long-running West End musical Blood Brothers.)

But as rumored, there is a top-secret new Spice project, and it’s looking to be a TV hunt to find a new generation of girls to zig-a-zig-ahh on stage. Following in the footsteps of many successful British TV talent searches of recent times, Mel C, B, Geri, Emma and Victoria would audition to find version of themselves for a new stage musical. “It’s a fantastic new way to broaden out the Spice franchise and cash in on their personalities, their story and their songs,” reports The Sun.  You don’t say. Ker-chinnnngg! [Photo:


Mel B. Won’t Stop Talking About Sex

Spice Girl Mel B Sex

She’s never been shy, but we can’t be the only ones getting a bit tired of Mel B‘s constant divulging about her sex life with husband Stephen Belafonte. With the world going crazy for the former Spice Girl’s crunchy abs, she’s taken the opportunity to tell us all how she manages it. And obviously it’s mainly down to sex.

Telling the UK’s Grazia magazine that she’s honestly not body obsessed (yeah right), she reveals, “On top of all my exercise, I have sex with Stephen five times a day. Maybe that has something to do with [my body shape]? I have to admit, I’m a nymphomanic with him. Its sexercise!”

And if that wasn’t enough for her daughters’ friends to read about in the future, Mel continues in a more graphic vein with Closer magazine: “My advice to women who are unfulfilled in the bedroom is to invest in a sex toy. I use a little vibrator called a Pocket Rocket – and it does the trick every time. My hubby and I have a great time together – I’m not sure if it’s because we’re the same age (34), but we both have very high libidos.” Yep, think that’s enough now. [Photos: WireImage]


A Baby Girl For Mel C – And A Celebrity Name

Just like Jennifer Garner and the Neverending Pregnancy, we did wonder whether Mel C was ever going to get round to giving birth. Thankfully for her uterus and our prurient nature, she has, and has followed the tradition of her fellow Spice Mamas by giving her new baby daughter a showbiz name. Scarlet Starr was born on Sunday weighing 8lb 3oz and we’re sending congrats to the new mom. But when the most sensibly-named Spice Baby is called Bluebell (Geri Halliwell’s daughter) or Beau (Emma Bunton‘s son), you’ve got to stand out somehow at those future playdates — and alliterative popstar names are clearly the way forward… [Photo: Splash News Online]