Meet the Blondes of Fox News

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If you thought Fox News Channel was just a boys club, think again. Plenty of women are filling out the channel’s conservative ranks, but they’re not necessarily adding sensibility to Fox News’ reporting. We’re all for strong women in the newsroom, but we’re not sure if Fox News’ blondes fit that bill.

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Celebrity Baby Bump Flaunters: From The Prudish To The Shameless

When we saw pregnant Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak posing for the cover of In Touch Weekly wearing what looked to be a hand-me down bra and a weird pair of sheer panties last week, we immediate thought to ourselves, “That woman has no shame!” After the shock wore off, we began thinking: A) What other celebrities have flaunted their baby bumps on the cover of national magazines and B) Was their pursuit of fame more naked than their actual bodies?

Well, as we discovered during an intense round of research, there are two types of celebrities who use their unborn children to score themselves more publicity: the Prudes and the Shameless. Not every pregnant celebrity wants to pull a Demi Moore, you see. Some, like Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Celine Dion, don’t want to offend their base by showing too much skin. Others, like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, clearly see Moore’s famous Vanity Fair cover as a necessary (and fun!) step in advancing one’s career and deem it necessary to push cultural boundaries. So, what do your favorite celebrities score on either the Prude Meter™ or Shameless Meter™? There’s only way to find out!

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Michaele Salahi’s Co-Stars Starting To Hate Her As Much As Whoopi Does


So by now you know that these Salahi people are whiny crybabies who are becoming universally loathed, first for being national security risks and second for pissing off the ladies of The View. And it’s all in the name of drumming up publicity for the Real Housewives Of D.C., which premiered last night and which we can’t bring ourselves to watch. Michaele Salahi is slowly inching toward being the Gwen Stefani of this group, and this “Whoopi-Hit-Me-No-She-Didn’t-Gate” is her “Don’t Speak.” She’s overshadowed her castmates one too many times and the show has barely gotten off he ground.

Since this whole View non-troversy began, the rest of the Housewives have been feeling a little left out and they aren’t shy about their feelings. After being interviewed yesterday, it was clear they are not psyched to be associated with Cuckoo-Barbie. Their reactions are slowly leading us to believe that the extensions-pulling antics of the Jersey contingent is nothing – someone on this show is going to get a Diplomat’s license plate to the jugular pretty soon. Here are some quotes that lead us to believe that World War III just may begin at a D.C. country club.

D.C. Housewife Cat Ommanney said “Being associated with her and being around her is pretty toxic and exhausting and I’m really over it.”

Housewife Stacie Turner: “I guess it’s good for ratings…[but] the show really is not ‘The Salahi Show'”

Housewife  Mary Schmift Amons: “We’re so tired of hearing this and talking about this. This is a show about five people, not one couple.”

Amons, again: “Awk-ward! And given what’s happened yesterday on The View it’s now changed the energy completely between the five of us.”

And then there’s Lynda Erikiletian who claimed on The View that Michaele was anorexic and her husband Tareq abused women and threw a drink on her.

Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga- CHOO CHOO! What’s that? Oh, just the sound of a train wreck approaching.


Elisabeth Hasselbeck And Kathy Griffin Feud It Out Over “Prostitute” Comment


In new celebrity feud news, apparently Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Kathy Griffin got into a knife fight of words! On The View this week, Hasselbeck apparently referred to Griffin as “scum” in response to a joke the red-headed comedian made about Senator Scott Brown’s daughters being prostitutes, a joke based on a statement Brown made about the girls being single.

Now, of course we know that Kathy Griffin is not literally scum, which Merriem-Webster defines as “floatable material in wastewater made up of mainly fats, cooking oil and grease which are skimmed off during the treatment process.” Oh actually, you know what, that sounds pretty spot-on. Really though, the ladies at The View should know by now that Griffin is just trying to get a rise out of them, since it will lead to her getting more publicity for her (amazing) show Life on the D-List. Thats her schick! The way we look at it is, its similar to how you cant get mad when a goose poops all over your lawn. Thats what geese do! So if you get angry over it, you are really just letting yourself worked up for no reason. Kathy Griffin poops all over the lawn because it is in her nature. Does that make sense? We can make more goose metaphors if you need us to. We are here literally all day.

In response to the slam, Griffin explained, “Now I have to send Elisabeth Hasselbeck two muffin baskets.” What greater act of apology can a person make? You know the old folk saying: if one muffin basket doesnt do it, then you had better send another muffin basket. We sure are feeling thoughtful today over at the FabLife! Hopefully, these two will make up over a delicious cranberry orange muffin soon, and before you know it Kathy will once again be flying around The View‘s soundstage, chewing the tassels off the throw pillows and pecking Joy Behar in the face. The way it ought to be.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Sued!


View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is being sued over her new book, The G-Free Diet, A Gluten Free Survival Guide. Susan Hassett, the self-published author of Living With Celiac Disease, claims Elisabeth stole her ideas after she mailed her a copy of her own book, along with a homemade cooking video, a personal note, a newspaper article, and a business card.

Elisabeth recently revealed she suffers from Celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder linked to gluten proteins found in wheat, barley, and rye. Elisabeth’s peeps couldn’t be reached for comment. [Source: Boston Herald; Photo: Getty Images]


Whoopi Counsels Heidi And Spencer

The chatty ladies of The View + Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt = drama! The Hills stars stopped by The View this morning to rap with Barbara Walters and the ladies about their botched courthouse wedding and their family drama.

Spencer revealed that he called off their courthouse wedding, which would have made their Mexican “wedding” official, because he had a “robbing feeling.” Heidi has always wanted a “princess” wedding with a traditional cake and dress, and apparently Spencer felt at the last minute that he was taking that away from her.

Suspicious as the rest of the world is, Barbara leaned in and asked, “Is this for real?” Heidi and Spencer delivered their perfectly pre-packaged answers: “I really want to get married,” said Heidi. “Everything on The Hills is real,” answered Spencer.

Although now they are allegedly planning the wedding of Heidi’s dreams, they have encountered some family drama, especially with Heidi’s mom. According to Spencer, Heidi’s mom “believes everything she reads,” and doesn’t know the real him.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg suggested the reality couple go spend a couple weeks with Heidi’s mom in Colorado, where she lives, but Spencer insisted that was impossible because “they don’t give us a day off without cameras.”

Whoopi then said that they need to demand for those days off. Nothing like a little Whoopi to knock some sense into Speidi. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is Not Leaving The View

We know, we know. You were all pumped for that show to finally have some drama-free moments, but sadly Elisabeth Hasselbeck ain’t going nowhere. After a lady-battle on Tuesday’s show, he pint-size conservative with the big ol’ mouth was rumored to be considering a leap over to Fox News where she’d surely be welcomed with open, George Bush loving arms, but her people say that’s just not true. “Elisabeth is passionate in her beliefs and enjoys being a part of this dynamic group of women and engaging in daily conversations.”

Translation: Elisabeth makes a crap-load of money and enjoys her cushy life that is fully funded by her “view.” We wouldn’t leave either, no matter how many times Barbara yelled at us.  [LA Times. Photo: WireImage]

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Opens Her Cute Mouth, Goes Nuts

The combination of hot and crazy works well for Elisabeth Hasselbeck. We admit, it’s gotta be tough being the only conservative in a group of equally outspoken and sassy women, but if you can’t take Whoopi and Joy’s heat, get out of the studio, tiny girlfriend! The conversation on today’s episode of  The View of course swirled around everyone’s favorite flute playing Alaskan Sarah Palin, with Barbara Walter‘s egging Elisabeth on, asking her to inform America why she thinks Palin would be a great President. In typical View form, all hell breaks loose. Happy Wednesday!