Nicole Richie’s Birthday Surprises For Harlow


Although her parents Nicole Richie and Joel Madden seem too reasonable to gift her with a $30,000 toy car, a special girl like Harlow Winter Kate Madden will have plenty of surprises from mom on her birthday. “Up super early sneaking around the house in the dark setting up surprises for when my birthday girl wakes up,” Nicole tweeted this morning at 6 a.m. Harlow’s daddy Joel Madden also used Twitter to show his love for his birthday girl. “Happy Birthday to the most beautiful little girl in the world,” he said. “Harlow makes me proud every. single. Day. i’m blessed.”

The little lady, who turns two today, already has a slew of celebrity pals who sent their good wishes, such as Khloe Kardashian. “Happy Birthday Harlow!!!” Khloe tweeted early this morning. It looks like Harlow’s third year on the planet is off to a great start. Happy Birthday! [Source: Us Weekly; Photo: Getty Images]


Joel Madden Still Courts Nicole Richie


After two babies together, Joel Madden and Nicole Richie still make time for a date. The stylish duo attended the LA Lakers game at the Staples Center on Tuesday night. The couple relaxed and laughed while taking in the Laker victory over the Golden State Warriors 124 – 118. Even though they have their hands full with Harlow and Sparrow, this couple still likes to party! They will host a New Year’s Eve bash Thursday night at Lavo in Las Vegas where Nicole will lead the countdown and Joel will DJ. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Nicole Richie, Why Must Your Children Be So Cute?


Nicole Richie, why must your children be so adorable? WHY? They make our ovaries so jealous. We’re even more envious today after seeing the casual, fun family portraits Nicole posted to her website featuring the whole clan – Joel Madden, Nicole, Harlow and baby Sparrow.

We’re so in love with Harlow we can’t get over it, but what’s eerie is how Joel manages to stay extremely still and doesn’t look different in any of the shots. Spooky! If that’s just another fun afternoon in the Richie-Madden home then make some sandwiches, Nicole, ’cause we’re coming over to hang out later.  [Photo:]

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Nicole Richie Signs Sitcom Deal, Wins At Life


Nicole Richie has landed a television deal at ABC, further solidifying her reputation as the little ex-heroin addict that could. Paris Hilton‘s former sidekick is set to try her hand at prime time television, and is currently developing a single-camera sitcom (shot like “The Office” or “30 Rock”)  in which she’ll star as “a professional woman with complicated family relationships and struggling to figure out what role she’ll take as her life and her family evolve.”

Nicole came up with the idea for the show, so she’ll nab a producer credit as well as the starring role. Not bad for a girl who was once best known for her terrible hair extensions. Surely ol’ Paris is jealous of her pal’s success – two kids, a sweet maybe-husband, a jewelry line, a clothing line, a couple of books, a new TV show and an A-List reputation? That’s gotta hurt! [Photo: GettyImages]

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70 Adorable Celebrity Baby Bumps


Baby fever! There must be something in the water at Victoria’s Secret because three of their top models (Adriana Lima, Gisele Bundchen and Karolina Kurkova) are currently pregnant and their poster girl, Heidi Klum just had her fourth child in October. But models aren’t the only celebs with buns in the oven – celebrities Kourtney Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson are both expecting their first wee ones later this year.

From Jennifer Hudson to Nicole Richie to Halle Berry, stars are constantly popping out adorable tots. Check out 70 serious celebrity baby bumps from recent history.  If you hunt you’ll find baby-bellied Madonna, Angelina Jolie‘s massive There’s-Twins-In-Here!-belly and Demi Moore seven months pregnant and baring it all!

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Nicole And Joel Have Morphed Into Your Parents


We love Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, so much so that we’ve even tweeted at Nicole when she offers to answer questions from nosy fans. Our love is pure and true. But we couldn’t resist poking fun at the happy couple, who recently hosted a ribbon cutting of a new playground that they sponsored through their foundation (seriously, these two are charitable angels).

In addition to reminding us of one of the creepiest paintings ever, the cutting-edge couple has morphed into some sort of suburban parental nightmare. Joel has completely toned down his tattooed-rocker look, and Nicole somehow forgot that she was the queen of boho chic, and instead dressed for a day of outlet shopping and dinner at Olive Garden. Maybe when you gain kids, you lose your edge?  But while we mock their G-rated look, we love their do-good attitude and practically perfect life. Maybe this is why Lindsay Lohan is so jealous of Nicole?  [Photo: GettyImages/Iconic painting: "American Gothic" by Grant Wood]

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Lindsay Lohan Jealous Of Nicole Richie?


It’s no secret that Lindsay Lohan is a very jealous girlfriend, but one person that really gets her fired up over on-again/off-again girlfriend Samantha Ronson is  Nicole Richie. Samantha and Nicole, along with Nicole’s boyfriend Joel Madden, went out for a night on the town Friday night, partying it up at Hollywood hotspot Playhouse.  “When Lindsay found out that Sam was out with Nicole, she was not happy!”a source reveals.

Why is Lilo so jealous of the mother of Harlow and Sparrow? “Nicole has made it very clear to Lindsay and to their mutual friends that she wants a better life for her. Nicole hopes Lindsay will get it together and change her behavior, but until she makes a change, Nicole avoids her. Lindsay takes her hanging out with Nicole personally and as an attack on their on/off relationship.” [Photo: Getty Images]

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Nicole Richie Shows Off Sparrow


Nicole Richie has come a long way since she was a tubby party girl clinging to Paris Hilton‘s coattails (see Nicole’s Fab or Fail Makeover); in fact, we hardly remember those dark heroin-soaked days because we’re too busy gushing over how perfect the new Nicole is. Bohemian chic! Jewelry designer! And of course, coolest celebrity mom ever!

Nic’s on the cover of People magazine this week with the latest addition to her family: new son Sparrow. Dad is the sweet and sensitive one-man tattoo parlor display, Joel Madden, and in typical Hollywood fashion, the whole gang is doing just splendid. “I couldn’t be happier,” says Nicole. “The only thing you want is for your kids to be healthy and happy, and they are. I’m right where I belong.”

We’d have to agree – Nicole is better off in this clique than she was sandwiched between Paris and Lindsay. If only her peers would follow her lead and straighten up their acts (LiLo, we’re looking at you).  [Photo: People]


Frances Bean Cobain “Ashamed” Of Ali Lohan


Remember when Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie et al were the ultimate Hollywood party girls, cruising around town with the air flapping around their un-knickered ladygardens, their friendships and fallings-out the hot topic on everyone’s lips? Well, as if we need further reminding, those days are over, those girls are, like, way old now, and it’s all about the next generation of bitchy starlets.

We’ve already posted our plea to save Ali Lohan some sort of normal teenage years, but sadly our words are going unheeded. And now in a full-on Twitter rant, Frances Bean Cobain lays into the wannabe star for seeking fame without credibility. Highlights from the now-deleted post included, “Your [sic] not entitled to anything simply because your sister has a recognisable name… You blatantly don’t care how your [sic] recognized, its the objective to get famous and that is what makes you replaceable and a recycled idea.

“Well, I’m ashamed to have to be grouped into the same category of person as you. I would rather die a most painful death the be associated with the kind of career your trying to make for yourself.”

Unkinder souls than ours (ahem) might point out that Frances herself is actually only well known because her parents are Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain. But underneath all the brazen teenage swagger, she seems to be making the same sort of point that we are. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Report: Nicole Proposes To Joel!

Could gorgeous couple Nicole Richie and Joel Madden be about to put a ring on it? Star magazine in the UK is claiming that the cute pair, who recently welcomed the arrival of son Sparrow, could be headed down the aisle after formerly marriage-shy Nicole popped the question. Apparently the death of her former fiancé DJ AM and arrival of their second child made her “re-think her future.”

“She asked Joel to marry her, over dinner at home. He was delighted and said yes straight away,” the mag claims a pal said. According to the mag, we should keep our eyes out for a wedding early next year on Maui at the private gated residence of a record producer friend of the couple. For any everyday parents of two children under two – they also have supercute daughter Harlow, 21 months – the idea of planning a wedding and fitting into a bridal gown would be a pipe dream. But we already know Nicole is not of this earth, so let’s hope it happens!