by (@missmuttoo)

Alexander Skarsgard Sexes Up Interview Magazine

Our other favorite vampire, Alexander Skarsgard covers Interview Magazine’s June issue. And not just anyone is interviewing him — Arcade Fire‘s lead singer Win Butler plays journalist for the day and asks the questions. Which is all well and good but holy s—t, Skarsgard looks just devastating on the cover! Team Eric all the way!

A lot of the conversation centers about his role on True Blood and he talks about not wanting to play the same stock character all the time. He explained, “I do get a lot of scripts sent to me where they basically want me to play Eric from ‘True Blood,’ but just a different name in a different movie.┬áThat’s not interesting to me. I don’t want to play a character that I’ve played for four years on a television show, change the name, and make him a zombie instead of a vampire.” We don’t care what he plays. As he long as he looks like that, and acts like that, we’re sold.

[Photo via New York Daily News]