Diva Alert! Elle UK Editor Calls Lohan’s Shoot Unpredictable, Confusing

Back in June, Lindsay Lohan shot a photo spread with Elle UK (see video from the shoot above). You may recall that she was accused of stealing at least $45,000 worth of jewelry from the shoot and was being investigated by British police for the incident. Now, the September issue of Elle UK is out with Lohan on the cover (and the sub-header “7 Unbelievable Days With Lindsay Lohan”), and it does sound like the time the magazine spent with her was unbelievable – some (er, us) might even say intolerable.

Editor-in-Chief Lorraine Candy wrote in her letter from the editor, “Lindsay Lohan wrote me a note during this month’s cover shoot. It read, ‘Let’s do it again some time.’ I’ve put it on my office wall because, in all honesty, I don’t know if I could. This was the most unpredictable, and confusing cover shoot in my magazine career. First, Lindsay was about to arrive. Then she was in Paris. She was almost on set, then she disappeared into her hotel room. She was ready for her interview, then she had to have a fake tan! But we got there. And what we got was amazing. This shoot is truly original, just like Ms. Lohan herself. In the end, she did her job brilliantly and, I hope you’ll agree, so did we.”

We’re getting agita just thinking about what these people had to deal with. In the cover shot, Lohan’s image is overexposed, ironically, to make her appear pale white – so much for that extra tanning sesh.

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Lindsay Loses It, Freaks Out At 5 AM

We wonder if the producers of Lindsay Lohan‘s upcoming movie, The Other Side, are beginning to regret their decision to bring the drama queen on board. The redheaded trainwreck was caught on camera having a meltdown on the steps of girlfriend Samantha Ronson‘s house at 5AM this weekend. Linds had apparently been waiting there for hours crying, and can be heard swearing at Sam when she finally arrives and accusing her of lying about her whereabouts.

Lindsay is a disaster dressed up in couture clothes. Someone’s gotta get this girl some help, right? She seems to be quickly crumbling (uh, again), and rock bottom can’t be too far away.  [Video: X17]


Lindsay Rumored For UK I’m A Celebrity…


A few years ago, the idea that Lindsay Lohan would do a reality show would have been laughable. “Ha ha ha, she’s the biggest teen talent going!” we would have chuckled in our 2004-era innocence. “After the one-two punch of Freaky Friday and Mean Girls, this girl’s on top of the world!”

Now, well let’s say we’re not dismissing this rumor entirely out of hand. British celeb magazine New is claiming that TV bosses are hoping to sign the fake-tan impresario up for the next series of the UK’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! but that her fee will potentially torpedo the show’s costs.

“If we sign her, we’ll have blown the budget. The other celebs will have to go whistle,” it reports.  While we kind of hope this doesn’t turn out to be true, as it surely would represent the final nail in her career’s coffin, the gossip hound in us seriously would not be able to wait until November.  It would be the Best Worst Thing Ever. [Photo:  WireImage]


It’s Love! Jon Gosselin And Michael Lohan’s Douchebag Bromance


Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan are a douchebag bromance made in tabloid heaven! The  father-of-the-year contenders have been paling around lately and putting their product-placement-happy sh*tshow parade on display for all to gawk at. News of their bromance first broke when Jon brought gal-pal Kate Major to stay with Michael in the Hamptons earlier this month. The pals have also had dinner with Jill Zarin and just this past Saturday were hanging at the Mercedes Benz Polo Challenge in Bridgehampton, where they took the opportunity to speak to all media who were there.

This is actually a Hollywood bromance that might work, as these two have a lot in common:

  • Spending money all the wrong ways: Michael allegedly owes six months in child support to ex-wife Dina Lohan. “Over $12,000 is due, and it’s in the hands of collections now,” a source says. Michael denies it, saying, “That’s a total lie. I pay Dina and the kids cash all the time.” While his eight kids were hanging at home in Reading, PA with mom Kate Gosselin, Jon reportedly scooped up a $950 pair of Pravda Abbigliamento shoes.
  • Mike Heller: The mastermind behind a ton of celebrity endorsement deals and paid appearances, whose biggest client is none other than Lindsay Lohan, has reportedly been hired by Jon so he can ca$h in by toting around products while he is snapped by paparazzi.
  • Hot blondes: Although he was arrested in April for allegedly threatening to kill fiance Erin Muller and himself if she dumped him, the 34-year-old blonde and Lilo’s dad are reportedly back on.  After taking party girl Hailey Glassman to St. Tropez, Jon took ex-Star reporter Kate Major out on the town on the East Coast, but still insists, “At this point…I’m single-per se.”

Next they can bond over how to communicate with their children, where  Michael will start with lesson one: Talking to Your Child through TMZ: Better Than An In-Person Heart To Heart.

Check out our gallery of the sleazetastic BFFs! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Madonna And Jesus Take In Spain, Set To Make Sweet Music Together


Madonna and her boy toy Jesus Luz step out for a day of sightseeing in Madrid as reports claim she’s grooming him for a pop career. The superstar, who’s still performing her never-ending Sticky and Sweet tour, took in some of the sights of Spain’s capital city like the Royal Paris and Prado Museum alongside her super-stylish daughter Lourdes. Although the status of their relationship is more confusing to us than Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson‘s — as they’re apparently now “just friends” — Madge is still planning to take her hot little plaything under her pop wing.

“Madonna’s energy inspires many people. I want to make music which can be danced to,” he said. Good luck Jesus. As long as she encourages him to take his top off in the video, we’re all for it. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Sam Bought Lindsay Sex Toys For Her Birthday

Lindsay Lohan Sex Toys

Sure they may be broken up right this second, but we have a hunch Sam Ronson and Lindsay Lohan will be back together faster than you can say ‘Labor Pains sucked.’ So here’s a little piece of sexy SamRon gossip to help you imagine what their reunion will be like: Apparently, the DJ bought her sweet red-haired freak a ton of sex toys for her birthday earlier this month.

“Samantha presented her with a gift guaranteed to create lots of buzz – a big, brightly gift-wrapped basket of sex toys selected by herself,” said a pal. “She spent hours shopping Hollywood’s erotic emporiums for the items.”

How sweet! Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a gift basket full of vibrators. [Photo: Splash News Online]


EXCLUSIVE: Lindsay Lohan’s XXX Spoof Star: “She And I Would Get Along”

Lindsay Lohan‘s antics play out daily in the media, and now the troubled redhead is being spoofed in a new porno, “Hustler’s Untrue Hollywood Stories: Lindsay Lohan.” The flick shows Lindsay, played by Scarlett Fay, pulling all kinds of stunts, from pushing Scarlett Johannson in a pool to fighting and making up with lover Samantha Ronson to hooking up with porn legend Ron Jeremy.

The FABlife spoke to Scarlett about what it was like to play Hollywood’s most troubled “Firecrotch.” “I thought it would be a lot of fun,” Scarlett tells The FABlife. “She’s all over the media and Dylan Ryan played Samantha. She fits Sam to a tee.”

Of course a porn spoof featuring Lindsay and Sam would feature some hot girl on girl action, and Scarlett says that her lesbian scenes with Dylan went off just perfectly. “That was a lot of fun. It was perfect chemistry wise. We were laughing the entire time, and it all came together.”

Although Lindsay’s dad Michael recently told the New York Post he thinks the spoof is “disgusting,” Scarlett seems to think Lindsay wouldn’t be so mad about it. “I don’t really picture Lindsay being crazy upset about it. She is in tabloids all the time. She and I may even get along!” Scarlett laughs.

Check out the video segment above from “Hustler’s Untrue Hollywood Stories: Lindsay Lohan,” which comes out next Tuesday, July 28th.

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Sam Kicks Lindsay Out After Fight Over Sopranos Star


Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan seem to be living in some sort of Groundhog Day-like universe: the same events just keep repeating themselves day in and day out. How many more times can the on-again off-again couple get into a Lindsay-instigated fight, have a massive falling out, and then get back together?

Apparently, Lindsay freaked out early Monday morning after Samantha hung out all night with pal Drea de Matteo. The redhead showed up at Sam’s house at 6am and got into a huge screaming match with her pixie-ish DJ girlfriend, in which she supposedly called her a “liar.” Sam eventually kicked LiLo – and a pile of her clothes – out into the street, in front of a waiting pack of paparazzi.

Amazingly, Lindsay has yet to lash out about the battle on her Twitter account, as she has been known to do in the past. Could her silence be a sign that things are actually different this time around? [Photo: Splash News Online]

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More Twitter Drama From LiLo

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan‘s Twitter was blowin’ up early this morning, as she churned out tweets that hinted that she had been lied to – again – by someone she loves. The messages were followed up by an irritated note to Samantha Ronson, asking if she was on her way to pick her up.  Could the tweets be connected and if so, what does it all mean?! Forget the Judge Sotomayor hearings on Capitol Hill, the most captivating news story of the day is taking place in the Hollywood Hills.

Check out the messages below – do you think Sam is the person Lindsay is accusing of lying? [Photo: WireImage]



Lindsay Lohan: America’s Next Top Mogul?

We thought Lindsay Lohan was doing little more than shopping and chasing around her sometimes girlfriend Samantha Ronson, but apparently she’s been making a serious play in the television and movie space by creating Unforgettable Prods, a new production company. Along with Kristi Kaylor, who also runs her fashion line, Lindsay has been busy developing TV shows, including Faux Real (an Entourage for the fashion world) and That’s What Friends Are For (a reality TV dating game show). Yep, this is definitely why Lindsay has been meeting with Ryan Seacrest. Do we have a new super mogul on the horizon? Move over, Simon Cowell. Or not. [Photo: Splash News Online]