Transformation Tuesday: Cameron Diaz Through the Years

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It’s Transformation Tuesday and Cameron Diaz is the star! Remember when she popped onto the scene as a hot, young thing in 1994’s The Mask? Read more…

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If You Have Sex with Jason Segel, He Will Make Bird Sounds

Quick, does the term “fire log” make you feel turned on, centered, or both? It’s no secret that the names of sex positions are weirdly similar to those of yoga poses, increasing the odds that you and a fellow yogi will get to know each other a lot better after just one class. After reading up on The Joy of Sex, VH1’s Kate Spencer tasked Sex Tape stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel with determining whether a move is reserved for the yoga studio, or the bedroom. Read more…

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Babes, Blunts and Bongs: Celebrate 4/20 With The Celebrities That Make Smoking Weed Look Sexy

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It’s 4/20, so you know what that means. Lots of weed smoking for those who partake. While we don’t encourage drug use, marijuana is creeping ever closer to being legalized all over the place, so there’s no harm in celebrating the many celebrities who have taken a toke in their everyday lives, or on the big screen.

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These Live Action Movies Are Like Your Favorite Cartoon Fairy Tales

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Boy meets girl. They get drunk. Girl gets knocked up. Wait… Let’s try this again. Boy meets girl. On tinder. Girl becomes a booty call. NO! In today’s crazy world, there can be countless ways to define “fairy tale.” From the days of Disney princes and princesses (sigh), things have changed just a little bit, due in large part, to our media.

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Cameron Diaz’s Pubic Hair, Shailene Woodley’s Vitamin D Vagina + More Major Celeb TMI Moments

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This is a celebrity gossip and entertainment site, so obviously we love to have a little bit of a sneak peek into the fabulous and scandalous lives of our favorite celebrities. However, sometimes we find out a bit too much about our favorite stars. Like, did we really need to know about Cameron Diaz‘s pubic hair or that Shailene Woodley likes to get some sun down in the place where the sun don’t shine?

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