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Nylon Magazine Celebrates Their May Issue

Nylon Magazine seems to throw a lot of parties, eh? The last one had the whole cast of Sucker Punch celebrate their 12th anniversary issue. This bash, held at Bardot nightclub in Hollywood, had the likes of Paris Hilton, Benji Madden and Kathy Griffin show up. Young H’wood partied as well with Kieran Culkin, Aly Michalka and Daveigh Chase — who left on a bike! We’ve also noticed that Paris’ wardrobe has gone through a dramatic change. We haven’t taken any umbrage with her outfit choices lately, which totally surprises us! Check out the gallery below for the rest of the partiers.

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Holly Madison Moving In With Benji Madden

Things may be getting serious between Holly Madison and Benji Madden. Rumored to be dating since December, In Touch Weekly says the pair are thinking about shacking up. “Benji cares very much for Holly,” says their source. “They have been talking about living together.” The pair were rumored to have split in January, only to be seen snogging at a recent video shoot for Madden proteges the It Boys. “Benji kept telling her how amazing she looked. They couldn’t keep their eyes off each other.” Hopefully the It Boys didn’t feel too ignored.

The ex-Girl Next Door and Good Charlotte guitarist might just be perfect for each other, considering their taste in partners and previous heartbreaks. Madison dated tattooed magician Criss Angel after leaving Hef’s stable in 2008, only to declare she was never dating again last March (though she has been spotted reuniting with Angel and flirting with Russell Brand since). Benji’s had his own romantic troubles, splitting from fiancee Sophie Monk in 2008 and dating Paris Hilton the same year. With Holly’s pal Kendra and Benji’s brother Joel settled down with partners babies, these two may be looking for similar comforts.

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Sam Ronson And Benji Madden Share Their Pain


Benji Madden and Sam Ronson took a coffee trip in L.A., but what were they talking about? Scandalist takes a guess …

Sam Ronson: “Benji, man, I need your advice. Women!”

Benji Madden: “I hear you. It’s tough.”

SR: “I mean, I thought Lindsay had changed. But that spray-tan line did it for me. I just couldn’t feel the same after that.”

BM: “Man, I know. When Paris found a BFF in the US, that was cool. But then she went to Britain to do it, too! It just really took away the magic.”

SR: “But what can I do now? She’s crying to the tabloids and I look cold.”

BM: “Nah, dude, just ride it out. She’ll ruin it for herself soon enough.”

SR: “You’re so wise, Benji.”

BM: “Thanks. I am 30 now. Hey, is this cap on at the right angle?” [Photo: Splash News Online]


Katy Perry Getting Together With Paris Hilton’s Ex?

Update: Oh. They’re not doing it. On her blog, Katy laughs at us and our silly little heads for even imagining such a thing. “oh kittens! It’s two pseudo famous people sitting next to each other… doesn’t mean we were bumping uglies. You know I don’t just do that with anyone! … I was there celebrating a really fun show and a boozy valentines with all my good friends. We were like a group of 25! Benji is a nice young fellow, but my heart really belongs to kitty purry/markus molinari,” she writes. Shame.

No, Katy Perry, no! Not Paris Hilton’s sloppy seconds! (Excuse us). But our favorite singer-“comedian” was spotted getting very very giggly and cozy indeed with Benji Madden over the weekend. The pair were in Las Vegas at her Hard Rock Hotel’s Wasted Space gig, and spent time later together at Lavo nightclub, allegedly leaving together at 2am via a back exit.

“They were with friends but you could definitely tell they were on a date. There wasn’t any public making-out but they were very “friendly” with each other,” a source tells OK magazine.

Hey, she did go back on her promise to stay celibate this year .  But it looks like Katy’s fallen curse to that famous celebrity disease – Sex Recycling. (Eva Mendes would not be pleased).


Benji Dumped Paris First

Did Benji Madden pip Paris to the dumping post? That’s the claim being made today by Britain’s Heat magazine, who reckon the pair were involved in a race to the voicemail in order to win the PR war end their relationship.

“Paris left a voice message saying the relationship was over,” the friend told heat. “But minutes later, when she checked her voicemail, she realized Benji had already ended it with a message an hour earlier. She was shocked, to say the least!” Well, so would we be, especially if we were expecting tears, begging and heartbreak, rather than, “Yep, right back at you.”

The mag goes on to claim that despite attempting to be the break-up instigator, Paris was very, very upset indeed. “Paris was crying throughout the afternoon and cancelled all of her meetings that day,” says the friend. “Nicole Richie came round to her house to comfort her. Paris knew it wasn’t working, but it was still sad.” But what does the world’s premier celubutante do to cope with a breakup? Dress in her finest PVC slut-fit and treat it all as business as usual. Witness Paris at the Pussycat Dolls Lounge last week. Yes, that’s a women in the throes of an emotional trauma. Or a fashion  trauma, we couldn’t decide which.


Paris & Benji Mourn Their Break-Up…Alone

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden‘s break-up didn’t keep either of them from going out last night, but it did put a damper on the night’s festivities. Hilton was caught driving home by herself from the Crown Bar (not even a BFF in tow?), while Madden took a lonely stroll to his car in front of photographers after leaving Bardot. With these two making sad faces (aren’t these the loneliest pap snaps ever?), LA must have been totally bummed out. Hopefully, they’ll find new loves by the weekend.

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