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Bruce Springsteen, Snooki, Chelsea Handler And Other Celebs Band Together To Help Provide Hurricane Sandy Aid

Celebrities offer aid for Hurricane Sandy victims

One of the only good things about a disaster on the scale of Hurricane Sandy is that it definitely helps put things in perspective. And celebrities of every stripe are using their money and influence to spread the word and help those in need! Of course on the wake of the storm’s destruction, many eyes turned towards New Jersey’s favorite son: Bruce Springsteen. And he hasn’t let us down.  At a concert in upstate NY, The Boss dedicated a heartfelt rendition “My City Of Ruins” to his hometown of Asbury Park, and thanked emergency responders for all of the work they’ve done. He is set to headline a benefit concert called Coming Together with fellow Jersey native Jon Bon Jovi, Christina Aguilera, Billy Joel and Sting, which will air this Friday at 8 PM on NBC. The telethon will be hosted by Matt Lauer and will also feature appearances by Jimmy Fallon, Brian Williams, and we’re sure many more.

The cast of Jersey Shore has been mourning the loss of their Boardwalk, and posted numerous well wishes to their twitters. J-Woww was reportedly moved to tears when surveying the damage, and Snooki has offered her volunterring services and pledged to donate money to rescue efforts and repairs to her Seaside Heights home turf. “Cleaning my closet today to donate clothes and whatever I can do the victims affected by sandy!” she posted to her twitter. “I’m comin with clothes!!!!”

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Billy Joel Scraps His Memoir, The Book Of Joel

Will we ever learn who started the fire? The Associated Press is reporting that Billy Joel has scrapped The Book Of Joel, a planned memoir that was supposed to come out this summer. “It took working on writing a book to make me realize that I’m not all that interested in talking about the past,” said Joel in a statement. “The best expression of my life and its ups and downs has been and remains my music.” Really? So what should we take from the fact that Joel hasn’t managed to record an entire album of pop songs since 1993? That classical career kinda crapped out after 2001’s Fantasies & Delusions too!

Billy’s rep says a finished manuscript was turned in (though no copies were printed), so perhaps the focus of Billy’s concern was talking more than “the past.” The publishers would have undoubtedly demanded he promote the book with TV interviews and what not (250,000 copies were planned for the first printing), and he would have undoubtedly been asked about Elton John wanting Joel to go to rehab. But hey, if Billy changes his mind, he can always put the book out later. It’s not like the guy has a lot to report each year.

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Elton John Stands Firm On Billy Joel’s Drinking: “He Hates Me”

When Elton John said Billy Joel isn’t dealing with his drinking problem, the (American) Piano Man responded “”I’ve enjoyed our relationship too much to let something as random as these comments change my affection for him. Elton is just being Elton.” But in an interview with Today, Elton suggested Joel isn’t taking the “tough love” so well. “He hates me at the moment,” Elton revealed. “He sent me a message and he’s not happy. I understand that. I’m sorry I had to say it, but I’m saying it because I really want Billy to live a long life and be very happy. That’s all it came from. I understand why he’s mad at me. I’m only trying to help. Maybe I should have done it privately, but I’ve been so frustrated over the years.” Touring partners since the mid-90’s, more than a few of their dates were canceled over the years due to Joel’s problems with alcohol.

Despite his obvious sadness, John refuses to retract his statements about Joel’s lack of commitment to rehab. “He’s going to hate me, he’s not going to talk to me but it comes from a place of love: you don’t take your dog to rehab, ok? You just go in there and try to listen. I’m sorry I had to say it, but I really want Billy to live a long life and be very happy…he may want to punch my face in at the moment, but it’s OK.” Do you think Elton’s right to make such a public display of concern? Will it help Billy or just ostracize him further?

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Elton John Wants Billy Joel Back In Rehab For Real

Elton John is not going to be your enabler quietly. Despite his participation in the tours that keep the Piano Man flush with cash more than fifteen years after his last pop album, John would rather see Billy Joel back in rehab than back on the road. “[Billy]’s going to hate me for this, but every time he goes to rehab they’ve been light,” he told Rolling Stone in a new cover interview. “When I went to rehab, I had to clean the floors. He goes to rehab where they have TVs. I love you, Billy, and this is tough love. Billy, you have your demons and you’re not going to get rid of them at rehab light. You’ve got to be serious. People adore you, they love you and respect you. You should be able to do something better than what you’re doing now.”

Though the pair have toured regularly as co-headliner since 1994, Joel had to deny rumors that he canceled a Summer 2010 jaunt, and John was seen mouthing “Thank God” when Billy made it through a notorious 2002 Madison Square Garden show complete with on-stage rants about the military (following shows were canceled). Despite his public friendship with ex-wives Christie Brinkley and Katie Lee, it sounds like this friend of Joel’s is tired of keeping up appearances. Billy has already responded that “Elton is just being Elton,” but will he actually listen?

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Alexa Ray Joel’s Pill Popping OD Scare


Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, was rushed to a NYC hospital this weekend after she almost overdosed on homeopathic allergy pills. The singer was apparently, “distraught over an argument with her boyfriend,” said a source. Another pal told the NYDN, “It was a cry for attention. She scared herself.”

Alexa was released from the hospital this weekend and is said to be with her father. [Photo: GettyImages]