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Celebrities With Historical Doppelgangers

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Were these celebrities reincarnated from folks of the past? The photographic evidence sure does suggest so. Read more…

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Vintage ‘Playgirl’ Covers That’ll Make You Hot for Old Celebs

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When you think of Jack Nicholson, you probably think “old.” These days, John Travolta is synonymous with “creepy” (see below). It’s unfortunate what time can do to a person, but before the white hair and wrinkles there was a whole lot of sexy. Read more…

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When Male Makeup Transformations Go Horribly Wrong

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Movie makeup can be an awesome thing. Remember the jaw-droppingly realistic transformation Charlize Theron went through to become oily-haired, acne-plagued serial killer Ariel Wuornos in Monster? What about Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button, or Heath Ledger‘s Joker? When done right, the combination of artful makeup and prosthetics can truly perform miracles of visual trickery. It’s movie magic at it’s finest!

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These Surprise Celebrity Wedding Guests Are Better Than A Chocolate Fountain

John Travolta Crashes Wedding

If you set out to do anything in this life, it should be to spot Bill Murray in the wild. The legendary actor has repeatedly gained attention for popping up in random places, be it a New York dive bar or an intimate house party. So the news that he crashed the Memorial Day weekend bachelor party among a group of Boston College grads is par for the course. But what other big names have shown up to nuptials uninvited?

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