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Which 2011 Trends Will We Regret In 2012?

Happy New Year, Fablifers! As we wrap up our Best of 2011 lists, we wondered what our future selves will think about the past year’s big trends. In fashion, there were a whole lot of animal prints, mismatched ’90s-reminiscent patterns, super-high heels, super-low-cut gowns, see-through gowns, missing pants, giant fur vests and a whole lot of geriatric-looking outfits. All sorts of ladies died their hair pink or applied Steven Tyler-ish feathers to their locks. Men continued to wear mustaches and beards. On the Internet, TMI Twitpics went to a whole new level (thanks, Anthony Weiner). On TV and in movies, nostalgia reigned, while in books, it was all about fear for the future.

We asked some prominent tastemakers which 2011 trends they think we’ll regret someday soon and got a surprisingly diverse response.

“Planking!” Questlove declared. “I don’t get it.”
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Eric Northman, Bella Swan, Count Chocula Top Celebs’ 2011 Vampire Picks

Since we listed our 25 favorite vampires of 2011 last week and asked you to vote for your own, the polls have been HOT. Edward and Damon are neck and neck, but Bones is coming up from behind, as book fans seem to have caught onto the race. It’s exciting to watch on our end (Vampire Academy fans from Russia are a force to be reckoned with!), so we decided to leave polls open until 11 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. In the meantime, let’s look back at who this unusual collection of celebrities would name Vampire of the Year for 2011.

“Anyone from True Blood. They’re all brilliant and fabulous,” Heather Matarazzo told us. And her sentiments were echoed by True Blood werewolf Joe Manganiello: “It would probably be a tie between Stephen Moyer and Alex Skarsgard. I really can’t pick one or the other.”

Alexander Skarsgard’s dad obviously is a big Eric Northman fan as well. “It’s my vampire genes!” Stellan Skarsgard told us.

Bella Swan!” Elizabeth Reaser said, choosing her on-screen daughter-in-law over her own adoptive “children.”

David Cook
went old school, ignoring the “of 2011″ part of the title and choosing Brad Pitt’s Louis de Ponte du Lac from Interview With a Vampire.

Then there were the even less-obvious choices. Questlove nominated Count Chocula. “Hands down, he’s been vampire of the year for me for the last couple of decades.”
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Stars Nominate Charlize Theron, J.Lo, Tilda Swinton For Best-Dressed Of 2011

Are you having trouble deciding who among our list of 30 lovely ladies was the best-dressed celebrity of 2011? You’re not alone. We posed that question to a number of other famous folks on red carpets and in the VH1 offices, and many were stumped. But when they did finally answer, they gave us a few names that didn’t make our original list — and now we realize it easily could have been a top 50. Watch on:

“I always think Charlize looks amazing,” Aisha Tyler told us.

Questlove put his choice in context: “The best-dressed celeb of 2011 was J.Lo, considering the tragedy she went through this year. I feel like she’s put on a brave face and she came out smelling like a rose.”

There was a bit of nepotism at play too: “My wife, Paula Patton,” Robin Thicke declared, and Bill Hader nominated his SNL co-star Kristen Wiig.
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Kat Von D And Bam Deny Affair, Hit Revolver Awards Together

Bam Margera & Kat Von D

Now this is how you shut down a rumor. Tattoo artist/plastic surgery victim Kat Von D ran to her Twitter when gossip about her public parading with married pal Bam Margera hit a fever peak following Wednesday’s NYLON party, with Page Six claiming “they were practically swallowing each other. They were right by the deejay booth, licking each other” (mmm, inky!). “Contrary to silly rumors, Bam Margera and I are NOT dating,” D tweeted. “I’m currently in a relationship w Nikki [Sixx]. Hope that clears things up.” “There’s absolutely no romantic relationship,” seconded Bam’s rep.

So you’d think the Motley Crue bassist would be canoodling with Kat on the red carpet that night at the 2nd Annual Revolver Golden God Awards, right? Nope, it was Bam Margera who took a spot by her side, laying a big hug on his alleged mistress for the clicking cameras. Guess we gossipmongers can just turn away now.

See photos from the metalfest in the gallery below.

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