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2011 Billboard Music Awards Showtime! Britney, Rihanna, Nicki! Together

The 2011 Billboard Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas on Sunday, gave is some pretty awesome moments on air, even though the carpet fashion was lacking. We have to give props to Senor Chang Ken Jeong for having the ability to humiliate himself on stage for laughs! But everything anyone did at the show—including Beyonce performing a very sexy “Run the World (Girls)”—was overshadowed by Britney Spears. Brit-Brit had some help on stage in creating two incredibly memorable performances. The first was with Rihanna on a remix of S&M which kicked off the awards. The second was with Nicki Minaj on “Till The World Ends,” after Minaj sang “Super Bass.” Badass!

That was just the beginning. The Billboard stage saw the likes of U2, Neil Diamond, Mary J. Blige and cutie Justin Bieber (in a very Vegas-esque golden tux) come on. Bono and gang were on hand to receive the Touring award while Neil accepted the Billboard Icon award (he also sang “Sweet Caroline” and “America” before receiving the trophy). The Biebs won the Fan Favorite Award and the Top New Artist Award but how about that kiss with Selena Gomez, huh?

Ri-Ri took home the Radio Artist of the Year and Female Artist of the Year while Taylor Swift (in a trademark sparkly gown) accepted the Billboard 200 Artist of the Year and Country Artist of the Year. Beyonce was feted with a video montage that featured Barbra Streisand, Bono, Stevie Wonder and Michelle Obama while receiving the Billboard Millennium Award. Look here for a full list of Billboard award winners. And if you just want to take a look at some fun moments from the show, check out our gallery below.

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The Irony Is Delicious: Black Eyed Peas To Open Music School In NYC

Isn’t having the Black Eyed Peas open a music school in New York City a bit like having Taylor Momsen start a charm school in Paris? Sure, she could probably do it, but there must be millions of people who are more qualified, plus having her name on it is only going to raise eyebrows. As part of the city’s Urban Arts Partnership, the Peapod Adobe Youth Voices academy will provide arts education to students 13 to 19. It will be located, we’re assuming, right next to the Arby’s school of culinary excellence.

Don’t get us wrong. Fergie and the gang do a lot of amazing charity projects, like the Black Eyed Pea’s Annual Peapod Benefit Concert and’s computer lab project in the Phillipines. When it comes to music, however, maybe it’s best to leave education to the educators, not the computer that churns out all the Peas’ beats. We can only imagine what would happen if the Peas themselves were students there. Their Super Bowl performance alone would have gotten all of them expelled.

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Ciara Cuts In At The Black Eyed Peas’ Benefit Gig

There’s never a shortage of attention getting outfits when the Black Eyed Peas throw a party.Taboo did his part for the home team at the 7th Annual Peapod Benefit Concert, ingeniously incorporating his memoir (on sale now!) as an accessory to his Rhythm-Nation-meets-matador ensemble. But Ciara won the night with a dress both more subtle and not, featuring parallel holes cut out of her side of the slinky, skin-tight number. It’s an optical illusion: are snakes are going to eat her boobs, or is her dress shaped an alien’s head?

See the other stars who attended (including rehab vets Bobby Brown and David Arquette!) in the gallery below.

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Fergie Pregnancy Rumors Follow BEP’s Super Bowl Show

It’s really not fair. Fergie hardly looked any paunchier than her cohorts in the Black Eyed Peas (or pseudo-duet partner Slash, reaffirming he’ll stand next to anyone, anywhere, at anytime) at last night’s Superbowl half-time special, but thanks to sexist double standards (well, and the nature of how humans procreate), no one’s googling up news on whether Will.I.Am‘s pregnant this morning. Didn’t anyone want to get a better look at’s game-themed haircut?

Anyhow, it looks like Fergie’s modest bump—be it baby or bagel related—is the only thing anyone cared about after their show. What, don’t people want to know how they got the extras outfits’ to glow in different colors? Or how a group with members better known for “dancing” than rapping could spend the entire set just hopping up and down no more gracefully than their fans? Step up your game, Taboo.

See photos of the Peas’ Super Bowl shenanigans in the gallery below. Did you enjoy their jams more than we did?

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by (@missmuttoo) Busts Criminals With Nerd Powers


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… it’s the iPad! turned renegade crime fighter after his Bentley was burgled last week in the Hollywood Hills. The villains made off with over $10,000 of the Pea’s property including jewelry and his swanky new iPad. Bad move, because the Black Eyed Pea went hi-tech and used the gadget’s in-built tracking system to find the bad guys and forwarded the co-ordinates to the cops. The thieves are currently on the run but thanks to Will’s – well, the iPad’s – crime busting prowess, the cops are right behind them. Great job on using your superpowers for good, and not for evil – aka (alleged) Perez Hilton beat-downs.

One questions though, what the hell was he doing rolling with that much cash and jewelry anyway?

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by (@missmuttoo)’s Bentley Burgled


It’s times like these that you gotta ask yourself… Where is the Love?‘s Bentley got jacked in Hollywood — and the burglars got away with over $10,000 worth of loot. Will found out and called the police to file a report, also realizing they had made off with everything, including jewelry and personal items.

The good news is that the cops are totally on it, and apparently some of the stolen property has already been found and returned to the Black Eyed Peas singer. Hope they catch the bad guys too! Until then, Will should soothe his nerves with his other baby — the Tesla Roadster. Super expensive, electric and can accelerate from 0-60 mph in approximately 4 seconds!

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Idol Gives Back, And One Goes Home


Idol gave back last night and while the show definitely had it’s fair share of awkward moments (George Lopez and his whole tired “comedy” bit, Alicia Keys’ off-key-ness), in the spirit of the show, we’ll charitably overlook those and just say that Idol Gives Back certainly seems like a worthy cause. More than that though, the show also meant the elimination of someone we’ve grown so fond of making fun of, the gloriously be-banged Tim Urban, and in an extra charitable move, they didn’t not make him sing an exit song. Vote for the worst, your reign is over.

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3D Television Launch Party Brings Out The Nerd In All Of Us


Samsung launched their HD 3D LED TVs yesterday in New York and there were plenty of celebrities on-hand to celebrate. The most obvious guest of the night was Avatar director James Cameron, who pioneered his own motion-capture 3D technology for his Oscar-winning film. The Black-Eyed Peas were also there to give a concert, and stars like Andy Samberg and Donald Trump dropped by the event which took place in Times Square. We think  the technology is cool and all, but what’s more entertaining is how goofy everyone looks in their 3D glasses. Check out our gallery of celebs who weren’t ashamed to be caught wearing the latest high-def fashion accessory.

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Fergie’s Top 30 Hottest Outfits Ever


Fergie Ferg, one-fourth of the record-breaking and Grammy Award winning music group the Black Eyed Peas, is arguably the most famous member of their crew and by far the most stylish (although they each have their own unique thing going on). Fergie’s looks onstage are eye-catching and jaw-dropping, and she always shines on the red carpet. Despite having to continuously deal with drama from her (alleged) cheating husband there is not much that can get Fergie down. She continues to rock out and look fabulous everywhere she goes.

Last week, Fergie-Ferg entertained us with her Skeletor-RoboCop ensemble, which left us wanting more sexiness from the pint-size diva. We’ve compiled 30 of Fergie’s hottest and most stylish outfits on and offstage, but wanna know what you think are her best looks. Do you like Fergie’s hip and at times otherworldly stage get-ups, or her fierce n’ glamorous red carpet ensembles? [Photo: Getty Images]

1. Peek-A-Boo!
2. Hot Tamale
3. Leather And Lace
4. Aquafergie
5. Victorian Vixen
6. Red Carpet Glam
7. Bullet Proof
8. Rockin’ Rapunzel
9. Fergie The Flapper
10. Vibrant Hipster
11. Metallic Mama
12. Star In Stripes
13. Shattered Glass
14. Wrapped Up
15. Ready For PE
16. Shimmers & Shines
17. RoboFerg
18. Grecian Goddess
19. Disco Ball
20. Flirty In Fringe
21. The Hippie
22. Fergie Scissorhands
23. The Blue Butterfly
24. Satin Senorita
25. By The Bay Babe
26. Pretty In Pink
27. Sassy In Silver
28. Boardroom Boss
29. Space Queen
30. Glam Gal

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Robo-Fergie Makes An Appearance In Florida


At last night’s Black Eyed Peas show in Tampa, Florida, Fergie got all Skeletor-RoboCop on us with a skintight metallic number that showed off all her machinery. The ensemble, complete with metal skirt and, for lack of a better term, shin wings (copyright that, it’s going to catch on) was futuristic and Cylon-y, which is pretty much accurate considering the Black Eyed Peas have kind of taken over the world. Check out more pics from the show below. [Photos: Getty Images]

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