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Paris Hilton Debuts As A DJ, We’re … Speechless, But Deadmau5 Isn’t!

Paris Hilton Debuts As A DJ In Brazil

It happened, guys. After creeping into the EDM sphere last year and swanning into a relationship with “superstar” Afrojack en route — Paris Hilton finally got her wish and made her debut as a DJ. This happened at Sao Paulo, Brazil’s Pop Music Festival over the weekend and she wore a puzzling black and sequined basque with fingerless gloves and bedazzled headphones for the occasion. Of course she did. She also “played” her new track with Afrojack, Last Night but accidentally cued Rihanna‘s We Found Love, in the beginning, and tried to cover it up by singing. By singing badly, we mean. Of course she did. OF COURSE, she did. Watch it here at your own risk.

Sorry, guys. A little protective about electronic music and while we don’t want to bash someone’s effort, her set was … not very good. We have our video of her pouting over the console busting out some weird dance moves (which we think, she reckons are sexy; they are not) right after the jump so you can see what we’re talking about. And while we don’t want to say too much, because we’ve already cried enough about this, Deadmau5 doesn’t seem to have a problem with sounding off. One tweet read, “AS I WAS SAYING… its over.” He posted a link of one of the videos from her show with his message. Another sarcastically said, “thanks afrojack we appriciate it. we really really do. you are the man. thanks.” Yet another, made it even clearer, reading, “funnily enough, were on our way to go smash the f— out of Paris… no, not that one. FRANCE. that one.” What he said … exactly, what he said. We’re going to go listen to some Richie Hawtin or something to cleanse our palates now. Read more…

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Paris Hilton’s New Avatar — DJ?

Are you ready to see Paris Hilton behind the console DJ’ing at a club you happen to be, unsuspectingly, grabbing a drink or two at? We’re not sure we want that to happen, because — just no, honey. But if the heiress gets her way, that’s going to become a reality very soon. Paris has apparently been training to become a house music DJ! And part of her research has been tailing top spinmeisters across the globe to learn some tricks. These include top dogs like Afrojack and Deadmau5 who are supposedly, good friends of hers.

The aim is to become the top female house DJ ever because, as a source explains, “no woman has ever taken over in that arena … and she wants to become that person.” She’s also been working on a house music album which she’s pushing to release before the year ends. You guys on board with this?

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