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Kirstie Alley Interrupts Election Night To Tell Everyone John Travolta Isn’t Gay

We don’t know about you, but we were fully focused on last night’s election tallies. As was, we noted, most of America. Our Twitter feed scrolled faster than ever before, as the country collectively chattered about the impending results. Meanwhile, smack in the middle of all the politics, comes a tweet from The Hollywood Reporter: “@KirstieAlley Fell in Love With Patrick Swayze, John Travolta While Married to Parker Stevenson.” WHAAAAAAT?! Hold the polls, America, Kirstie Alley is (in her very own special way) is deciding that now is the time to share with the world that John Travolta is not gay. Mind you, this is the same night that Americans voted for legalizing gay marriage in Maine

“I know John. With all my heart and soul, he’s not gay,” says Alley, who is a devoted Scientologist, along with Travolta. “I think it’s some weird way, in Hollywood, if someone gets big enough and famous enough, and they’re not out doing drugs and they’re not womanizing, what do you say about them?”

True, Travolta has not been womanizing.  But he has allegedly been doing the opposite of womanizing (manizing?), per reports that he grabbed the junk of a masseuse back in May. Well, it’s up to you decide if you believe this and if you’re going to buy Kirstie’s new book, The Art of Men (I Prefer Mine al Dente), but just imagine if these two had actually shacked up in real life! It’s a dream lost, along with the dream that we’d give birth to a child with the voice of Bruce Willis.

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John Travolta’s Toxic Avenger Remake Might Be The Only Way To Get Us Back On The Travolta Train

John Travolta Connected To Toxic Avenger Remake

Choo choo! The John Travolta train is rolling into the station! As you might remember, the train had been driven out of the station earlier this summer, conducted by a motley crew of enraged masseurs. The controversy swirling around Travolta has since died down, but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit it had left a bad taste in our mouth. Now that taste can be replaced with toxic slime! Oh wait…that’s still gross. Whatever, we’ll deal with the acrid burning as long as rumors about John Travolta allegedly joining the cast of the Toxic Avenger remake is true!

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the 1984 Troma Entertainment classic, IMDB’s description says it all: “The Toxic Avenger is born when mop boy Melvin Junko falls into a vat of toxic waste. Now evildoers will have a lot to lose.” According to The Grid, Travolta has signed on as an actor. “Action-comedy remake in the vein of THE MASK… he’s an environmental superhero…doesn’t want it to be campy…,” the site reveals about the film. We doubt Travolta will actually be playing the Avenger himself (every action movie needs a villain, after all), but wouldn’t that be an amazing step forward on our journey to loving John Travolta again? Especially if he also never, ever, ever gets another massage as long as he lives?

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John Travolta, Kelly Preston Try To Kiss Our Spa Memories Away


All eyes were on John Travolta and Kelly Preston at Monday’s premiere of Savages in Los Angeles, but not just for the reasons you’d think. Sure it was their first public appearance as a couple since the latest round of massage lawsuits against the actor, but Travolta and his wife of 21 years, seemed to want to change the story entirely by giving us a big PDA show.

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The latest allegations against him seem to have taken curiosity about Travolta’s sex life to new levels. Here’s a little recap of the scandals that have followed the actor since May: Two unnamed masseurs charged him with sexual harassment and battery. Though these two men have since asked to dismiss their cases after holes became apparent in their claims, both have hired attorney Gloria Allred. And now other accusers have come forth, including Fabian Zanzi, a Royal Caribbean cruise steward who also contends Travolta asked and received an inappropriate neck message from him. Robert Randolph, the author of You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again is also suing Travolta for supposedly trying to discredit him as an author. Randolph argues that Travolta and his lawyer, Marty Singer, slandered him in attempts to undercut his book’s claims that Travolta was a gay spa frequenter who hooked up with other male spa visitors.

So, yeah, maybe it’s a good idea for Travolta to stay closer to Preston and away from cozy spa robes.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Actually A Time Traveling Vampiress

Leonardo DiCaprio look-alike found in yearbook

This just in from the reliable news source that we call the World Wide Web: Leonardo DiCaprio is actually a time traveling she-vampire from the 1960s. We know, we were surprised too! But the evidence is pretty convincing. See for yourself in the photo above! On the right is standard issue Leo circa 1996. And on the left is a photo found by a Tumblogger in her grandmother’s vintage yearbook, depicting a woman known as Judy Zipper in 1960. The resemblance is pretty eerie. That smile, those mischievous eyes, it’s all pure DiCaprio! Or should we say, pure Zipper…? Who knows when he switched genders, but we’re guessing it was sometime in the 1980s.

This is not the first case of Hollywood celebs turning out to be time traveling swashbucklers. Nicolas Cage was famously outed as a time-traveling vampire last fall, and a photo of John Travolta in 1860 turned up on eBay around the same time. Thank god we have the internet to expose all of these era-jumping Oscar-nominated immortals! But the important question is, what do they want? Elaborate tombs for resting? The blood of masseurs? Outrageously expensive hybrid cars? We may never know. Maybe they just want a part in Twilight?

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John Travolta’s Lawyer Denies Paying Off Accusers After John Doe #2 Asks That Case Be Dismissed

John Travolta's Lawyer Denies Paying Off Accusers

We hadn’t hear any untoward accusations about why John Travolta‘s second accuser dropped his case today. Looks like his lawyer is just hoping to beat everyone to the punch! “Not one penny has been paid nor do we have any intention to pay any money for these ridiculous and false claims,” Travolta’s lawyer Marty Singer told TMZ, after the unnamed masseur asked that his charges against the actor be dismissed. Well, thanks for pointing out what definitely didn’t happen, sir! If you have any ideas about what actually did happen, or why this insane parade of cringe-worthy accusations seems to be without end, please let us know!

Besides, it’s not as if either of Travolta’s alleged victims are giving up on their claims entirely, a move which might have suggested some shady under-the-massage-table dealings. Two days after the actor’s first accuser dropped his case and hired attorney Gloria Allred, the second has done exactly the same thing. “I’m looking forward to trying the case against Gloria Allred in a court of law, not in the media,” Singer said of the unnamed man’s decision.

Meanwhile there are at least two other accusers floating around, as well as an extremely questionable story out of the National Enquirer from a massage therapist alleging that he had a sexual encounter with Travolta in 1997. “We got into the bed that was right next to the massage table and had a really good time,” Luis Gozalez claimed to the magazine. Wow, hard to head off out-of-the-blue accusations like that! There has to be some evidence that Travolta didn’t spend the last 25 years exclusively getting massaged, right? Marty? Anyone? Hello?

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John Travolta’s Original Accuser Hires Attorney Gloria Allred And A Fourth Accuser Steps Forward

John Travolta's Fourth Sexual Harassment Accuser Steps Forward

Can’t a man just get one million massages in peace? Looks like the answer is no, seeing as how a fourth accuser has allegedly come forward with claims that John Travolta sexually harassed him. According to the personal trainer making the claims, Travolta inappropriately touched him at a gym. “The gym was opened as a courtesy to John Travolta so that he could avoid the public yet maintain his fitness in this physically challenging role that he was doing at the time. The gym employee says that John Travolta groped and fondled him against his will.” Oh lord, please don’t be referring to Face/Off. We don’t want anything sullying our memory of that amazing film.

Meanwhile, just because Travolta’s first accuser asked that his suit be dismissed does not mean he wants to forgo his day in court entirely. Instead, he has gone so far as to hire celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred to take his case. “I represent John Doe Number One,” Allred confirmed to People. “Mr. Doe’s lawsuit was dismissed without prejudice which means that he is still legally entitled to file another lawsuit against John Travolta if he chooses. We are in the process of conferring with him regarding the next steps, which he may wish to take.” Allred is well known for representing clients involved in controversial lawsuits, including transgender Miss Universe contestant

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John Travolta’s First Sexual Harassment Accuser Drops Case

John Travolta Sexual Harassment Accuser Drops Case

Looks like John Travolta will be returning to a life of seemingly non-stop massages soon enough! According to E! News, the first masseur to accuse the Savages actor of sexual harassment last week has officially moved to dismiss the case. No word on what caused the still-unnamed claimant to submit the notice of dismissal, but it might have something to do with the apparently dependencies in his story. Soon after the masseur claimed Travolta manhandled his manhood on January 16, photos of the actor in New York taken that exact same day cropped up, forcing the claimant to admit that he might have been confused about the date and time. We completely understand how that could happen though! It’s hard to remember all the A-list stars we rub down with fragrant oils too, let alone recall the dates and times they made an appointment. What are we supposed to do? Put it in an appointment book?

However, John shouldn’t slip back into that pillowy soft towel just yet. While lawyer Okorie Okorocha dismissed the first masseur as this client, he still represents the other masseur alleging sexual harassment at Travolta’s hand, a man who is currently seeking $2 million as recompense for Travolta’s alleged inappropriate touching. And that’s not even counting the cruise ship accuser! Since it’s only Tuesday, maybe you should go ahead and avoid all spa-related activities for the rest of the week, John. Or, you know, hire a female masseur. Might be worth a try!

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John Travolta’s Lawyer Shoots Down Third Sexual Harassment Claim

In addition to a spa rub-down and “glutes” work, John Travolta also allegedly enjoys a nice neck massage. A nice, gross neck massage. According to former Royal Caribbean cruise steward Fabian Zanzi, the Old Dogs actor allegedly asked for and received a very special, very inappropriate neck massage from him in 2009, when Zanzi stopped by to deliver something to Travolta’s stateroom. While TMZ located an official incident report about the encounter and it doesn’t mention any sexual harassment, Zanzi is now adding some previously undisclosed details to his story, allegations like “Travolta opened his robe and gave him a big hug while his penis was erect … and offered him $12,000 for sex and silence.” Fanzi was allegedly punished for giving the neck massage, even though giving the neck massage seems like it would itself be a form of punishment. In fact, it’s a Catch-22! It’s a vicious cycle of open robes and bear hugs!

Since he’s had to deal with so many similar claims over the past week, John Travolta’s lawyer Marty Singer was quick to deny the charges, claiming, “The incident report now confirms Mr. Zanzi fabricated his story about my client. He never stated that my client did anything wrong. Obviously, if he had engaged in any inappropriate conduct he would have reported it to his supervisors.” This story begs a lot of questions, most importantly: John Travolta takes cruises alone? How is that even possible? You’d think someone would notice a solitary Tony Manero hanging out near the seafood buffet, right?

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Now John Travolta Didn’t Grab A Masseur’s Junk? Proof Emerges To Support The Actor’s Innocence

John Travolta Sued For Harassing Masseur

Stories that John Travolta has propositioned his masseurs exploded over the Internet over the last two days. Well, him being gay is a rumor that has been around forever, but now that serious allegations of harassment are being pointed at him, the rumors are taking an ugly turn. A masseur is currently trying to sue Travolta for $2 million, for inappropriate sexual contact, saying that Travolta booked the masseur for a $200-an-hour massage appointment and then proceeded to grope him. He then, allegedly, suggested he be allowed to give the masseur a “reverse massage,” and said, “Come on dude, I’ll j— you off!!!”

Soon after, a second lawsuit emerged from another masseur in Atlanta, claiming even more inappropriate sexual conduct which included a lot more “glutes work.” While we’re waiting to hear about what Travolta’s team has to say about this second allegation, they’re already working hard on dismissing the first one, with a spokesperson saying, “This lawsuit is a complete fiction and fabrication. None of the events claimed in the suit ever occurred. The plaintiff, who refuses to give their name, knows that the suit is a baseless lie. It is for that reason that the plaintiff hasn’t been identified with a name, even though it is required to do so.”

Perhaps this bit of information from TMZ will help their case more. The first masseur says that the harassment went down at the Beverly Hills hotel in L.A., but the site has photographs of Travolta the same day that the supposed man-handling went down … in New York. Can’t be in two places at the same time, right? The photograph is dated January 16, and TMZ also has a receipt totaling $382 with the addition of a $100 tip paid by Travolta, the same day, at Mr. Chow, also in New York. How about that? This stuff could completely alter this suit! The second case details that the dirty business went down 12 days later, on January 28 in Atlanta, so we’re waiting to see what defense pops up from the actor’s team about that. Photographic evidence is pretty hard to refute.

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John Travolta Slapped With Second Lawsuit From Second Masseur After “Glutes” Work

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John Travolta Slapped With Lawsuit From Second Masseur After “Glutes” Work

John Travolta Gets A Second Lawsuit Filed Against Him

Rumors about John Travolta’s questionable trips to the spa have been commonplace in Hollywood for years, but yesterday’s report alleging that the actor (possibly) attempted to give a “reverse massage” to his masseur may have opened the legal floodgates. Today a second masseur is stepping forward with a sexual battery lawsuit against, and is seeking $2 million in damages from Travolta. In a suit filed this morning by the same lawyer as the first case, an Atlanta-area spa-worker claims he was called to Travolta’s hotel suite back in January to give a deep tissue massage. Let’s head over to the exclusive documents provided by RadarOnline to tell us more tell us more!

“Travolta had ‘a strange demeanor, bloodshot eyes and climbed onto the already setup massage table…Travolta removed the entire sheet from his body, and he claimed the sheets were sticky and could not tolerate the heat… Travolta further indicated that he likes a lot of “Glutes” work meaning a massage on his buttocks.’”

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