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Bad Celebrity Bleach Moments, Male Edition

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James Franco went blonde last week, documenting his transformation on — where else? — Instagram. He’s already envisioned his life in a boy band, but now that he’s gone lighter, the entire world is his oyster. For starters, he’s better suited to play Marilyn Monroe and can finally have more fun than he did as brunette. Read more…

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Sexy Movie Couples We Wish Were Dating In Real Life

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After a couple falls in love in movies, we fall in love with them. Take Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, who fell in love with big hair and neon clothes in 1998′s The Wedding Singer, again in 2004′s 50 First Dates, and this in Blended. What we love about these two goofballs is that they’re best buds in real life, with a chemistry that translates on screen. They’re both married with families now, but if they dated back in the day, we would’ve been beyond happy.

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