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Indisputable Evidence That John Stamos Is Perfect

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On John Stamos‘ 51st birthday, we’re asking one of life’s more pressing questions: Is he perfect? We think we probably already know the answer to this question — this IS Uncle Jesse we’re talking about — but we also think it’s best to provide some proof. Yes, we’re using that full head of hair, those piercing baby blues, and his cheeky grin as evidence. Read more…

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Fright Nights: Julianne Hough, John Stamos And The Worst Celeb Halloween Costumes Of 2013

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Listen up, actors, musicians, models and TV “personalities.” If you have staffs of people devoted to your image, how on earth do you fail to come up with Halloween costumes better than the local teenagers who just throw on face paint and demand our candy? (Ahem, John Stamos) On the other hand, just because you have staffs of people devoted to keeping you in great shape does NOT mean we want to see your Miley Cyrus interpretations (lookin’ at you, Perez Hilton).
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Jennifer Lawrence Fan-Girls A Little Too Hard Over John Stamos

Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t seem to understand that she’s wayyy more famous that 99.9999999 percent of the humans on this planet. The fact that she still gets super pumped to meet people like Taylor Swift definitely adds to her insanely high levels of likability. She’s just like us, you guys! She totally doesn’t realize that most of these folks are probably even more excited to meet her, and sometimes the results are a little weird. Case in point: The time she fan-girled a little too hard over John Stamos and creeped him out.

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Rebecca Romijn Turns 40! Celebrate With Her 40 Hottest Looks From Over The Years

Rebecca Romijn turns 40 years old

Today Rebecca Romijn follows fellow MTV supermodel personality Jenny McCarthy into the “Holy S–t, They’re 40!?” club. The lovely Mrs. Jerry O’Connell has crammed a ton into those four decades, including parts on TV shows like Friends and Ugly Betty, a hosting gig on House Of Style, and the butt kicking role of Mystique in the X-Men franchise! Only she could make blue smokin’ hot! More recently she’s appeared in Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds, and can be see on the Adult Swim live-action police drama parody NTSF:SD:SUV::.

It’s hard to believe that one of the original Victoria’s Secret angel’s is hitting the big 4-o, and she’s had twins!  But today she still has the same Sports Illustrated cover-girl body that she’s always had. To prove it we’ve assembled her 40 hottest looks through the years, so check it out in the gallery below! It’s enough to make ex John Stamos weep.

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Andrew Garfield, Hugh Jackman, Nick Jonas And Their Merry Band Of Dudes At The Tony Awards

Male celebrities at the 2012 Tony Awards

If you’ve been following our Tony Awards coverage, you’ll notice that it’s been all about the women at the event so far. Well, that stops here, right now. Because while some of the looks the ladies wore were lovely, the men, in their tuxedos and skinny ties far outshone them. The host of the evening, Neil Patrick Harris, was the spiffiest of them all in a charcoal tuxedo jacket and black tie from the Spring 2012 Calvin Klein Collection. Looking super in classic tuxedos were Nick Jonas, Ricky MartinHugh Jackman, David Burtka and James Marsden. This is not to say that the tie brigade was any less. Andrew Garfield, Josh Groban and Matthew Morrison looked pretty hot in their elegant suits. Eschewing any sort of neck piece completely was John Stamos who wore all-black and didn’t end up looking out of place at all. Anyone who has that sort of face will be welcome anywhere, in whatever they choose to wear. The fact that his ensemble was cut impeccably, was an added bonus. Have your fill in the gallery below. They’re all in there!

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Jessica Chastain Vs. Sheryl Crow At The Tony Awards


Charlie Sheen Rages On As Two And A Half Men Plans Return Without Him

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen canceled their court date today in hopes of a settlement, but we think the actor’s ex-wife shouldn’t budge. Whatever Mueller’s dependency issues may be, she didn’t wave a machete atop the Live Nation building yesterday before drinking from a bottle labeled “Tiger Blood”—two things any judge would look poorly upon from a violent former convict seeking unmonitored visits with his small children. We’re also guessing the judge won’t like last night’s episode of Charlie Sheen’s Korner, which had him smoking through his nose and complaining about the trolls in his phone. “If you own the home, in which you own the trashcan, you should never have to empty it,” announced Charlie for no apparent reason, suggesting he might need a monitor whether or not the kids are around.

Meanwhile, producer/nemesis Chuck Lorre and his team are reportedly working their way through a shortlist of potential Sheen replacements for Two And A Half Men‘s likely return. But can they find a middle-aged former partyboy who isn’t pals with Kid Charlemagne? The previously pondered John Stamos was threatened by Sheen on Piers Morgan (“You’re a lovely man, but…I don’t forget anything. You know?”) and may have written the first Amazon review of Sheen’s 1990 poetry book A Peace Of My Mind, which Sheen brought up reprinting on the Korner. TMZ says Rob Lowe is being considered, but the actor was brat-pack buddies with Sheen’s brother Emilio Estevez back in the day (and is starring on Parks And Recreation now), so it seems unlikely he’ll bite. Plus, the guy must know Charlie would bite back.

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John Stamos Meets Over Two And A Half Men Role

Considering that Charlie Sheen is systematically turning against everyone in Hollywood (latest victim: Sheen’s publicist just quit), it was only a matter of time before the cast of Full House stumbled into his crosshairs. This time, however, Sheen might have a good reason for it, given the rumor that John Stamos met about Sheen’s Two And A Half Men role. According to E!, Stamos met with President of CBS Les Moonves at the Night Before benefit on Saturday. “They were at the bar talking and Les asked John if he’d be interested in replacing Charlie,” an insider reports. “It wouldn’t be to play Charlie’s character but they talked more about introducing a new character.” Of course, given the gruesome transformation he’s gone through in the last few weeks, the skinny, skittery Sheen would be playing a new character too if they start filming again: Golem.

Of course Stamos denied taking over for Sheen on Twitter on Friday, before his alleged meeting with Moonves. “Contrary to the rumors, I am not replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. however, Martin Sheen has asked me to be his son,” Stamos tweeted, a dismissal which could still be factually accurate if he’s not literally taking on Sheen’s character. We think a fresh new role would be great for everyone. If nothing else, at least Charlie won’t see Stamos in his role and get so delusional he starts waging war against himself.

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Ginnifer Goodwin Pulls A Giraffe Gaffe At Tom Ford Opening In Beverly Hills

Fashion Week is in New York, right? Then why exactly are all the stars on the other side of the country in Beverly Hills? That’s because Tom Ford called—and is as sexy as ever, BTW—and when he throws a ‘do, everyone shows up. Ford opened his flagship store in Beverly Hills yesterday, and it turned out to be a mini fashion week in it’s own right, as expected.

The love of our life, Colin Firth was there with the love of his life, wife Livia. Rosario Dawson teemed up her little black dress with a pair of leopard print pumps, while Eva Longoria went slinky in a pair of sequined black pants. Milla Jovovich was risque in a plunging sheer black blouson, hiding her modesty with a houndstooth suit. We were kinda disappointed by two men who normally make us drool every time we see them. Alexander Skarsgard and Bradley Cooper, to be precise. Skarsgard looked strangely parboiled with a weirdish, uneven tan — like he had sunglasses on while the rest of his face ended up getting sunburnt. Cooper had these creepy old man sunglasses on which were a little too Jack Nicholson for us. Adrien Brody, on the other hand, didn’t disappoint sticking to his usual lounge lizard style.

The most unusual outfit of the evening went to Ginnifer Goodwin. While her pant suit looked normal (and kinda boring, to be honest) from the front, turn around and bam… giraffes! For more mega celebrity action —including the always adorable Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson and a heavily preggers Rachel Zoe — check out the gallery below. [Photos: Getty Images]

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