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These Five Celebrities Summered Harder Than You Did

Summer 2014 Reese Witherspoon

Summer is coming to an end, which means there are only a handful of days left to wear white pants and strike up a romance with someone you don’t see a future with. If you managed to get away to the beach, congratulations! You certainly know how to take advantage of the extra daylight, but you’ll never have as much fun as these celebrities did. Read more…


Are These New Celebrity Couples Soulmates Or Just Summer Flings?

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We’ve hit the middle of summer, which means that this year’s Hollywood dating game is already heating up. Starting in late spring, celebrities have been coupling up and forming this year’s hottest new relationships. But are these new unions products of kismet, or are they just about kissing and telling?

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Double Take: Hollywood Hotties With Older Movie Star Doppelgangers

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Every generation thinks that their movie stars are the hottest, the sexiest, the most lust-worthy (ask your mom about Dustin Hoffman in 1968 and prepare to be shocked). But there’s nothing new in Hollywood — certainly not when it comes to its pin-ups. What was once considered attractive always come back full circle.

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