Cannes Worst Dressed Of 2008


The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most glamorous events of the year, taking place in the South of France among celebrities, caviar, diamonds, and yachts, but some stars seem to slip up when it comes to working the red carpet. From Sharon Stone showing up to the amfAR benefit in an animal print gown to Natalie Portman sporting an origami-looking dress and Samantha Ronson looking like she just rolled out of bed at the Dolce and Gabbana party, some celebrities just didn’t cut it when it came to red carpet fashion at some of the most glamorous parties of the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. Check out our gallery of Cannes Worst Dressed of 2008!

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Celebrity Mother’s Day Smackdown: Vote For The Most Fab Moms


It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and we want you to tell us which mommas are the most fabulous. We’ve paired together celebs to compete in our Celebrity Mother’s Day Smackdown. Vote in categories like sexiest (Angelina Jolie Vs. Salma Hayek), funniest (Tina Fey Vs. Amy Poehler) and most influential (Michelle Obama Vs. Hillary Clinton). After you’ve finished voting, check out the 60 Most Adorable Baby Bumps.

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Ali Skips School To Party With Linds

Ali Lohan

Big sisters are notoriously bad influences on their siblings, and Lindsay Lohan is no different. Since being dumped by DJ Samantha Ronson, Lindsay has been dragging her tiny sister Ali around Hollywood to shady places fifteen year olds should not go. Bars, clubs, events – wherever LiLo goes, Ali follows, wearing nothing but a crop top and a frown.

Some may question why a kid is staying out so late on a school night what with homework and all, but Ali has it worked out with her mom Dina. “Ali is in a home-schooling program. She has never been pulled out of school,” said Dina, defending her shoddy parenting. “It’s the same home-schooling program that Lindsay was in since the tenth grade.”

We all know how Lindsay turned out so clearly this is a terrible sign, and an anonymous source (who we suspect is her dad) agrees with us. “Dina took Ali out of school and now all she does is hang out with Lindsay (right) — who is back to drinking and partying hard,” reveals the insider.  “Ali is now wearing really skimpy outfits, and it’s just sad. No one is in control. Where are children’s services? Where is Dina?”

Uh, out partying with Lindsay and Ali, obviously.  [Photo: GettyImages]


Lindsay And Sam Are Spending Their Nights Together

lindsay lohan

When Lindsay Lohan isn’t standing on a cliff in her underwear, she’s apparently trying to get back with Samantha Ronson. The pair spent Tuesday night together at Ronson’s house—with Lohan proudly marching past paparazzi after. And she was seen leaving Ronson’s pad at 6:30 this morning—with paps hearing the pair talk loudly about their relationship during the late night stays.

“It’s a cycle that can go on forever,” a source told People. “Now that things have died down a little and Lindsay is behaving herself and showing Sam what she wants to see, Sam’s strength to stay away eases up.” Sounds like one of these two needs to rebound fast if they’re ever going to stay apart.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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Blond Lindsay Poses It Up In Her Underwear


Lindsay Lohan treats the world to a whole new semi-naked look with these new snaps of her at a modeling shoot in Hollywood. Apart from firstly hoping that the blond hair is a wig (as we all remember how frickin’ awful she looked a couple of years back as a peroxide Paris-a-like) we’re really starting to take Lindsay seriously as an artiste, now she’s posed in stockings, her bra and underkecks.  Although we’re predicting that this particular shot with hand gesture won’t be making it into the final edit – unless things have gotten really bad and it’s for a very different kind of “role.” [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Lindsay Lohan: Digging For Spare Change?


We couldn’t help but pause at the pictures of Lindsay Lohan at last night’s party for and wonder, what the f*ck is going on with that finger? Since we remain perplexed, we need your help. Is she:

  • Digging around for a dollar or two?
  • Attempting her latest sexy pose?
  • Pondering what the hell happened to her career?
  • Trying to kick smoking by sucking on her finger?

The actress once again dragged her little sister Ali out past her bedtime last night, and their blossoming BFF-ness has some experts concerned. “If you have an older child who is breaking a lot of the rules and engaging in dangerous and risky behavior, this can have a negative impact on the younger child,” a psychiatrist told the NY Daily News.

Is lonely Lindsay runing her teen sister? You tell us.  [Photos: GettyImages]

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What Is Going Through Lindsay Lohan’s Mind?


When we saw this shot of Lindsay Lohan having a “thinks…” moment, we reckoned it must be one of two things.

A)    I wonder if my hair’s too long and my skirt’s too short?

B)    Inside, I’m dying! How did I go from the most talented teenage actress of her generation with the world at her feet to standing here in a Montreal hotel, posing stiffly for the paparazzi cameras before I go out on another empty evening partying, and only serving to confirm everyone’s preconception of me as a flaky, desperate, flailing, lost soul? Shouldn’t I be knocking this sort of schtick on the head, going back to my roots and trying to prove to the studios that now won’t touch me with a fake-tan-encrusted bargepole that I can do some proper acting, put on a bit of weight and stop running around the globe to escape my inner unhappiness?

Well, we’re hoping it’s b). Answers on a postcard! [Photo: Splash News Online]


Aubrey O’Day Takes A Shot At Love?


Former Danity Kane member and self-proclaimed possible celesbian Aubrey O’Day is in negotiations to be the next star of MTV’s A Shot at Love, according to Perez Hilton. On the heels of Tila Tequila and the Ikki Twins, Aubrey could play the bisexual reality dating game to find her one true shot at love. If, in a perfect FABlife world, the game was played with celebrity women, who do you think would be Aubrey’s ideal famous mate? Play the Aubrey O’Day Lesbian Dating Matrix and tell us what starlet should end up with Aubrey!

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Pamela Anderson’s Strip Club Opening A Bust

You would think Pamela Anderson opening a strip club would be a no-brainer, but reportedly The Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club grand opening in Manhattan’s Upper East Side was a complete mess.

First of all, the strippers were telling guests that they couldn’t disrobe  in front of DJ Samantha Ronson because, “She’s so girl crazy, she can’t concentrate if we strip.”

Samantha reportedly wasn’t really into doing to gig  anyway. She reportedly wouldn’t pose with hostess Pamela and refused to do any publicity in order to avoid being asked about her ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohan. She also suggested that the venue was really not her cup of tea anyway when she twittered “Note to self: read the whole email from @brandonphelps before saying yes to dj gigs. Sapphire??? Oops!”

Pamela was knocked by Prime 333 Steakhouse designer Malcom Harris, who called the PETA activist a “hypocrite and loser for even being there” in a strip club with his steakhouse in its east wing.

Pammy also had another enemy at the party, former Beverly Hills 90210 star Shannen Doherty. Both ex-wives of sex tape star Rick Salomon reportedly avoided each other the whole evening.

Finally, even though Pammy wore a teeny tiny white jumpsuit, the Baywatch babe left early because the air conditioning at the club was not working properly.

Not off to a very good start! [Source: NY Post; Photo: ]


Lindsay Lohan Wears A Bikini, Looks Happy

A lot has been said about Lindsay Lohan‘s imminent and most likely total demise since her split with girlfriend Samantha Ronson. But looking at these pictures of the starlet frolicking around in a tidepool in Maui, we’re not so sure we can write off her off just yet. Sure, her rib cage is protruding in some of the shots. But who doesn’t lose some weight when facing a nasty breakup and career rut?

Lindsay’s doing exactly what any career coach or psychologist would order — take a deep breath, step away from it all, regain your balance and composure, then think about making a personal and professional comeback. We hope Lindsay stays in Hawaii or some other far-away place for a good while. In the meantime, it’s encouraging to see Lindsay’s smile. It looks genuine, right?  [Photo: Splash News Online]

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