Celebrity Kids Who’ve Already Mastered the Side Eye

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-Jasmine Grant

They’ve graced red carpets, have endless stamps in their passports, and they haven’t even reached double digits. Celebrity kids draw lots of attention when spotted with their superstar parents. And since kids tend to be brutally honest, we get the pleasure of catching them curving the paparazzi in the most hilarious ways. Read more…

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Who’s the Most Important Member of a Celebrity’s Team?

To live the life of a celebrity you need a few key things: a good makeup artist like Rihanna‘s, to cover up the effects of a bad night, a hair stylist like Jennifer Lopez‘s to give you voluminous sex hair 24/7, and a good publicist to keep all of your dirty secrets under wraps. These jobs are essential in helping you look and be your absolute best — because we’re all basically famous, thanks to Instagram — but VH1 staff members agree that some Hollywood jobs are beyond ridiculous. (We’re talking to you, Kim K.)

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Ryan Guzman Is Your New Boyfriend and You Didn’t Even Know It


If the sexy star of The Boy Next Door isn’t on your radar yet, you should probably make that happen for yourself. Actor Ryan Guzman stars alongside Jennifer Lopez in the new thriller, and although their chemistry is off-the-charts sexual (they were the hottest pair on the Golden Globes red carpet), the two assure us that they are just buds in real life. Whew. Now that we know he’s available, someone please tell us this: where has this guy been hiding all our lives?

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Jessie James Decker Just Wants Drake to Love Amanda Bynes Back

As if Jessie James Decker wasn’t too busy juggling reality TV, music, and being an all-around fabulous mom, she’s adding love guru to her resume. Seeing as how she scored NFL hottie Eric Decker — who is ob-sessed with her — we started taking notes way back when they’re reality show Eric & Jessie: Game On first premiered on E! (You know, the one that made us love them and hate our lives at the same time?) With Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Drake, and more smokin’ hot celebs on the market in 2015, it’s about time they start taking notes from Jessie, too. Read more…