Robert Pattinson Gets The Woody Allen Seal Of Approval

Robert Pattinson attracts attention from Woody Allen

Looks like we’re not the only ones with Pattinson fever (yes, we’re convinced it’s a real thing)! Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg has a tight loving grip on Robert Pattinson and now Woody Allen is gushing about how he would love to work with the Twi-star! At the NYC premier of Woody’s new film To Rome With Love, he told that he “wouldn’t hesitate” to work with R-Patz. He thinks that Pattinson is “a wonderful actor. I’ve seen him act and interviewed on television. I find him charming and amusing and if I ever had anything he was right for I wouldn’t hesitate for a second!”

What an amazing compliment from one of Hollywood’s biggest directors. As if we didn’t think Pattinson was going to make it, he’s got both Woody and Cronenberg hooked and wanting to bring him even higher than vampire fan worship. During a recent Q & A at a London Apple Store, Cronenberg said he chose Pattinson to be in Cosmopolis because he ” just thought it would be wonderful to hear this dialogue spoken by wonderful actors, and I stumbled accidentally across Rob.” And of course, he fell victim to the old Pattinson charm. “The charisma that he has is obvious and is necessary for this film as his character is in absolutely every scene,” Cronenberg continued. “You have to have someone who has the chops, and is interesting and charismatic.”

Wow, our Twilight boy has a bright future ahead of him and we seriously can’t wait to see what’s next!

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Woody Allen Gushes About “Very Talented,” “Gifted” Lindsay Lohan

Woody Allen Praises Lindsay Lohan

Looks like someone enjoyed Herbie: Fully Loaded just as much as we did. It’s a highly underrated film! Our eyebrows were raised to the very pinnacle of our foreheads last month when Woody Allen was spotted dining out with Lindsay Lohan in New York. Fandango was right not to start issuing tickets to Lindsay Christina Barcelona just yet (despite our fervent emails), because he hasn’t given Lindsay a role. Just heaps and heaps of praise! “No, but I wouldn’t hesitate to use her in a movie because she’s a very talented girl. That was a social dinner,” the director told Access Hollywood at this week’s To Rome With Love premiere. “But as I say, she’s a very gifted girl, and I would not hesitate. If I had something for her, I’d certainly call her.” Call her now! She’s got some spare time! After she wraps up with Lifetime, the woman has nothing but time!

If Lindsay is hoping to score lead role in one of Allen’s upcoming flick, she probably isn’t gunning for a Matchpoint remake. RadarOnline reports that the Liz & Dick actress is hesitating on officially joining Bret Easton Ellis‘s The Canyons due to the film’s mandatory sexiness. “Lindsay would be required to do full frontal nudity, and the sex scenes are very, very graphic,” their source claims. We understand, Lindsay. It’s not like posing for Playboy; it’s….oh wait, it’s actually more awesome and better for your career than Playboy. Sign that contract, girl! Concluded Woody, “If there was some legal reason I couldn’t [cast her], that would be a different story, but it would not concern me personally, no. I think that she’d be just fine and she’d do a great job.” Okay, okay, we know it doesn’t have to be a remake and that would quite honestly be insane but…do you know how great a Lindsay Lohan-lead Sleepers remake would be? Just something to mull over.

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Lindsay Lohan In A Woody Allen Movie? These Iconic Characters Could Suit Her

Lindsay Lohan and Woody Allen out to dinner

The second we saw photos of Lindsay Lohan out to dinner with Woody Allen and wife Soon-Yi Previn in New York City on Friday, we immediately started dreaming up ways he could help revive her career. The director and actress have been friends for years, sources told TMZ, and he may be considering a project with her. And if any director understands the value of having a good hit after being a tabloid punching bag, it’s Woody. So what kind of role would suit LiLo best? Here’s a look at four of our favorite women from Allen’s oeuvre that could be excellent models for her part:

Diane Keaton and Woody Allen in Annie Hall

Annie Hall: Sorry to be obvious, but Diane Keaton’s Annie is the quintessential Woody Allen woman — at least she was for most of his movies in the ’70s and ’80s. She’s sexy and talented, but also neurotic enough to be a match for Allen. Lindsay’s no WASPy ideal, and her stumbling reads on SNL have us worried about her rattling off that nervous-energy dialogue — but she’d look great in the menswear.
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Hollywood Cradle Robbers: 20 Celebrity Couples With Crazy Age Gaps

Always respect your elders. And if they’re hot, why not date ‘em? That’s what these celebs did! Hollywood has a long and storied of history of the rich and famous dating wayyyy outside of their age range. Even though Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are (reportedly) on their way to splitsville, there are still plenty of May-December romances to be found around Tinseltown. Join us as we count down the biggest and craziest celebrity couple age gaps in the gallery below!

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