Pink And Carey Hart: Four Crazy Years And Counting


The four years since they tied the knot have been nothing short of a roller coaster, but Pink and Carey Hart celebrated their unpredictable relationship with a special night out in Las Vegas last night. The crazy couple dined at Rio’s Cafe Martorano before heading over to check out Cirque du Soleil’s Love, where they sipped red wine throughout the show.

“They are such a cute couple,” a source says. “They were holding hands and joking about the movie I Love You, Man.” Although they split for a short time, they reconciled in 2009 and Carey even tattooed Pink’s name on his leg. So what’s their secret to making it work this time around? “Everything is good again now and we’re having a blast. Carey and I spend a lot of time wrestling in our hotel room. We have naked dance parties too. It’s so much fun. We have a lot of fun together. He’s so yummy,” the singer says . [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]


Lindsay Lohan Talks Nipple Slips


Lindsay Lohan definitely brought her party girl reputation to Emanuel Ungaro‘s runway show today at her debut as “artistic advisor.” The models who wore the Lindsay-inspired short pink dresses, blazers with heart-shaped pasties covering their nipples, and spandex bandeau tops looked more like they were ready to dance on the table at a Hollywood club than walk down the runway.

Of taking a cue from Pink, and sticking the heart pasties on both the models’ nipples and heads, Lindsay told TheFABlife, “It’s not good to show your nipples so they should be covered.” Well, of course! And heart-shaped pasties are the best way!

“I really appreciate everything that goes into, like, any article of clothing. I think it’s fantastic and I think it’s so expressive in many ways,” Lindsay told TheFABlife.

Expressive indeed! When Lindsay walked hand in hand with Ungaro’s designer Estrella Archs at the end of the show, tears filled her eyes. This marks the second time in a week that fashion has made Lindsay sob! Get this girl a handkerchief with a big pink heart on it ASAP! [Photo: Getty Images]

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TheFABlife At Paris Fashion Week: A Look Back At Past Fashion Mishaps


We leave for Paris tomorrow to bring you all the inside on Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010, where the best and brightest come to shine in the Fashion Capital of the World. Sometimes, however, even fashion’s brightest stars mess up and don’t do their best at Fashion Week. Let’s look back at some fashion No Nos from the past. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Pink Wears Her Heart On Her…


Some of us wear our heart on our sleeve, Pink on the other hand wears it in a very special place. The singer covered up one of her boobies with a painted heart last night a la Lil’ Kim, but slightly cuter than a stick-on shimmery pasty. If that wasn’t shocking enough, Pink then got into all kinds of antics onstage at her concert at the Staples Center, flipping herself around like an acrobat and dressing like a soldier. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Rihanna’s Pre-VMA Evening


She may be up for a VMA for Best Male Video with the “Life Your Life” video she did with T.I., but that didn’t stop Rihanna from having a little fun the night before the MTV Video Music Awards. Last night, Rihanna dined at the House of Hype’s directors’ dinner at the Hotel on Rivington in New York’s Lower East Side. The Rivington’s Levant East of Thor restaurant served up special dishes for guests who also included Pink ,who took a corner table and sipped red wine throughout the evening, and husband Carey Hart, and Lance Bass, who dined while listening to tunes spun by DJ Manero.

After dinner, which ended at approximately midnight, Rihanna, who again was dressed head-to-toe in all black, and her entourage went upstairs to the Rivington’s famous three-level penthouse suite, where a post-dinner party was already in full swing. Her group took their private table by the window which was stocked with plenty of Grey Goose and Red Bull. Bodyguards protected the singer while she laughed and sipped drinks with her pals and stayed mostly sitting on the couch. She later went upstairs to the rooftop which features a jacuzzi and 360 degree view of Manhattan and looked out at the city while texting on her cell phone. At 1:50 RiRi left the party through a private exit door. She couldn’t stay out TOO late, she does have a little MTV Video Music Awards ceremony to attend tonight! [Photos: Getty Images]

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Beyonce And Lady Gaga Head Up VMA Nominations


The MTV Video Music Award nominations are in and pop starlets Beyonce and Lady Gaga lead the way with nine nominations each. “I’m excited and honored to be tied for most nominated for the VMAs,” Beyoncé said. “I’ve been blessed this year to have ‘Single Ladies’ become a video people really connected with and responded to. I’ve spent so much time watching all the great versions people created all around the world. It’s beautiful to feel you touch people and bring a song to life with a video.”

Lady Gaga attributed her success to “years of hustle in New York City” and stated, “We believe in the immensity and the promise of ‘showbiz’ and will continue to give it mouth-to-mouth, till its vomiting return. All you need is a camcorder, a flashlight and one truly great idea. Thank you, MTV, for being our video flagship, and for supporting this bunch of inspired kids, who love to get wasted and make art together.”

Britney Spears followed right behind Beyonce and Lady Gaga with seven nominations for her “Womanizer” and “Circus’ videos. Other nominations include:

Video of the Year: Beyoncé (“Single Ladies [Put a Ring on It]”), Lady Gaga (“Poker Face”) and Britney Spears  (“Womanizer”) will compete with Eminem (“We Made You”) and Kanye West (“Love Lockdown”).

Best New Artist: Drake (“Best I Ever Had”), 3OH!3 (“Don’t Trust Me”), Kid Cudi (“Day ‘N’ Nite”) and Asher Roth (“I Love College”).

Best Male Video: Eminem (“We Made You”) against Ne-Yo (“Miss Independent”), Kanye West (“Love Lockdown”), T.I. and Rihanna (“Live Your Life”), and Jay-Z (“D.O.A. [Death of Auto-Tune]”).

Best Female Video: Lady Gaga (“Poker Face”), Beyoncé (“Single Ladies [Put a Ring on It]”), Katy Perry (“Hot N Cold”), Kelly Clarkson (“My Life Would Suck Without You”), Taylor Swift (“You Belong With Me”) and Pink (“So What”).

Be sure to tune in to the awards show, hosted by Russell Brand, September 13th at 9 pm E.T. on MTV. [Source:, Photo: Getty Images]


Pink Shares Naked Marriage Secrets


We love reunited couple Pink and Carey Hart but we’re not sure we need to know what it is that keeps their relationship on-track in the bedroom. The feisty star shared details about the nude fun the pair have now that they’ve been back on for the last few months.

“Everything is good again now and we’re having a blast. Carey and I spend a lot of time wrestling in our hotel room. We have naked dance parties too. It’s so much fun. We have a lot of fun together. He’s so yummy,” she says.

Yep, too much information. [Photo: Getty Images Entertainment]


Tabloid: Pink Said She’s Bisexual


Confusion surrounds a reported “admission” from singer Pink about her sexuality. Those ever-reliable British tabloids are carrying an interview where the star admits she likes both men and women, quoting her as saying, “I’m not embarrassed about being bisexual. This is who I am. I think it’s unnecessary to draw the subject out, but I think it even more stupid not to discuss it. I would also be just as happy with a new woman. I’m not complicated, I sing about love in all its shapes, forms and colors.”

But later on her Twitter page, Pink slams the report, writing, “i just read that im bisexual. so 1991. good thing people write articles about me so i can get my facts str8. i mean straight. read on people.” Her rep also reckons the interview was “entirely fabricated”. Uh, OK. We promise we never believed it for a second! [Photo: Splash News Online]


Pink And Carey Hart: Together But No Wedding


Although re-marriage rumors swirled after Pink and ex hubby Carey Hart were spotted getting cozy, the singer insists that their relationship is definitely back on, they just might not make it legal again.

“I don’t know where the remarriage thing came from,” Pink says. “That kind of came out of the air. We are definitely back together.”

Still, the couple are being cautious the second time around. “We try to protect ourselves from being fully in love and fully open and fully vulnerable, and really all we’re doing is protecting ourselves from love and real love and the opportunity to really learn and grow with another person, so it’s actually really detrimental, and you think it’s helping,” she said.

Although they are back together, don’t expect them to tie the knot again anytime soon. “We never really legally got divorced. Paperwork for both of us is really annoying (laughs). So we’re choosing to be together. Our role models are Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon and Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn – people who just choose to be together every day because they want to be there. And labels have never been our thing, so, we’re just diving into that empty swimming pool, headfirst.” [Source: Yahoo; Photo: Getty Images]


Pink And Carey Hart Getting Married Again?


Although he was the subject of her husband-bashing hit, So What, Pink apparently wants to remarry her husband Carey Hart.

“They want to have a ceremony at their house in Malibu on the beach at sunset,” a source says. “It will take place in early summer and will be very simple and small, with just their family and a few close friends.”

Although they separated in February 2008, the source claims, “They are very happy and spending a lot of time together. They broke up because of their busy careers, but they never stopped loving each other.”

Let’s hope the second time is the charm! [Source: In Touch; Photo: Getty Images]