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If Full House and Modern Family Got In a Fight, Who Would Win?


Modern Family Full House

There’s something about goofy family sitcoms that really tickles us. We’ve been thinking about Modern Family of late (with the show’s sixth season premiering tonight), and at the same time getting nostalgic about our childhood favorite, Full House. If we were children now, would we hold the extended Pritchett clan in the same esteem as we once did the Tanner household? Would we religiously DVR episodes and watch them over and over again until the dialogue became so familiar we could recite it in our sleep? Most importantly, which of the two shows would win in a fight? Read more…


Billionaires Who Dress Like Bums: 14 Rich People Who Need To Buy Some Style

By: Christopher Rosa

The world’s super-rich can afford pretty much anything. A gold  iPhone case just for kicks? Done.  Tiny, unnecessary diamond shavings on a chocolate cake? You got it. So, why is it that some of Earth’s top earners can’t hire…ya know, a stylist?

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Zac Efron, Wise Choice: Cocaine Never Helped These Former Child Stars

Zac Efron Tatum O'Neal Drew Barrymore

With the reports that he recently completed a stint in rehab for cocaine, Zac Efron’s getting more buzz (oops) than any of his recent movie roles. That’s not to suggest he fell into a dangerous drug habit on purpose, mind you. But we have noticed cocaine has played a role in the lives of quite a few actors who got an early start in Hollywood — and it wasn’t necessarily to their benefit. If the rumors of the High School Musical star (whose upcoming movies include Parkland and Neighbors) trashing hotel rooms and missing shoots are true, we’re pretty glad he got help. Here are some other former teen/child stars whose cocaine use got in the way of us taking their adult careers seriously:
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Mary-Kate Olsen, Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson Show Us: French Boyfriends Are All The Rage

Halle Berry, Mary-Kate Olsen, Melissa George, Scarlett Johansson and Hilary Swank are all dating French men

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy have been dating since May, but after an uptick in their public appearances (and PDA) of late, it seems like the world is still coming to terms with whether this couple is creepy, cute or just plain odd. But if we keep harping on the age difference between the 25-year-old actress-turned-fashion mogul and her 42-year-old businessman BF, we’re missing something else in this story: French guys are the hottest new accessory for Hollywood ladies. First we saw Halle Berry and her delicious actor fiance Olivier Martinez. Then Aussie beauty Melissa George, after her split from Russell Simmons, hooked up with French millionaire Jean-David Blanc and was recently spotted shopping for wedding dresses.

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Hilary Swank took up with French real estate broker Laurent Fleury this fall, and already they’re said to be sharing his apartment in Paris when they’re not going for romantic walks in Venice Beach. And just this week, Scarlett Johansson was spotted in New York with Romain Dauriac, the former editor of French art magazine Clark, whom she may have met through her tattoo artist.

We have no way of knowing if all these French paramours share anything in common besides incredibly sexy accents (and possibly bank accounts large enough to keep up with these successful ladies), but it’s nice to know the only ones who’ve dreamed of being swept off our feet by a barely shaved, impossibly masculine guy who also knows how to order wine and make us feel like a princess. Not to buy into stereotypes or anything.

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What Would The Tanner Family Think About Mary Kate Olsen And Olivier Sarkozy?

Oh man, these new photos of Mary Kate Olsen and her much older boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy are worrisome. Sadly for MK, once you’re a child star, you’re always a child (star) in that every time I look at her precious face I see that of a Michelle Tanner. Now, with MK already dating someone quite a bit older than her actual age, and I see her severely deflated age, it’s like watching a ten year old date a fifty year old. Their actual age difference is a bit smaller but like I said, I’ll always see Michelle Tanner.

You know who else will always see Michelle Tanner?

Annoying next door neighbor Kimmy Gibbler:

Good ol’ hair-conscious Uncle Jesse:

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Taylor And Conor, Mila And Ashton Top The Best 9 Hook-Ups Of Summer 2012

New Celeb Couples Summer 2012
The hot sun, the warm sand, the intoxicating scent of bug spray: yes, the summer time is prime time for hook-ups, both celebrity and original flavor. From the clam-chowder-and-madras-plaid love of Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy, to the surprise engagement of Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger (their wedding is going to be designed by Hot Topic, right?), check out our favorite hook-ups from summer 2012, and wish you hadn’t spent the last three months inside on your computer:

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