Celebrity Fish Lips: Collagen Users And Abusers


It seems some celebs just can’t get enough of the poofy pout. Brittany Murphy, Heidi Montag, Jenna Jameson, and Lisa Rinna‘s kissers have been pumped to capacity. Just yesterday, Lindsay Lohan went out on the town in NYC with a suspiciously bloated upper lip. Whether she and countless others have endured lip injections, implants, or claim to have just applied Lip Venom, many already-beautiful stars lust for that Jolie volume. The results are more often fishy than foxy. See what we mean below.

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Sienna And Lindsay: Surprising New BFFs


Sienna Miller is clearly a very forgiving person. Not only did she take back Jude Law for cheating on her with the nanny (once), she surprised us last night by stepping out with Vogue editor Anna Wintour at the premiere of The September Issue. Lest anyone forget, this is the documentary about the September 2007 issue of the fashion bible with Sienna on the cover – where her hair is dubbed “unruly” and appearance “toothy” by the formidable editrix.

While making nice with Anna Wintour isn’t exactly a debate – this woman can make or break careers, after all – our eyebrows were raised by Sienna’s dinner companion after the NYC premiere. She apparently spent a late date with Lindsay Lohan and her sister Ali at the exclusive Waverly Inn – the same Lindsay who reportedly dubbed her a “no-talent crackhead” a couple of years back. Sienna’s obviously a sharp operator, keeping those frenemies close. Um, we think. [Photos: WireImage/Splash News Online]

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Lindsay Lohan: Sportin’ Larger Lips?


Lindsay Lohan has set our un-plumped lips wagging after stepping out with a very different-looking mouth. The sometime actress and fake tan magnate showed off a pair of bee-stung lips at the Inglourious Basterds afterparty at the Standard Hotel in NYC that didn’t much resemble the more modest smacker she normally sports (see above – the “after pic” is on the right).

While the new swollen look could be put down to one of those temporary lip booster things, or, er, a really shiny gloss, we’re thinking not. Still, if she ever fell on her face, those suckers would help bounce her back up again. [Photo: Splash News Online]

Lohan isn’t the only celeb chasing the poofy pout. Whether she and countless others have endured lip injections, implants, or claim to have just applied Lip Venom, many already-beautiful stars lust for that Jolie volume. The results are more often fishy than foxy. See what we mean below.

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Gossip Break: Brad Pitt Doesn’t Think He Has A Chance


  • Michael Jackson‘s plastic surgeon dishes the dirt on the late King of Pop’s transformation. [Allure]
  • Brad Pitt may be hot, but doesn’t have a chance if he runs for mayor of New Orleans. [Popeater]

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Lindsay Lohan’s Latest Tattoo Worse Than We Thought


Lindsay Lohan‘s skin is turning into a memo board. The startlet showed off her latest tattoo while out and about in L.A. the other day — this time an inking on her inside right arm saying, “I restore myself when I’m alone” — and not “everyone’s a star and deserves to twinkle” like previously reported. The Marilyn Monroe quote is decorated by a collection of multi-colored stars, which is very much like how we used to decorate our school stationary when we were 11.

In addition to the “la bella vita” on her back, the “shhh” on her finger, various stars and hearts and other crap dotted around her person, may we suggest that Linds invest in a diary, or notepad, or somewhere else to do her doodles? Otherwise she may end up looking like Peaches Geldof. [Photo: Getty Images]

View more of Lindsay Lohan’s tattoos below.

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Diva Alert! Elle UK Editor Calls Lohan’s Shoot Unpredictable, Confusing

Back in June, Lindsay Lohan shot a photo spread with Elle UK (see video from the shoot above). You may recall that she was accused of stealing at least $45,000 worth of jewelry from the shoot and was being investigated by British police for the incident. Now, the September issue of Elle UK is out with Lohan on the cover (and the sub-header “7 Unbelievable Days With Lindsay Lohan”), and it does sound like the time the magazine spent with her was unbelievable – some (er, us) might even say intolerable.

Editor-in-Chief Lorraine Candy wrote in her letter from the editor, “Lindsay Lohan wrote me a note during this month’s cover shoot. It read, ‘Let’s do it again some time.’ I’ve put it on my office wall because, in all honesty, I don’t know if I could. This was the most unpredictable, and confusing cover shoot in my magazine career. First, Lindsay was about to arrive. Then she was in Paris. She was almost on set, then she disappeared into her hotel room. She was ready for her interview, then she had to have a fake tan! But we got there. And what we got was amazing. This shoot is truly original, just like Ms. Lohan herself. In the end, she did her job brilliantly and, I hope you’ll agree, so did we.”

We’re getting agita just thinking about what these people had to deal with. In the cover shot, Lohan’s image is overexposed, ironically, to make her appear pale white – so much for that extra tanning sesh.

by (@katespencer)

Lindsay Loses It, Freaks Out At 5 AM

We wonder if the producers of Lindsay Lohan‘s upcoming movie, The Other Side, are beginning to regret their decision to bring the drama queen on board. The redheaded trainwreck was caught on camera having a meltdown on the steps of girlfriend Samantha Ronson‘s house at 5AM this weekend. Linds had apparently been waiting there for hours crying, and can be heard swearing at Sam when she finally arrives and accusing her of lying about her whereabouts.

Lindsay is a disaster dressed up in couture clothes. Someone’s gotta get this girl some help, right? She seems to be quickly crumbling (uh, again), and rock bottom can’t be too far away.  [Video: X17]


Lindsay Rumored For UK I’m A Celebrity…


A few years ago, the idea that Lindsay Lohan would do a reality show would have been laughable. “Ha ha ha, she’s the biggest teen talent going!” we would have chuckled in our 2004-era innocence. “After the one-two punch of Freaky Friday and Mean Girls, this girl’s on top of the world!”

Now, well let’s say we’re not dismissing this rumor entirely out of hand. British celeb magazine New is claiming that TV bosses are hoping to sign the fake-tan impresario up for the next series of the UK’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! but that her fee will potentially torpedo the show’s costs.

“If we sign her, we’ll have blown the budget. The other celebs will have to go whistle,” it reports.  While we kind of hope this doesn’t turn out to be true, as it surely would represent the final nail in her career’s coffin, the gossip hound in us seriously would not be able to wait until November.  It would be the Best Worst Thing Ever. [Photo:  WireImage]


It’s Love! Jon Gosselin And Michael Lohan’s Douchebag Bromance


Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan are a douchebag bromance made in tabloid heaven! The  father-of-the-year contenders have been paling around lately and putting their product-placement-happy sh*tshow parade on display for all to gawk at. News of their bromance first broke when Jon brought gal-pal Kate Major to stay with Michael in the Hamptons earlier this month. The pals have also had dinner with Jill Zarin and just this past Saturday were hanging at the Mercedes Benz Polo Challenge in Bridgehampton, where they took the opportunity to speak to all media who were there.

This is actually a Hollywood bromance that might work, as these two have a lot in common:

  • Spending money all the wrong ways: Michael allegedly owes six months in child support to ex-wife Dina Lohan. “Over $12,000 is due, and it’s in the hands of collections now,” a source says. Michael denies it, saying, “That’s a total lie. I pay Dina and the kids cash all the time.” While his eight kids were hanging at home in Reading, PA with mom Kate Gosselin, Jon reportedly scooped up a $950 pair of Pravda Abbigliamento shoes.
  • Mike Heller: The mastermind behind a ton of celebrity endorsement deals and paid appearances, whose biggest client is none other than Lindsay Lohan, has reportedly been hired by Jon so he can ca$h in by toting around products while he is snapped by paparazzi.
  • Hot blondes: Although he was arrested in April for allegedly threatening to kill fiance Erin Muller and himself if she dumped him, the 34-year-old blonde and Lilo’s dad are reportedly back on.  After taking party girl Hailey Glassman to St. Tropez, Jon took ex-Star reporter Kate Major out on the town on the East Coast, but still insists, “At this point…I’m single-per se.”

Next they can bond over how to communicate with their children, where  Michael will start with lesson one: Talking to Your Child through TMZ: Better Than An In-Person Heart To Heart.

Check out our gallery of the sleazetastic BFFs! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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