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Danny Bonaduce’s Girlfriend Treats Him To A Surprise Wedding

It looks like Danny Bonaduce is off the market for good (sorry ladies). The former Partridge Family actor married his long-time girlfriend Amy Railsback during a trip to Hawaii at the end of November. Surprised? So was he! “The wedding planner from the hotel called to speak with Amy and told me I was getting married!” Danny told People magazine. “I said, ‘Honey you got something to tell me?’ Then I thought about it, and said, ‘This is a great idea!”

The two met in 2007, when Amy was just a fan of Danny’s reality TV work. Somehow that qualified her to become his full-time manager, and the two got engaged soon after. Well, perhaps “engaged” is a little strong. Danny basically said that if she made all of the arrangements and got all of the paperwork together, he’d be down for it. How romantic! And that’s just what Amy did for their Maui vacation. “I was going to tell him,” she says. “It was an unintentional surprise.” They had a beachside ceremony and Danny presented his bride with a sterling silver skull-and-crossbones ring. Double romantic! “It’s our insignia,” he explained, “and I have a similar one.” Truly a story book wedding…if the story you’re reading is Treasure Island.

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Barack Obama Gains Two Big Supporters

Saaphyri, of VH1’s Charm School and Flavor of Love, used her assets to campaign for her presidential pick at the Fox Reality Channel “Really Awards” last night in Hollywood. She was in good company, surrounded by fellow VH1 faves Daisy De La Hoya, Jeff Conaway, Hottie, Real, Heather Chadwell, and Danny Bonaduce. See more photos below of reality stars at the only show that awards people for fighting and swapping bodily fluids on national television.

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Juiced Up Bonaduce Kicks Bob Levy’s Ass In Fight

Well it’s official: you do not want to mess with Danny Bonaduce. Stand up comedian and Howard Stern show regular Reverend Bob Levy hopped in the boxing ring with the former child star to settle a rivalry that stemmed from a slapping incident caught on tape. Last week, Bonaduce told Stern that he had been taking a ton of steroids to prepare for the fight, claiming, “I have no concern for my health.” While we hope he’s exaggerating about his drug use, whatever he’s taking worked – Danny knocked Bob out in the second round. We have a feeling that this is far from the end of their feud – these guys love drama too much to call a truce just yet. [Photo: WireImage]

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Danny Bonaduce On Bob Levy Fight: ‘I Will Destroy Him’


Danny Bonaduce On Bob Levy Fight: ‘I Will Destroy Him’

On Saturday, Danny Bonaduce will enter the ring to “defend his honor” against stand-up comedian/Howard Stern cohort the Reverend Bob Levy. Their rivalry stems from an incident-turned-viral video from earlier this year, in which Levy interrupted a Bonaduce interview to bitch slap him.

Danny is, in short, on the warpath as you’ll see in the narrative below, culled from an interview we recently conducted with the child-star-turned-VH1 staple. It’s filled with trash-talking gems like, “I am going to ruin his career and his facial construction,” and, “When I hit him in the face as hard as I can, my eyes are going to light up like a 6-year-old’s on Christmas morning.” While we’re pretty sure he’s 100 percent serious, Bonaduce obviously couldn’t stop entertaining if he wanted to. His words follow after the jump.

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