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If Full House and Modern Family Got In a Fight, Who Would Win?


Modern Family Full House

There’s something about goofy family sitcoms that really tickles us. We’ve been thinking about Modern Family of late (with the show’s sixth season premiering tonight), and at the same time getting nostalgic about our childhood favorite, Full House. If we were children now, would we hold the extended Pritchett clan in the same esteem as we once did the Tanner household? Would we religiously DVR episodes and watch them over and over again until the dialogue became so familiar we could recite it in our sleep? Most importantly, which of the two shows would win in a fight? Read more…

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The 20 Worst Met Costume Gala Gowns


Last night, the most rich and famous and fashionable showed up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the annual Costume Institute Ball. Last night’s theme was “Punk: Chaos to Couture” and let’s just say amid all the couture, there was certainly a lot of chaos…and a lot of gross.

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Katie Holmes’ Style Line Set To Drop At NY Fashion Week, Here’s 10 More Celebrity Designers

Katie Holmes is sticking to her passion for fashion through her very public divorce from Tom Cruise. So much so that a spokesperson from Holmes’ brand, Holmes & Yang, announced that they will be putting on a presentation during New York Fashion Week in September of this year. This is Holmes & Yang’s debut at New York Fashion Week and they will be showcasing their spring collection. It seems like more celebs than we can count have dabbled in the fashion industry along with being musical artists or actors. Gwen Stefani with her punk rock L.A.M.B line and of course Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen with their high fashion design line, The Row. Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, Coco, and Victoria Beckham are also no strangers to the world of fashion. These multi-talented go-getters show their spunk, individuality, and sequins (of course, Coco) in their designs. Head down the gallery below to see what they’ve come up with for the catwalk!

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Happy Birthday Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen! Celebrate With Their Cutest Looks Through The Years

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's birthday retrospective

Hey everyone, get ready to feel super old! For most of us, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are pretty much frozen in our minds at around age 9, but the girls actually turn 26 years old today! So let’s all send out some hearty birthday wishes to the Olsen Twins. But whatever you do, don’t call them “the Olsen Twins.” If you do, you’re in big trouble mister! The duo have worked hard to shed their child-star past and forge their own individual identities, and being lumped together under the dreaded “T” word reportedly pisses them off.

They’ve sure come a long way from literally playing the same character on Full House! Mary-Kate and Ashley blossomed into teen tycoons, with an empire rumored to be worth well over a billion dollars! But there’s one thing that money can’t buy: a multi-decade retrospective of your cutest styles, from way back in that land called the 80s, all the way to now. Consider it our birthday present to you, ladies! Head on down to the gallery below and bask in the adorability and the “predictability.”

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Wilmer Valderrama And Ashley Olsen, Please Teach Us How To Get Game

I’ve met Wilmer Valderrama. He actually seemed rather sweet and smart. But I’ve also seen Minka Kelly in person. Those two do not orbit in the same solar system of hotness. And yet, like Lindsay Lohan, Demi Lovato and Mandy Moore before her, Minka was spotted “kissing and grinding” with the That ’70s Show alum at a club in L.A. over the weekend. Dude must be suuuper charming.

And in other unbelievable couple news, In Touch (the kings of unbelievable couple news) has a story about Johnny Depp visiting Ashley Olsen’s Tribeca apartment for two days back in February. Johnny. Freaking. Depp. Who is 48 and still claiming to be with Vanessa Paradis, despite rumors of their split. Actually, the story says that he was seen leaving a building connected to Ashley’s building on February 27, and then quotes another source saying he arrived there on February 26. But anyway, say we were to believe this story — the 25-year-old actress-turned-fashion-maven also has a pretty nice collection of exes, including The Hangover’s Justin Bartha, Lance Armstrong and Jared Leto.

So what we’re saying is, Ashley and Wilmer, can you please teach us your magical courtship rituals? This might be your ticket to no longer being associated with long-dead sitcom careers. And our ticket to snagging love interests waaay out of our league too.


Pam Anderson To Kim Kardashian: PETA’s Love-Hate Relationship With Celebs

PETA has always had a love-hate relationships with celebrities. Some star studs like Justin Bieber have won the hearts of animal lovers by gracing PETA ads. Some celebs have even stripped down to step up for the cause of animal rights. However, there’s always those celebrities who blaze their own fur trail and send PETA in a hot rage like Kim Kardashian most recently did.

On the good side of the controversial organization are Pamela Anderson and Bob Harper, who recently teamed up with PETA to launch limited-edition U.S. postage stamps featuring famous vegetarians. From Gandhi to Ellen DeGeneres, now your bills and birthday cards can all feature Hollywood’s top 20 herbivores. But without even buying any stamps (snail mail, what’s that?), you can peruse our eye-popping, yet informative list of celebs who made PETA’s It list and hit list, along with the famous offenders who’ve since changed their ways.

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Elizabeth Olsen’s 10 Most Fashionable Looks

Go back to your solid gold penthouse in your skyscraper made of diamonds, Mary-Kate and Ashley, because there’s a new Olsen sister in town! Although not as renowned as her billionaire twin sisters, Elizabeth Olsen has also been acting since she was a tot. She had bit parts in The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley VHS series, as well as a small role in the instant classic, How The West Was Fun. But while the twins developed their skills in the public eye, Elizabeth has been quietly honing her acting craft with years of study. And now it’s about to pay off, as the 22-year-old makes her starring debut in Martha Marcy May Marlene, which opens wide today! The film follows the adventure of a young girl who flees into the mountains to escape an abusive cult, and we hear it’s a tour de force. File this girl under “One to Keep an Eye On,” guys.

Not only does she have the acting chops, but she also inherited her fashionista sisters’ sense of red-carpet style. In fact, Elizabeth might turn out to be the most talked-about Olsen yet. In honor of her film’s release, we’ve assembled her top ten most fashionable looks in the gallery below. Enjoy!

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Did I Do That? From Sitcom Kids To Grown-Up Stars

Why can’t the world let Jaleel White be great? The man formerly known as Urkel complained to People today that he feels limited by his sitcom past. “I’m very versatile, but somehow I didn’t earn the tag of being called a versatile actor,” the former Family Matters star says. “I’m still chasing that one Vanity Fair tag that says, ‘This guy’s a versatile actor.’ I accept it. It’s fine. But for me, it’s like what do I have to do to get that [acknowledgment]?”

Luckily for White, those different and exciting roles could still be just around the corner! Your career doesn’t have to end when those highwaters get too tight to wear! Check out our gallery of sitcom kids, from Leo DiCaprio to Raven-Symone to Sarah Jessica Parker, who successfully made the transition from adorable youngsters to adult film and television stars. And hey…don’t lose the faith, Jaleel.

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