Lindsay To Make Show With Ryan, Up All Night For Sam


Lindsay Lohan isn’t bumping nasties with Ryan Seacrest (thank God), it’s just that he may be the one to resuscitate her career. The pair were spotted out partying in L.A., but revealed on their Twitter pages that they’ve been meeting about a TV show idea. “Working on a really great project for television — I am excited! Something meaningful like Extreme Home Makeover on ABC.. :),” gasped Lindsay, while Ryan confirmed it was something that “helps people and gives others a second shot!”

We reckon the irony of that wasn’t lost on Lindsay. Woop — actual work! But she still found time over the weekend to make one of her late-night calls to Samantha Ronson‘s house. TMZ show the starlet waiting for SamRo to arrive back in her car, then having to beg her to open the front door to her in front of waiting snappers. Is it on? Is it off? WTF? [Photo: Splash News Online]


Lindsay Lohan’s Post-Breakup Shopping Trip


After girlfriend Sam Ronson left Lindsay Lohan again with another broken heart, what’s a sad sad girl to do? Hit the shops of course! Which is exactly what Lilo did yesterday, popping into New York City’s Blue & Cream with little brother Cody. Looks like the retail therapy was just what she needed; she emerged from the store with a glow and a big smile. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Sam Ronson Ends It, Lindsay Accuses Her Of Cheating


It’s over – again. Samantha Ronson has totally ended things with Lindsay Lohan, after pal Nicole Richie encouraged her to break it off. Apparently Nic loathes LiLo, even though they were BFFs back in the day, and has purposefully been inviting Sam to hang out with one condition – no crazy redheads allowed.

Nic apparently convinced Sam to cut Lindsay lose at dinner last night, after she previously forbade Sam from bringing her to a mutual pal’s birthday party last week. “Nicole refuses even to be in the same room as Lindsay,” says a source.

Now Lindsay is – as expected – freaking out over Twitter. Some of her recent posts include:

  • “I love being alone. Feels safe coz I can only trust myself…ya, sad. But I’m cool with it : ) that’s y I share it with others in films”
  • “Why do people cheat?”
  • Why do people cheat? When love is always standing right in front of their face (s) ?? Sr?”

Hm – we wonder who that last one is directed at. Any guesses?  [E! Online. Photo: GettyImages]


Single Katie Price Storms Ibiza In Her Bikini


When a breakup knocks a celebrity down, they do not stand right back up. First, they go to some faraway tropical paradise to lick their wounds. Take Amy Winehouse or Lindsay Lohan, for example. Amy fled to St. Lucia after her Blake Incarcerated allegedly bumped nasties with a German model and Lindsay hit Hawaii after getting dumped by Samantha Ronson. (Okay, some celebs may never stand back up).

Now it’s Katie Price‘s turn. Pictures have surfaced of the model/entrepreneur showing off her voluptuousness on the party island of Ibiza a month after hubby Peter Andre filed for divorce. Currently engaged in a PR battle (she’s been dubbed “callous” and “cold” by the British press), she might want to steer clear of booze and men — at least for another month or so. Getting called a “tramp” is the last thing she needs.

Insane factoid of the day: Both Katie and Peter will have their own reality TV shows chronicling their divorce. What?! [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Lindsay Lohan Faces Cops Over $400k Of Missing Jewels

Lindsay Lohan is to be questioned by police after $400,000 worth of jewelry went missing after she modeled them in a fashion shoot. Lindsay posed for British Elle magazine and wore the Dior diamond necklace and earrings on a June 6 shoot, but the valuable items have since gone missing, and the incident reported to the police.

“Jewelry is often loaned out for big celebrities to wear on fashion shoots. Police are working out who had them when they went missing. People at Dior are very upset. It’s an embarrassment to the mag,” a source told the Sun. Yikes. Surely things haven’t got that bad, Lindsay?

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Skinny Lindsay Flaunts Skanky Style

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is currently here on the east coast “working,” and she’s apparently so bored that she’s busy posting topless photos of herself on Twitter. Kinky, yes – but do you expect anything less from the girl who poses in a sparkly crop top while licking her lips? Our favorite washed-up starlet partied at the AXE Lounge in the Hamptons over the weekend, in an outfit that surely did her native Long Island proud.  [Photo: GettyImages]

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Sam Is No Match For Lindsay’s Love Claws


Lindsay Lohan has apparently won back her ex-love Samantha Ronson. The self-tanner sales lady trekked all the way to London to hover around Sam until she gave in to her needy ways, and it looks like it worked. A source says, “They haven’t started fighting yet, but they are back together as far as Lindsay is concerned. Lindsay has been doing so much better and has been giving Sam her space.”

Er, not according to this mysterious tweet from Lindsay herself. We have a hunch it’s about her beloved, and it doesn’t sound like there’s much space involved.  She writes on Twitter, “Leaving London but with my favorite favorite!!!-travel buddy&great news to share!! Maybe…. ;)”

Want more proof? Lindsay was spotted stomping into Sam’s house yesterday in some tall blue boots and barely-there booty shorts. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Sam Says She’s Single As Linds Loses It In Club


Lindsay Lohan may be in the same city as Samantha Ronson, spending time in the same clubs and same hotels, but apparently they’re NOT back together. SamRo told a tabloid journo at London’s Whiskey Mist that she’s flying solo, although all the signs have so far had pointed to a reconciliation with her eager ex.

“I am single and enjoying spending some time hanging out with my brother. I love London and would love to live here. The music scene is so much more diverse than in LA,” she said. That’s a pretty firm denial – and from Lindsay’s reported behavior in the Cuckoo Club last week, we’d say she wasn’t happy about how things are going.

The Sunday Mirror claims that LiLo appeared “strangely detached” and even tried to curl up in a ball on the dancefloor after returning from the toilets. “She just wouldn’t stop saying she felt caged. She was just not all there and it really was like watching a broken girl in the middle of a complete breakdown,” it reports. Poor Linds – could another trip to rehab be in the offing? Or maybe just a realization that a lifetime of clubbing isn’t the best way to mend a broken heart? [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Does Lindsay Look Stylish While Doin’ The Walk Of Shame?


Rumor has it Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson may be back together – they were spotted entering Sam’s house Wednesday morning at 2:45 AM, and LiLo was caught dashing out of there later in the day before heading to “traffic school.” And while the starlet still looks a bit strung-out, with her bony frame and stringy hair, her odd outfits are kinda winning us over.

The pic on the left shows Lindsay leaving Sam’s in leggings and strappy heels, and on the right she heads to her court-appointed lesson in acid-washed jeans and a floral shirt straigt out of the original 90210. It’s kinda trashy and mis-matched, but we still dig both looks. What do you think? [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Michael Lohan Busted For Threatening To Kill Fiancée

Michael Lohan

We were so focused on his train wreck daughter Lindsay that we all missed Michael Lohan getting arrested last month! The freaky father was busted on April 6 after he threatened (in a phone call on March 18) to kill both his fiancée Erin Muller and himself if she broke up with him.

Lohan and Muller appeared together at the courthouse yesterday, but ended up hiding in his car to avoid photographers while his lawyer attended the hearing. Apparently the couple are back on, but their love may not last long – if found guilty, Lohan could face up to a year in prison. And his legal troubles don’t end there – the Long Island idiot will be back in court today, thanks to the $12,000 in child support that he owes his equally wacky ex-wife Dina.  [NYP.  Photo: GettyImages]