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Matt Damon Hosts Jimmy Kimmel Sucks: Our 5 Favorite Zingers

After being “bumped” from Jimmy Kimmel Live “1,205” times for the past 10 years, Matt Damon exacted his revenge on the late-night host by kidnapping him, tying him to a chair and hosting one of our favorite stunt episodes of a talk show ever. Andy Garcia (sporting a hilarious fake accent), Nicole Kidman, Robin Williams, Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, Gary Oldman, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Silverman, “band leader” Sheryl Crow and a very weird-looking Demi Moore all made appearances — thus proving that Matt could get anyone and everyone to visit (not that Kimmel’s ever really had trouble with that). And of course, it turned into a great big roast of the host, who recently got his show moved up an hour to the highly competitive 11:35 p.m. slot. Here are our 5 favorite insults (of many!):

“Kimmel is the Death Star, big and round and easily destroyed through his garbage hole.” Matt Damon, who likewise compared himself to Luke Skywalker

“He’s just, he’s not classy.” — Nicole Kidman on why she’s never been on the show before
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Ashton Kutcher Files For Divorce From Demi Moore. Finally.

Ashton Kutcher Files For Divorce From Demi Moore

We’re not exactly sure how divorces usually work (We gave up on our law degree to blog about Miley Cyrus’ dogs!), but a year seems like more than enough time for Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore to conclude that they really don’t want to be married to each other any more. Really. Us Weekly reports that Ashton filed divorce papers with the L.A. Superior Court today, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split. We’re not saying his move has anything to do with his months-long relationship with Mila Kunis, but you know how it is: every woman dreams of one day dating a guy who isn’t currently married to Demi Moore. Blame all those Disney princess movies!

According to TMZ, Kutcher isn’t requesting spousal support, and asked that Moore be denied any requests to get spousal support in return. (We imagine that isn’t such an unusual request when both parties are millionaires.) The other reason we’re psyched to see Demi and Ashton’s six-year marriage come to an official close? It’s been almost a year since Moore entered rehab after what seemed to be a drug-related medical emergency. Now she’s looking healthy, hanging out with Lenny Kravitz and kissing 26-year-old art dealers. Seems like the right time to turn the page.

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Demi Moore, WTF: Has Actress Returned To Loopy, Partying Ways In Miami?

Demi Moore photographed partying hard at Miami party with Lenny Kravitz, Stacy Keibler

We totally get it, Demi Moore. If we looked as hot as you do at age 50 and had a hot 26-year-old art dealer boyfriend, we would also be living it up at all the parties going on during Miami’s Art Basel festival. Also, we really love that gray romper you’re wearing. But don’t say we didn’t warn you that the photos taken of you at the Chanel Beachside BBQ celebrating at Soho Beach House on Wednesday night are gonna raise a lot of questions.

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Questions like:

  • If your boyfriend, Vito Schnabel, was at this party, and you were even spotted making out with him there (per E!), why are you hanging all over Lenny Kravitz?
  • Is that really just Red Bull that you’re drinking?
  • Didn’t you just go to rehab this year?
  • Does Zooey Deschanel know you’re trying to steal her adorkable shtick?

But whatever, let us ask those questions. As long as you’re happy and healthy (and not putting on an act or something), you keep doing you.

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Demi Moore Is 50 And Fab! Check Out The Ageless Beauty’s 30 Best Styles Through The Years

Actress Demi Moore turns 50 years old

The rest of us get older, but Demi Moore does not. Check out the photo above for proof! The pic on the left is taken 30 years before the pic on the right? Can you tell the difference? We didn’t think so. From her 80s teen movie days (St. Elmo’s Fire, anyone?), to 90s superstardom with monster blockbusters like Ghost and A Few Good Men and most recently staring along side Miley Cyrus in LOL, she hasn’t changed a bit. Except for that bit in G.I. Jane when she shaved her head, we guess. That was pretty noticeable.

Even though the former brat-packer has had rough year with her split from Ashton Kutcher, hospitalization and subsequent stint in rehab, the lady has never looked anything less that completely flawless and fabulous. Can you believe Ms. Moore turns the big 5-0 today? We couldn’t believe it either. The actress has started partying early, hanging out  in India along side Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and 200 other friends. Much nicer than last year’s divorce news! In honor of Demi’s 50th, we’ve assembled her 30 most memorable styles from through the years. Enjoy!

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Beyond Jennifer Aniston: 10 More Celebs We Can’t Believe Got Their Start In Horror Movies

We know all know Jennifer Aniston got her start running in terror from a tiny evil leprechaun in, you know, Leprechaun, but did you know that most A-listers have a crappy horror film lurking in their past somewhere? From Paul Rudd to Jack Black, Demi Moore to Amy Adams, the biggest names in Hollywood have at one point been covered in corn syrup blood and chased by a prop chainsaw. So enjoy 10 amazing actors and actresses who had to pay their dues at the business end of a fake meat cleaver. Our personal favorite? Julianne Moore. Can anyone name a dumber movie death than hers? We honestly want to know!

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Tallulah Willis’ Alleged Nude Pics Continue Demi Moore’s Daughters’ History O’ Scandalousness

Alleged Tallulah Willis Nude Photos Leaked

And now the little one? Dang. Last time we checked, Tallulah Willis was maturely warning others against the dangers of starving yourself before Coachella; now photos of Demi Moore‘s youngest daughter smoking a joint while topless are allegedly being shopped around to the highest bidder. Not that those two things are at odds with each other (the photos might have been taken at Coachella, for all we know), but still. Yuck.

We can’t imagine Tallulah’s eminent scandal is going over well at home, especially if rumors about the rocky relationship between Demi and her girls is true. According to RadarOnline, the relationship between Moore and her kids has reached a “breaking point” due to Demi’s continued struggle to avoid relapse. We guess Moore’s rehab visit and ongoing battle completely overshadowed her daughters’ lives in our minds, because we only just now realized that Tallulah’s bidness is merely the latest bit of Willis daughter drama in a pretty long history. It’s bad news when your daughter’s semi-nude photo drama can’t even top your own, is all we’re saying. Check out the other Willis daughter dirt we had completely forgotten about in the wake of Demi’s dilemmas:

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Demi Moore: Do Hook Up With Joe Manganiello, Do Not Vacation With Ashton Kutcher

Asthon Kutcher, Demi Moore, Joe Manganiello

Demi, Demi, Demi. We seem to remember having this conversation with you before: Getting back together with your ex when you’re in this still-fragile, post-rehab state, is a terrible idea. Even though you’re looking sooo much healthier, and you’re doing an awesome job as the producer of Amanda De Cadenet’s The Conversation, we still think this rumor we heard from Grazia magazine (via ContactMusic) this morning, points to disaster: According to an unnamed source, estranged spouses Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are going on a “sex-free” retreat on the advice of Rabbi Yehuda Berg, their Kabbalah teacher. They’ll be staying in separate rooms and monitored by Berg, the source says.

This is all, of course, still in the realm of gossip and we have no idea if it’s true — but they did go on that camping trip to patch things up before, and they haven’t filed for divorce yet, so it’s within the realm of possibility. But we rather prefer this other possibility, courtesy of Heat magazine (via the Daily Mail): Demi, 49, was getting cozy with our favorite werewolf stripper Joe Manganiello, 35, at the afterparty for the premiere of That’s My Boy earlier this month. No one is saying they hooked up just yet, just that they had “amazing chemistry.” They apparently met back when Moore set to appear in Magic Mike, and stayed in touch even though she dropped out of the project. Coincidentally, Joe split with fiancee Audra Marie last September. So, A) he knows what Demi’s going through, kinda; and B) he looks like Joe Manganiello. Sounds like the perfect rebound to us!

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Demi Moore Says Goodbye To Her Old Twitter Name, Tweets A New Handle

It was about time that Demi Moore gave up her @mrskutcher handle on Twitter. She recently posted an arty self-portrait on the social networking site, heralding her return after a couple of months. For good reason too, considering the spate of problems she went through. But, the main one concerning this name change was her split from husband Ashton Kutcher. And after her initial defensiveness about not changing her Twitter name right away last year, she’s finally broken this last tie to her married life. So give a warm welcome to @justdemi. She tweeted the name out earlier today, writing, “So hard finding a name that was fun somewhat playful and available. So for now it will be justdemi. It could grow on me!” That was followed by another message, “Thanks everyone for your help in finding my new name!” What do you think? We kinda like it. It’s short, sweet and simple. And we’re all for new beginnings!

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Demi Moore Is Back On The Internet, Tweets Self-Portrait

Demi Moore is back on the interwebz, y’all. She just tweeted a self-portrait last night, which simply read, “Testing….” It’s been a long absence for the actress considering her last tweet is dated January 7. The photograph she put out there last night is grainy and shows Demi stretched out on her bed. You can’t really see the actress’ face, except her hipster glasses, but it is a start. Another inspirational tweet followed soon after which read, “I saw a piece of heaven smile at me and was reminded it is not how much we do but the appreciation with which we do it!” So we can pretty much gauge what sort of mood she’s in.

Demi’s obviously had her fair share of battles over the last few months, which led to her laying off social media. Rehab at the Cirque Lodge, her alleged nitrous oxide-caused convulsions which brought in 911 and let’s not forget the event that got the ball rolling, her split with Ashton Kutcher. So we’re really glad she’s taken some time off and we’re looking forward to hearing more from her, complete with arty self-shots.

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Listen To Tallulah Willis, Girls, And Don’t Starve Yourselves Before Coachella

After seeing Scout Willis’ dreamy video and writing on, we were hoping that Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ other fashionable daughters would get in on the game too. So we’re thrilled that 18-year-old Tallulah has done just that. And doubly thrilled by what she has to say in the video as she models her Bohemian vintage clothing and flea market jewelry.

Talking about the freedom of her childhood, which was largely spent in Idaho, she said Demi “was very much like, love your body, love yourself, run around naked. Whatever we wanted to do, [she] was, like, very accepting.”

And that accepting attitude (rather than the insecurity we suspect was at the heart of Moore’s recent trip to rehab) seems to have made Tallulah realize that she doesn’t need to succumb to the same pressures her friends do, particularly at this time of year.

“So many friends of mine have had eating disorders, especially before Coachella,” she admitted, quite timely, since the festival kicks off in Indio, California, today. Read more…