When Biggies Date Smalls: Celebrity Couples With Hilarious Height Differences

Remember when Aaliyah sang “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number”? Well, these celebrity couples of past and present are intent on showing us that the same thing goes for height. From basketball stars towering over their significant others to models and their shorter male counterparts, these couples prove that size does not matter. Although some have moved on while others are still going strong, these stars seem to know how to make it work when it comes to a vertical challenge. Here is a list of 25 celebrity couples, ranked in order of their height differential, that leave us scratching our heads, thinking “How do they do that?”

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Shaq Announces Retirement On Twitter

Considering how much he loves Twitter, it’s no surprise that Shaq’s retirement came courtesy of his favorite form of social media (that we’re aware of; he might be the Mayor of Cleveland on FourSquare for all we know). Currently a team member on the Boston Celtics, the oldest active player in the NBA announced the end of his nearly twenty year career this afternoon. Using Shaq’s retirement video announcement, the NBA MVP of 2000 let his followers know before everyone else that he is going to spend the rest of his days off the court and wallowing in a big pile of money, explaining “We did it; 19 years, baby. Thank you very much. That’s why I’m telling you first: I’m about to retire. Love you. Talk to you soon.” Of course, Shaq’s Twitter should probably have been the second place he voiced his intentions. Said Celtics spokesman Jeff Twiss, “To my knowledge, he has not informed any of us that he’s retiring.”  Shaq might be taking himself out of the game, but don’t worry: this just means he has more time to tweet…and to finally make that Kazaam sequel we have been hounding him to do for an eternity.

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Classic Sheen: Photos Of Charlie From The Good Old Days

Remember when Charlie Sheen was just a party guy who drank and smoked and no one really cared? For two decades he basically lived a crazy life under the radar, at least relatively speaking.  Sure, there was the time that his gun accidentally went off and shot then-fiancée Kelly Preston, but how were we to know that Charlie’d end up ranting about tiger blood and showing off his porn star “goddess” babysitters on Today? For the last two decades, Sheen has been a poster boy for life in the fast line, and in 2011, he’s (somehow) living proof that there are repercussions to years of abuse.

We compiled a gallery of some of the most iconic shots of good-time Charlie, so let’s take a walk down memory lane and check out Carlos Irwin Estevez (sorry, that’s racist) back when he was a young scamp, before he turned into a monster.

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Shaquille O’Neal Conducts The Boston Pops

We thought Shaquille O’Neal‘s music career began and ended with the 1993 jam “(I Know I Got) Skillz,” but apparently we were so very wrong. Shaq, who currently plays for the Boston Celtics, took the stage with the Boston Pops to guest-conduct the orchestra as they played songs like “Sleigh Ride” and that old holiday nugget “We Are The Champions.”

Sounds like conducting took a toll on O’Neal, who happens to be the oldest player in the NBA. He told the Boston Globe “Actually you know I have a whole new respect for conductors. [I] went through a little rehearsal today and my arms are shot right now.” Check out the video above — Shaq’s head bobbing is fun to watch as he bops in time to the music.

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Did Shaquille O’Neal Get Engaged To VH1 Star Hoopz?

shaq-hoopz-500rnrnIn an event that could only occur as part of the VH1 Circle Of Life Celebreality, frequent VH1 reality show contestant Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander is rumored to be dating NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, who himself is just six months or so removed from his bitter divorce from ex-wife Shaunie, who you all know as the executive producer of Basketball Wives. What a mouthful!rnrnAnyway, TMZ reported that Shaq was the victim of a prank perpetrated by Hoopz — who, you’ll recall, won both the first season of Flavor of Love and I Love Money — at a Tennessee area Waffle House. You see, Hoopz allegedly dumped an entire salt shaker into Shaq’s OJ while the big man was in the bathroom, something that he didn’t notice until he took a sip upon his return. As you might expect, Shaq took it all in stride, even going as far as to tip the waitstaff $30 on a meal that only cost $20. Ah, young love!rnrnBut that’s not all! According to a report in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Shaq might very well have proposed to Hoopz over the weekend! Nothing of this sort has been officially confirmed, but Sam David, the owner of a restaurant in St. Albans, TN, where Shaq recently dined, told the paper that “I think [Shaq] may have proposed to his girlfriend. He brought a chair into the middle of the dance floor and he put a ring on her finger.” Adding fuel to these (very speculative!) fires is a story on the (pretty reputable) sports website Sports By Brooks that says, and we quote, the site “has also been informed that O’Neal has spent much of his summer in Alexander’s hometown of Maryville, TN. In fact, the current Celtic now has a home with Alexander in Maryville’s Royal Oaks golf community.”rnrnSo far, there’s been no comment from either Shaq or Hoopz on their respective Twitter feeds. Developing!rnrn[Photo Credit: Getty Images]


Alleged Mistress Sues Shaq For Harassment

Shaquille O’Neal has been sued for harassment by Vanessa Lopez, who claims the singer and his family threatened her after she ended a five-year affair. According to Lopez’ suit, the high school friends were reacquainted in 2004, with Shaq pursuing her romantically and claiming to have an open marriage with wife Shaunie—who filed for divorce last November. Years of hotel rendezvous followed until Lopez had a pregnancy scare last summer. Angered by his assumption that she had been cheating on him, she dumped the NBA legend, who responded with constant phone calls.

Threatening to tell his wife about their relationship if he didn’t leave her alone, Lopez—no stranger to NBA drama—claims she was then contacted by Shaq’s 6’6″ sister Ayesha, claiming the star’s other sister, 6’8″ Latifah, might may pay her a less-than-friendly visit. She also accused Shaq—who continued to fill her phone with hang-ups and heavy breathing—of giving her number to an associate, adding “dis is da numba shut that b—- up!” Fearing Shaq could use his millions and connections to do just that, Lopez wants in excess of $750,000 from the Cleveland Cav. So far Shaq doesn’t seem to be sweating it—he’s too busy praising Daybreakers on Twitter to comment.

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Shaq’s Wife Shaunie Files For Divorce

Shaquille O’Neal‘s wife Shaunie has filed for divorce, a little over two years after the basketball star did likewise before patching things up in early 2008. The Cleveland-Cavalier-to-be had accused his wife of being “secretive about her assets,” and it looks like she’s still playing things close to the chest. According to TMZ, Shaunie pulled her kids out of school in Florida and moved to LA two days ago, in order to better enjoy the state’s superior (for her) stance on spousal support. Shaunie is claiming “irreconcilable differences” and asking for legal and physical custody of their children. Shaq has yet to comment, but keep your eyes on the twitter.