Sienna Miller’s Action Figure “A Bit Off”


Sienna Miller is starring in her first real action role in this summer’s G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra and with that comes the first action figure made in her likeness. (Oh, how we would have loved an Edie Sedgwick doll with which to reenact Factory Girl.) Unfortunately, the action figure has some flaws that Miller isn’t loving. “My doll is cross-eyed and has the biggest chin you have ever seen,” Miller said of The Baroness figurine. “Action figures are always a bit off, aren’t they? Oddly enough from side on, it is definitely me but front on she looks sort of possessed.”

From the description, we’re imagining Jay Leno with a lazy eye, squeezed into a leather catsuit. Sound like a real American hero gone wrong to us. [Photo: GettyImages]


Sienna And Balthazar Back Together


Nrrgghh! Sienna Miller looks to be back in the arms of age-inappropriate, marriage-inapproriate, children-inappropriate Balthazar Getty. The two (what we thought were former) lovebirds were spotted on a break in the romantic Italian town of Positano, and kissed each other during a meal at a local restaurant. Sienna was also said to have arrived with her mom  Jo on Friday, which makes their reported split even more unlikely, if he’s now got her approval.

These new snaps come just a few weeks after Sienna spoke about the break-up in Vogue magazine, saying “[A friend]took me out to lunch — funnily enough to a restaurant called Balthazar, which I thought was hilarious, but she never commented on the irony of that — and she said, ‘You’ve been through hell, and you need to talk about it with someone.'” Could she have just performed the best double bluff ever? [Photos: Splash News Online]


Lily, Kate, And Sienna Have A Very Good Night

Loads of top celebs attended the Hoping’s Got Talent charity evening at London’s Cafe de Paris last night in aid of Palestinian refugee children. And judging by the looks on the faces of Sienna Miller, Lily Allen and Kate Moss as they departed last night, they had a really good time. Happy hangover day, ladies! [Photos: , Splash News Online]

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We Want Sienna’s House


Got a spare $1.6m? If you do, you could do better than buy Sienna Miller‘s old London pad, which is up for grabs for nearly $500,000 off the original asking price! Sienna’s two-bedroom house in Paddington, London, has apparently been sitting on the market unsold for five months — and after seeing the pics, we’re lusting over the open-plan layout that gives this London house a loft feel, the floating staircase and mezzanine floors. But the real icing on the cake is the super-cool sunken Turkish bath which takes up the whole of the basement level. Amazing. Just imagine the stories that room could tell. Ugh, now our head’s full of a naked Rhys Ifans, her ex-boyfriend. Maybe not. [Photo: WireImage]


Sienna Won’t Be Bossed Around By Ex Jude


He may have cheated on her with his nanny, therefore subjecting her to national humiliation, but that doesn’t stop Jude Law from laying down, er, the law on his ex-fiancee Sienna Miller. Nope. The star revealed in an interview with Vogue magazine that balding Jude got touchy at her talking about him in an interview. So now she’s talking about him some more.

“I talked about him in an interview not long ago, saying that I still love him, and he was like, ‘Please stop talking about it,'” she says. Yep, we love this reverse revenge-type thing. Just carry on annoying him, Sienna. Ha. [Photo: Getty Images]


Chuck Bass And Bond Girl To Play Classic Lovers


Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick and Quantum of Solace actress Gemma Arterton are said to be the two who’ll play star-crossed lovers Heathcliff and Cathy in a new movie version of Wuthering Heights. The two Brits beat out a host of other high-profile names — including Sienna Miller, Michael Fassbender and Natalie Portman — to bag the parts in the Emily Bronte adaptation. The last movie version in 1992 saw Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche in the main roles, and we think these two sexy stars will make the famously electric, tortured romance between the fictional lovers even hotter. XOXO [Photos: Splash News Online]


Sienna Miller’s Ex Turning Into A Lech

There comes a time in a man’s life when he’s no longer able to pass off touchy-feely behavior as youthful exuberance or sexy flirting, and it just seems like pervy weird-old-man stuff. Unfortunately, Sienna Miller‘s ex Rhys Ifans still thinks he’s able to get away with it, despite being in his forties.

At the premiere of his latest movie The Boat That Rocked, Rhys took advantage of the film’s 1960s setting by demonstrating some very 1960s behavior and resting his hands upon some poor models’ asses on the red carpet. How very “cheeky.” He was also overheard saying to a journalist he’d dance for her “if you take your clothes off.” And he wore sunglasses on the red carpet at night. Sigh. Get a grip, grandad! [Photos: Splash News Online]


Sienna Miller Is Really Funny

Ahh, Sienna Miller hasn’t had the easiest time with her public image, what with the whole married-man Balthazar Getty thing and not managing to make any successful films for flipping ages. But she’s proved she’s a game old bird and redeemed herself firstly by showing off a very impressive runway collection and also hamming it up in a Mamma Mia parody for Britain’s Comic Relief night. 

A biennial night featuring all the biggest stars in British comedy and TV in order to raise money for charity (and an amazing $80m has been raised so far),the evening featured appearances by Kate Moss, Robbie Williams and David Beckham amongst others. Sienna teamed up with UK comedy duo French & Saunders to take the piss out of pay tribute to last year’s smash hit movie, taking the Amanda Seyfried role. And it’s bloody great. On the basis of this, we reckon she should ditch the ill-advised retro movies  (Factory Girl and Hippy Hippy Shake didn’t exactly set the world on fire) and instead work those comedy chops …


Sienna Miller Skips Oscars For Fashion Fame

Missing out on the Oscars this year was — believe it or not — a deliberate plan for Sienna Miller. Unlike fellow tabloid star Lindsay Lohan, Sienna’s been making a critically acclaimed leap into fashion these last few years with the label Twenty8Twelve, in partnership with designer sister Savannah. And on Oscar night, they made their debut showing at London Fashion Week with a relaxed, stylish collection showcasing the sisters’ edgy, wearable clothes.

With a celebrity-packed audience including Courtney Love, Kanye West, Lydia Hearst, Alexa Chung and legendary 60’s British model Twiggy, the runway show was hailed as a huge success by fashion-watchers. She hasn’t had the best luck so far in picking winning films (or unattached men) but it seems her eye for style might prove her most enduring skill. [Photo: WireImage]

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The Hottest Oscar Parties Of 2009

Sure, the Oscar ceremony is a blast, but it’s where the stars go to let loose afterward that is the really exciting part. With champagne flowing, celebrity DJS, and delicious food by famous chefs, these bashes are sure to be a blast. Check out our gallery of where the stars will be celebrating on Sunday!

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