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Did Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Have A Secret Wedding, Just Like These 20 Celebrity Couples?

20 Celebrities Who Were Married In Secret

Earlier this week, we told you about how Miley Cyrus referred to her boyfriend/fiance/superstud Liam Hemsworth as her “hubby” in an interview with Cosmopolitan. The quote sparked an untold number of rumors suggestion that the power-couple have already tied the knot without us catching on. Well, it turns out we missed a crucial part of the interview: She actually straight up said she was married, y’all! “I’m happy I don’t have to date anyone,” she said within the pages. And later on while telling an anecdote she dropped another glaring hint nugget: “‘I’m so happy I’m married, because you guys are so cruel!'”

OK, so she might have just taken a conversational short cut, and what she meant to say was “I’m so happy that I’m about to get married in the very near future.” But that’s kind of a mouthful, no? A rep for Hemsworth strenuously denied the wedding bell buzz to People, saying that they are “definitely NOT married.”

But hey, reps deny stuff all the time. And it doesn’t explain those Twitpics from Christmas that showed Miley and Liam wearing matching rings. And it really doesn’t explain why those same photos mysteriously vanished soon after being posted! Did Miley and Liam get married in secret? It wouldn’t be the first time in Hollywood history. Head on down to the gallery below and see 20 other famous couples who got hitched on the super DL!

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Javier Bardem’s Hair: Skyfall Success Has Us Combing Through His Other Roles

Do Javier Bardem’s bad hair days translate to Oscar bait? We get a feeling there’s to be a relationship between Bardem’s acclaimed roles and his hairdos … and don’ts. And we’re not the only ones, now that everyone’s singing his praises as Skyfall’s villain Raoul Silva.

The Spanish actor initially gained recognition for his performance in 2000’s Before Night Falls, but it was his turn as the bloodthirsty Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men that solidified his spot on the Hollywood A-list and won him an Academy Award. While his acting chops proved impressive, people seemed more consumed by the bizarre bob he sported in the film — including Bardem himself. During his Oscar acceptance speech he thanked the Coen brothers for putting “one of the most horrible hair cuts in history over my head.” And the guy was not exaggerating. Read more…

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Demi Lovato To Keanu Reeves: 10 Headbangin’ Celebs On National Metal Day

In case you didn’t realize, VH1 Classic has declared today, 11/11/11, National Metal Day. We’re sure we’re not the only ones to blast Mastodon in our headphones while everyone assumes we’re typing away to the sweet sounds of Britney Spears. Not every metalhead wears leather pants, T-shirts and a scowl, right? Over the years, several surprising celebs have come out of the closet as fans of the hard stuff — and not just when those Iron Maiden shirts were really popular at Hot Topic.

Years ago, MTV discovered that Demi Lovato was a serious fan of black metallers Dimmu Borgir among other groups we’re sure never appeared on Radio Disney. Kat Dennings likes to tweet about knitting while listening to metal. This 10-minute video of a tipsy Kelly Clarkson rocking out onstage at a Metal Skool show in 2006 is truly endearing. And only one celeb has actually toured with Ozzfest — Ms. Jada Pinkett Smith. Check out the other headbanging A-listers in the gallery!

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Also, head over to VH1 Tuner to see pics of metal gods being very unmetal and read Top 20 Countdown host Jim Shearer’s account of his Big 4 Metal Moments.
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Berenice Marlohe Is The New Bond Girl

French actress Berenice Marlohe has been introduced as the newest Bond girl on the block. The 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, had its press conference in London yesterday, which is where the news was revealed. It’s OK if you haven’t heard about her — we haven’t either. Bond films do tend to introduce the world to some gorgeous European actresses once in a while. Berenice totally fits the bill.

Of her role, she revealed, “I play a glamorous, enigmatic character called Severine.” Looks like she’s going to be involved in some action scenes (apart from the stereotypical love scenes with 007) adding, “I’ve been training a bit to fire guns for the first time in my life so it was very fun, and I enjoyed it very much.” Bereince joins Daniel Craig as Bond, British actress Naomie Harris, who will portray Moneypenny, and Javier Bardem as the bad guy. The lucky lady! What’s your opinion of the actress, though? Do you think she cuts it as a Bond girl? Consider her eligibility in the gallery below.

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Javier Bardem Is The New Bond Bad Guy

Oh, oh, this is turning into a film we’re definitely not going to miss! As it is, we think that Daniel Craig is the most delicious James Bond ever since Roger Moore (sorry, Sean Connery). It’s a given that we’ll be watching him take on the role in each successive film. But really sealing the deal for us is this news: Javier Bardem is going to play the villain to Bond’s just-about good guy in the next film! The 23rd James Bond flick is rumored to be titled “Skyfall“.

Apparently, it was down to Bardem and Ralph Fiennes to bag the bad guy’s role, but it seems the Spanish actor won out in the end. He was on ABC’s Nightline recently, and revealed, “I am very excited, my parents took me to watch the movies, and I saw all of them, and to play that is going to be fun. They chose me to play this man, but I cannot give you many details.” We think he’s going to make a terrific villain! Do you?


Javier Bardem Set To Star In Dark Tower TV/Movie Mega-Franchise

Javier Bardem is going to be a busy, busy guy this decade. Deadline says the Biutiful star is about a signature away from taking the lead in Ron Howard‘s ambitious adaptation of Stephen King‘s The Dark Tower book series. While the pay day would be Javier’s fattest, so would the time suck—the Oscar winner would not only play post-apocalyptic cowboy Roland Deschain in three movies, but a prequel TV series to run between each part of the trilogy.

While were hoping King adaptation veteran Thomas Jane (The Mist, Dreamcatcher) had a crack at this thing, Bardem’s certainly a good choice for a brooding, remote gunslinger. After all, that basically describes the No Country For Old Men that nabbed him his Academy Award. But if The Dark Tower fails conquer both the box office and the TV ratings, Javier could forever be linked with a massive failure. It’s not like he’ll have much time for other roles, either: most TV stars do their movies between seasons, and he’ll have to do Dark Tower movies between Dark Tower seasons.

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We Were Robbed…Of Seeing Bardem And Brolin Kiss At The Oscars!

Seriously? The one thing that would have jazzed up an otherwise super-beige Academy Awards, and we didn’t even get to see it? Many who attended the Academy Awards reported Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem kissed at the Oscars, right before they broke into a romantic little two step on-stage. We wouldn’t know, because the most important moment of the 2011 Oscars never reached our television. “It [the dance and the kiss] was unscripted, and the plan in the truck was always to cut to Penelope [Cruz] in the audience applauding Josh’s and Javier’s introduction,” Oscars producer Bruce Cohen explains. Well, we’ll have to watch the show again; if Penelope’s eyes bulge out of their sockets and her tongue unfurls to the ground, then we’ll know we’re definitely missing something great.

The gay news site AfterElton questioned whether homophobia kept Brolin and Bardem’s kiss off the air, a claim Cohen denies. We should hope not; it’s the only thing that would have made up for Anne Hathaway‘s musical number.  “So that is what happened, just as they were starting to dance. Josh and Javier’s moment…would have made a great TV moment, but since no one knew it was coming, we cut to the gorgeous Mz. Cruz as planned,” Cohen said. “By the time, we cut back from her close-up, Josh and Javier were walking to the podium.” Next year the producers are going to have to be on their game to catch precious moments like these. Either that, or they can script them into the show. In which case, we will welcome James Franco back with open arms…and lips.

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Eight Celebs Who Really Should’ve Looked Better At The 2011 Oscars

Do you ever look back at a picture that one of your friends posts of you on Facebook and think, “Hmmm, I wasn’t exactly at the top of my game that night?” Well, when these eight celebs Google themselves in the morning, that’s pretty much exactly what they’ll be thinking about the 2011 Oscars. We’re not going to go as far as to call them the night’s worst dressed stars, exactly, but we’ll say this: James Franco, Fran Lebowtiz, Javier Bardem, Florence Welch, Scarlett Johansson, Michelle Williams, Russell Brand and Emma Roberts, step your game up! #tryharder

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