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Josh Duhamel And Fergie Are Having A Baby!


“Josh & Me & BABY makes three!!!” tweeted Fergie excitedly earlier today, confirming that she’s pregnant. This is the first child for the couple — the Fergs and her exceedingly handsome husband Josh Duhamel — and we can’t wait to hear more details. Is that both of them Photoshopped into the instagram picture attached to her message? Is this going to be a Black Eyed Pea oe Pea-ette? When is she due? Possible baby names? Also, this baby has some mad awesome genes so he or she is going to be gorgeous. More importantly, Fergie just gave us the cutest hashtag, ever, attached to the tweet, attached below. We’re sending a huge congratulations to the new parents-to-be! Read more…

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Josh Duhamel Vs. Ginnifer Goodwin: Who Works A Blue Suit More?

It’s nice to shake things up in the style department. Have we ever had a man versus a woman in our style posts before? Only once, because this something that happens very intermittently. The first time was when we pitted Jennifer Aniston‘s leather dress against Kanye West‘s leather skirt. And we hate to break it to ‘Ye, but Jen’s creaming him in the poll. This poll is far less contriversial, and it puts us in a rather happy mood. There’s something about a blue suit that makes us smile. It ain’t black, it ain’t grey, it ain’t brown— it’s got it’s own little fashionista thing going. First up, on the left, we have Josh Duhamel looking surprised that he’s looking that great in his sharply cut Ralph Lauren blue duds at the premiere of his new film, Safe Haven,  held at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Tuesday (yesterday) in Hollywood. Giving him competition is a cheeky Ginnifer Goodwin who works her blue Nonoo shorts suit at a Listerine event held at the Gabarron Museum in New York. We think they both look pretty adorbs, so we’re going to put this one up for vote! Who looks better?


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An Exclusive New NSFW Movie 43 Trailer Means, Of Course, New Offensive Things We’ll Laugh At

Just in time for Martin Luther King Day, we have for you an exclusive red band trailer of the movie specifically designed to offend people of all races, creeds and sexual orientation, Movie 43. In the most hilarious way, of course, because that was MLK Jr.’s dream, right? When the first trailer came out, we pointed out the things we couldn’t help but laugh at, even though we knew we really shouldn’t. This new trailer includes many of those again — Anna Faris‘ indecent proposal to Chris Pratt, Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber bullying their home-schooled teen, Terrence Howard’s totally racist basketball coaching technique — and a couple of other jems, namely:

  • Kieran Culkin and Emma Stone debating which of the Golden Girls was “the slutty one.”
  • Elizabeth Banks pointing out to Josh Duhamel that their cartoon cat masturbates to pictures of him.

Josh Duhamel in Movie 43
Ew. But jeez, can you blame him?

[Photo: Relativity Media]

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How Have Fergie And Josh Duhamel Talked About Their Cheating Scandal Without Confirming It?

Fergie And Josh Talk About Cheating Scandal. Sort Of

We guess there are two aspects of Fergie and Josh Duhamel‘s recent “opening up” (if you will) that we don’t get. Both the Black Eyed Peas singer and her life partner have acknowledged the skeezy stripper cheating scandal that rocked their relationship back in 2009. “When you go through difficult times it really makes you stronger as a unit. As a partnership. It does for us anyways. Our love today is a deeper love,” Fergie told Oprah for an Oprah’s Next Chapter interview that aired Sunday. “I’m actually happy that all that happened, because we wouldn’t be as strong as we are now,” Duhamel added. Okay, sure, but… here’s what we don’t understand:

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Rihanna, Nina Dobrev, More Model 10 Trends We Love And Fear At Coachella

Summer concert season is supposed to be all about letting loose, drinking beer and enjoying great music with your friends, right? But it’s also a fantastic place to eye what the cool kids are wearing these days, which makes sense: When you can’t hear what anyone’s saying over the blasting beat, you have to communicate in other ways. And since it’s the earliest big festival on the camera, and jam-packed with celebrities, we like to turn to Coachella as an indicator of the coming season’s hot — and often batsh– crazy — trends. Two adorable couples (who happen to be friends), Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, and Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger, gave us hope that this summer would be full of relaxed but colorful clothing. Vanessa Hudgens and Fergie, on the other hand, have us a little worried. And lord help us if anyone tries to make us buy a pair of studded denim hot pants, a la Rihanna. Some thighs are not meant to be adorned in such a manner. Let’s take a look at the trends we’ll embrace, the ones we fear, and a few we’re still on the fence about.

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Which Stars Were At Coachella This Weekend And What Were They Doing?

We’ll give you the juice about who was at Coachella this weekend in a minute, but first we’d like to give props to the very lovely Emma Watson. It was her birthday yesterday and what better way to celebrate than at the festival? Actually, she did find a better way to celebrate — canoodling with a fine mystery man as you can see in the photograph on the left. Happy birthday, indeed. Next up, we got Katy Perry who has traded her bright blue Smurf hair for a darker black with deep purple highlights. She pulls off the hippie headband, doesn’t she? Someone else wearing said headband (with fewer clothes on) was Paris Hilton, who is now fully exploring her music festival avatar thanks to boyfriend, Afrojack.

Someone who really can’t carry off hippie, but is one regardless, is Vanessa Hudgens, who wore sheer thigh-highs for some odd reason. She attended the festival with boyfriend Austin Butler. Other couples included squee-worthy Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, Fergie and Josh Duhamel and Kate Bosworth with Michael Polish. Two faces we didn’t expect to see were Dylan McDermott and Pierce Brosnan. For the full list of expected and unexpected stars, get thee to the gallery below.

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Billy Crystal’s Oscar Promo Makes Us Wish We Were Watching The Princess Bride

“Humperdink! Humperdink! Humperdink!”

Well, that’s not exactly what a mustachioed Josh Duhamel and mostly silent Megan Fox tell Billy Crystal in the new promo for the Academy Awards, but it might as well be. Because seriously, as the reclusive Yeti formerly known as “The Host,” Crystal could not be more like his Princess Bride character Max unless he donned a giant fake nose.

The promo tells us so many things about this year’s Oscars:

  • As host, Crystal isn’t going to try anything too new and daring. The cameo of Robin Williams also backs this up. Not exactly cutting-edge comedy here. Unlike the surreal promos James Franco and Anne Hathaway made last year, which we all know, turned out to be much better than the actual show.
  • They’re kind of still trying to appeal to a younger audience, albeit lamely, by hiring Duhamel and Fox. (Cameos by William Fichtner as a producer type and Vinnie Jones as an all-knowing bartender thankfully don’t appear to be pandering to anyone.)
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    When Biggies Date Smalls: Celebrity Couples With Hilarious Height Differences

    Remember when Aaliyah sang “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number”? Well, these celebrity couples of past and present are intent on showing us that the same thing goes for height. From basketball stars towering over their significant others to models and their shorter male counterparts, these couples prove that size does not matter. Although some have moved on while others are still going strong, these stars seem to know how to make it work when it comes to a vertical challenge. Here is a list of 25 celebrity couples, ranked in order of their height differential, that leave us scratching our heads, thinking “How do they do that?”

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    New Year’s Eve Trailer Stars 1,000 Celebs, One or Two Decent Jokes

    Happy New Year’s, everyone in Hollywood! The New Year’s Eve trailer is out, and celebs are sprinkled throughout like the beer-soaked confetti covering your carpet on January 1st.  The cast includes, but is not limited to, Lea Michele, Ashton Kutcher, Zac Efron, Jessica Biel, Sarah Jessica Parker, Sofia Vergara, Abigail Breslin, Seth Meyers, Josh Duhamel, Sienna Miller, Carla Gugino and a partridge in a pear treeeeeee.  Oh, and Robert De Niro for a split second at the very,very end.

    Maybe we’ve just been burned before, but anyone who’s seen Valentine’s Day, director Gary Marshall’s other rom-com starring five billion A-listers, knows that more celebrities does not mean more enjoyment (unless we’re talking about a charity fundraiser or an orgy). Not that the movie doesn’t have a few high points: an incredibly schlubby Michelle Pfeiffer, a mid-custody-battle Halle Berry, Katherine Heigl and Jon Bon Jovi‘s slap-a-thon and, of course, the Hilary Swank/Ludacris coupling that we are praying is actually the movie’s main focus. If we do end up seeing this movie, it’ll be in the same way we ring in the New Year: drunk, in Times Square and wearing only a diaper and sash.