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Ranking Every Nicholas Sparks Movie Couple, from Pathetic to Passionate


While we’ve pretty much established all Nicholas Sparks films are the same, the one factor that truly sets them apart is the chemistry between the lead actors. Sure, we could watch attractive people kissing in the rain, hair blowing in the wind during a slow embrace on the sandy shores of North Carolina all day, but if the passion isn’t there, we ain’t buying it. Read more…

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How To Know If You’re Watching a Nicholas Sparks Film

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Opening this weekend is yet another adaptation of one of Nicholas Sparks’ romantic novels, The Best of Me, starring James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan. This makes the ninth Sparks novel to find its way to the big screen with another one (The Longest Ride) coming in April. Since 1999, when his first adaptation appeared in theaters, there have been countless Sparks-like stories to flood theaters. Films, such as The Vow and Remember Me, play on many of the author’s most popular tropes that its hard to know whether or not you’re watching an authentic “Nicholas Sparks Film” (NSF).

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Bad Celebrity Bleach Moments, Male Edition

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James Franco went blonde last week, documenting his transformation on — where else? — Instagram. He’s already envisioned his life in a boy band, but now that he’s gone lighter, the entire world is his oyster. For starters, he’s better suited to play Marilyn Monroe and can finally have more fun than he did as brunette. Read more…