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Meet 15-Year-Old U.S. Open Sensation CiCi Bellis

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Catherine Cartan Bellis, better known as CiCi Bellis, is the 15-year-old tennis sensation and youngest American to win a U.S. Open match since Anna Kournikova 28 years ago. She has talent, she has grace, she has determination and you better believe she’ll have thousands of admirers (even if some are unwanted and inappropriate) by the time the competition is finished. Plus, she says Justin Bieber is just “okay,” which makes her so much more badass in our book.

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Enrique Iglesias & Anna Kournikova Spend A Bikini Birthday In Miami Beach

Enrique Iglesias’ face isn’t the only thing that’s barely changed in ten years….despite countless club anthems and sex-heavy videos, he’s stuck with one woman, girlfriend Anna Kournikova, for almost a decade! The pair were spotted in Miami Beach celebrating his 36th birthday yesterday, with Anna hiding a hot white bikini top under her matching white jacket. The singer kicks off another set of international dates later this month (what you thought he was just chilling after dropping off Britney Spears’ summer tour?), so it’s nice these two got some quality time together before he has to go pretend “Tonight” he’s loving someone else.

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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Anna Kournikova Gets Into Bar Brawl


Who knew Anna Kournikova was so street? Anna got into a scuffle in Las Vegas this weekend that left the tennis pro with cuts on her neck.

The whole drama started when Anna was sitting at a VIP table at Lavo Nightclub on Saturday and a woman bumped into her. They pushed each other but were separated until the woman confronted Anna again later in the night and threw a drink on her – how Paris Hilton!

“The woman was definitely drunk,” says a source. The woman also grabbed Anna by the neck and pushed her into a wall before security pushed them apart.

“Anna looked really shaken up,” the source said. [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]


A Couple That Sweats Together Stays Together


Justin Timberlake and girlfriend Jessica Biel were spotted jogging along the West Side Highway in NYC this afternoon. While keeping their bodies in tip-top shape may be in their job description, they’re proof that rockin’ bods don’t come without hard work.

Whether it’s running, yoga, triathlons or tennis, celebs like Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Lopez, and Hugh Jackman burn mucho calories on a daily basis to look fab onscreen and in print. See pics of stars sweatin’ it out below.

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Sexy Russian Tennis Girls Cheer Us Up

On a slow news day, it’s always nice to look at pretty photos of beautiful Russian (ex) tennis players, isn’t it? Actually, it’s not a bad thing on any way.  Maria Sharapova was showing off her new handbag collection, whereas Anna Kournikova was busy visiting the Jimmy Fallon show and ringing the opening bell on the US stock exchange. Perhaps her magical Enrique Igelsias-snaring ways will work their magic on our moribund global economy. Hey, anything’s worth a go. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Enrique Iglesias Takes Video Footage Inside His Pants

There’s a line where being a lusted-over popstar and being able to get away with being a bit saucy tips over into just plain pervy territory and Enrique Iglesias has crossed it. Maybe it’s because he’s freaking out about approaching his mid-thirties, maybe it’s because he’s got daddy issues (his dad Julio is a known swordsman), maybe it’s the fact that underneath that fricking baseball cap he’s totally bald. Maybe girlfriend Anna Kournikova has stopped putting out. Hey, we don’t know, we’re just supposing.

Either way, WTF is going on with a man who one week scoops up a fan half his age to snog on-stage, followed by taking a video of the action down his pants? Yes, at a concert in Paris, Enrique took a fans’ video camera and made to take some footage of, erm, little Enrique in front of the crowd. Nice. What next, Enrique decides on a kerb-crawling theme for his next video? He’s spotted hanging round parks wearing a big flasher’s mac?

Check out photos below of Enrique’s on-stage antics in London. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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