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The 10 Worst Dressed Stars At The VMAs: Accessories On Acid And Other WTF Fashion

Look, we know it’s the VMAs and that’s celebrity code for ‘dress like a million dollar acid trip.’ But even the usual WTFers outdid themselves this time, adding accessories that only accentuated the absurdity of their already ridiculous outfits. Katy Perry completed her candy geisha look with an umbrella. Nicki Minaj wore a face mask AND an ice cream cone necklace AND lugged around a bizarre stuffed animal purse. Jersey Shore Deena matched her eyes with her dress. And then there was Justin Bieber, who carried around a tiny snake in his hand the whole night. And no, that’s not a euphemism for anything, you pervs. They guy accessorized with a real live snake. We’re sure PETA’s gonna have a little something to say about that tomorrow!

From Deena’s colored contacts to Jessie J‘s sparkle crutches, there’s something for everyone to gag at in our Worst Dressed gallery below! Better luck next year, guys.

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Jared Leto Had A Hard Time Making S&M-Themed Music Video Less Sexy

30 Seconds To Mars‘ racy, 13-minute short film “Hurricane” is now up at (and still not really SFW), but singer Jared Leto says he almost gave up on making an edit the networks would touch. “I had always planned on having an explicit version and then a version that was not so explicit,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “The version that we were trying to get on broadcast is not the explicit version, and that’s still having a really difficult time.” The final version, which has the band menaced by profound iconography and violent men in leather masks while Jared applies various straps and constraints to a female partner (oh mama), is also graced by Leto’s photographer pal Terry Richardson and subliminal shots of erotic naughtiness, some covered by red bars or stills reading “CENSORED,” a la Nine Inch Nails‘ “SCENE MISSING” captions in “Closer.”

Leaking a memo that lays out exactly which shots could only be shown after certain hours,  (“Woman runs finger over other woman’s g-string clad bottom and touches her anus” had to go entirely), Leto’s expressed disappointment that he had to justify his oh-so-artistic venture at all. “I’m not interested in provocation for provocation’s sake. I just think it’s interesting that when you turn on the news or whatever else catches your interest, how much violence and negativity is available out there. As soon as it comes time for sexuality, it’s a big shock that people are sexual beings. It’s an interesting double standard to me.” Fair enough, Jared. We just wish your scintillating exploration of America’s issues with sex and violence wasn’t so damn long! Next time, don’t bother with sexy subplots for the band members who didn’t play Jordan Catalano on My So-Called Life.


Top 5 WTF Moments From The 2010 VMAs

Our eyes still haven’t quite adjusted after last night’s .

4. We give Lindsay Lohan a ton of credit for gamely making fun of herself during the opening segment of the show with Chelsea Handler by telling Handler, whose alcohol-monitoring anklet/Cheesecake Factory buzzer was set off, “Do you think anyone wants to work with a drunk? Take it from me, they don’t… Wake up Handler! Pull it together!” Every time we think she’s committed career suicide, she manages to win us back over somehow. She’s charming, that Lindsay. We seriously hope she keeps it together.

5. We might be the only ones who caught this (actually, someone else noticed too), but did you see when 30 Seconds To Mars was about to accept their award for Best Rock Video and the microphone girl tried to hand Jared Leo a mike to accept the award and he didn’t take it? Instead, he took one from one of the Jackass guys and, audibly, Microphone Girl, annoyed that her one and only job was rendered futile, said INTO the mike she was still holding “Well, that was retarded.” Way to go, Microphone Girl. Keepin’ it classy. Also, you’re mike is on.

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Jared Leto Grows Mohawk, Makes Nineties Fans Cry All Over Again

Jared Leto

You know how most people look back at what they wore 15 years ago and laugh? Jared Leto is not allowed to do that. After charming a legion of alterna-minded ladies as illiterate pretty boy Jordan Catalano in My So-Called Life, Leto has gone about breaking their hearts over and over and over again with a variety of misguided fashion choices presumably meant to show range.

On film, he transformed himself into an albino for Fight Club, grew cornrows for Panic Room and caught gout bloating to Mark David Chapman size for Chapter 27. But most notably he traded in his dreamy plaid ensembles to join the eyeliner army with 30 Seconds To Mars, his remarkably enduring mall-emo band. To celebrate the kick-off of their new European tour, Leto has shaved himself a mohawk. We just thought you should know.

Get a closer view at his latest do—and recall some of the renaissance man’s earlier looks—in the gallery below.

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EMAs: Jared Leto Is Not The New David Letterman

We’re now starting to feel pretty sorry for Jared Leto. While Katy Perry gets to wear lots of mental outfits (like a merry-go-round dress and a giant apple) and stand up on the main stage introducing acts, he’s lumbered with the more tricky job of actually trying to fill air time with scintillating conversation.

Hot on the heels of his thrilling “Are you from Louisiana?” conversation with Kid Rock, Jared has now just presented a cringingly bad segment where he interviewed the Ting Tings mixing a drink. “You wouldn’t happen to be a witch would you? A good witch, like the Wizard of Oz?” he asked singer Katie White, who looked pretty non-plussed. At which point Grace Jones suddenly turns up in a silver bowler hat and terrifies the crap out of Mr Leto, purring: “You’re not sweating at all, you look very sexy.”

He then did a sit down with British band Take That — who Jared had clearly never heard of before –– and asked them how many tons of potatoes got eaten backstage. We bet he wishes My So-Called Life never got cancelled now.

After the jump, check out who’s winning what. — By Becky Howard (in London)

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EMAs: Katy Perry Rides Phallic Chapstick, Fends Off Jared Leto

Katy Perry rode into Liverpool’s MTV Europe Music Awards tonight on a great big phallic cherry chapstick (natch), dressed as an American footballer, and has already got Jared Leto hot under the collar. His band 30 Seconds to Mars is hosting the “VIP Bar” area at the ceremony. Having already got everyone in the crowd to join in a “Congrats Barack” chant, he couldn’t resist perving over La Perry, who by now has changed into a more fetching dress.

“She’s so beautiful it’s difficult to look and talk at the same time,” he dribbled over the glamorous host.

She obviously put him off his stride as he then proceeded to “interview” Kid Rock in a half-assed spectacle. Their totally meaningless conversation was about being from Louisiana. And not being from Louisiana. OK, Jared, but no-one knows what that means over here, love. — By Becky Howard (in London)