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Jay-Z Says He And Beyonce Are Ready For Babies


Could the world’s most successful couple be ready to create a super spawn? Jay-Z has apparently revealed to Gotham magazine that he and Beyonce are ready to start a family. According to the mag, “the most important thing on the horizon [for Jay-Z] seems to be a plan to have children with Knowles.” Suri Cruise is probably shaking in her high heels right now just imagining the power that kid’s gonna have in the celebrity baby world. (See Beyonce and Jay-Z cuddling at the EMAs last week.)

Jay also flaunts his ego in the interview: “I don’t dislike anything about myself,” and waxes poetic about the importance of family, especially when fame is all around. “You have to be close with your foundation and the people who know you best because they’ve known you for so long that they can see the changes in you” he says. “Fame is such a deadly drug that you can’t see the changes because you are so consumed by it. You need a close-knit group of friends and family to make sure you stay grounded.”

Let’s hope he and B are about to add to that close-knit group with a kid of their own. Check out our giant gallery below for pics of Jay-Z and Beyonce together! [Photo: GettyImages]

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Beyonce’s Concert Is A “Sex Party”


According to Islamic conservatives, Beyonce‘s racy show, set to take place in North Africa, is nothing but an “insolent sex party.” Islamic lawmakers and supporters have waged a campaign against the singer, saying the government is “encouraging debauchery” by allowing Mrs. Jay-Z to perform, saying her planned show would  encourage “vice and debauchery.”

Beyonce canceled her planned stop in Malaysia after similar opposition from a conservative Islamic party occurred. Malaysia requires all female performers to cover up from the shoulders to the knees and bans showing any cleavage. We all know Beyonce’s sexy outfits never abide by those rules. Despite the opposition, B’s event organizer Ahmed Beltagi said the government cooperated because they want to make the concert happen to show Egypt is a center of culture, entertainment, and art. “We are Muslims too…this will not stop Egypt from hosting an award-winning, first class artist,” he said. [Source: AP; Photo: Getty Images]


Beyonce Is The Sexiest Lady In Red


Gasp. That’s really the only sound we could make after watching Beyonce‘s super-sexy EMAs performance of “Sweet Dreams” last night. Dressed in red suspenders, a split-to-the-waist red basque and red gloves, the diva proved that there’s no-one to touch her for pure fierce hotness.  It turned out to be her night too, as she picked up the award for Best Song, for “Halo,” Best Female and Best Video, for “Single Ladies” (at least Kanye West will be happy, now). All hail Queen Bey! [Photo: Getty Images]

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Katy Perry’s Raunchy EMA Cabaret


Katy Perry paid tribute to the host city of last night’s EMAs – Berlin – by opening the show with a Teutonic raunch-fest of the highest, filthiest order. Dressed in a teeny-tiny basque (complete with heart over her vay-jay-jay), host Katy performed a medley of hits including Lady Gaga‘s “Poker Face”, Beyonce‘s “Halo” and the Kings Of Leon’s “Use Somebody” in a Liza Minnelli in Cabaret style.

Once the impressive chair-humping was over with, Katy decided to remind us all that she is banging Russell Brand. “Last year I popped my MTV cherry, but this time i’m a bit more experienced if you know what I mean,” she not-too-subtly teased.  At least, we think that was what she means… [Photo: Getty Images]


Beyonce And Jay-Z Get Loved Up At EMAs

Beyonce and Jay-Z denied for yearsthat they were even dating, and their wedding was crowned the Sneakiest of ’08. But now they are open about their romance, and we love it! On winning the Best Video for “Single Ladies” at last night’s EMAs, Beyonce said in her acceptance speech, “There’s only one person I want to thank – and that’s Jay, for putting a ring on it.” The romantic couple were also snapped getting up close and huggy at the after-show parties in Berlin. Sweet!

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MTV EMAs: Wentz Punched, Perry Stunning, Hasselhoff Drunk


For a second year in a row little Mrs. Russell Brand (AKA Katy Perry)hosted the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards. Mega stars like Beyonce, the Jonas Brothers, and Shakira attended the show but first rocked the red carpet in style.

Pete Wentz strutted down the carpet with one smokey eye (we’re sure there is a good reason for this…right?!) and David Hasselhoff seemed to have just staggered his way into the event (sporting sequins no less).

Check out these stars and more in our MTV EMAs red carpet gallery below. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Beyonce, Lady Gaga Join Forces To Dominate Pop Music


In the pop music universe, a Beyonce/Lady Gaga collaboration is like two supernovas colliding. We’re scared that such a project would spark a spontaneous black hole and suck the whole world into one of Lady Gaga’s giant hats or frog outfits. Turns out, the two megastars secretly shot a video for Beyonce’s “Video Phone (Extended Remix)” in Brooklyn last week — and not even the paparazzi got close enough to snap pics of the costumes or the set. It’s rumored that Beyonce wears a “feathered dress” and Gaga sports “something wild” (shocker!). Tune in to VH1 at 6PM on Thursday or check back here to watch the music video premiere.


Beyonce Hides Her Face In Norway

A red carpet was literally rolled out for Jay-Z and Beyonce when they arrived at a Norway hotel before his concert last night—maybe so Beyonce had something to look at when she got there. While Jay waved to fans, his usually unshy wife kept her face hidden the entire trip from the plane to the hotel, causing plenty of blog gossip. Did she have something to hide or is she just embarrassed about her dad’s upcoming paternity suit? Heck, do we even know if that is Beyonce? Hopefully we’ll see her smiling again soon.


Beyonce Out-Glams Nicole


We’re so used to seeing photos of Nicole Scherzinger look honed, gorgeous and pop-star glamorous, that it’s easy to forget she can look pretty normal sometimes. Well, whenever she stands next to Beyonce Knowles, that is (although we think that would affect 99.9% of us the same way).

The two divas met up at the F1 Rocks event in Singapore over the weekend, which saw performances from No Doubt, N*E*R*D, Black Eyed Peas and Bey herself, hosted by Lindsay Lohan. Hanging out at a meet and greet with Nicole and her F1 boyfriend Lewis Hamilton, Beyonce looked super hot with her red lipstick and custom-made F1 outfit, putting Nicole and her asymmetric white dress  in the shade.

It’s a stark reminder we should stop watching the Single Ladies video with envy. Because no one, not even another stunning popstar, can compete with Sasha Fierce. [Photo: Getty Images]

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