George Clooney, MTV And VH1 Team Up For Massive Star-Studded Haiti Fundraiser

Details are trickling in as we type … But we’re hearing about a fundraiser for Haiti that is being masterminded by George Clooney. Allegedly MTV has agreed to air a bi-coastal happening on all of its channels (MTV, BET, CMT and our beloved VH1) in an attempt to provide much-needed support for the devasted victims of the earthquake.

According to Showbiz411, which broke the story today, Clooney was busy recruiting celebs at a party for Up in the Air last night — and Sting, after being approached, was overheard saying “Where do I go?” The timing for recruiting talent could not be better as nearly every A-list actor will be attending the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards on Friday and then the Golden Globes on Sunday. Expect to hear a lot about Haiti in upcoming acceptance speeches!

It’s hard to imagine this event going down without music. We can’t confirm anything at this time, but a straight talking-head telethon just isn’t how VH1 or MTV rolls. Plus, can you imagine Sting without his guitar? Exactly.

After the jump, we start the Official Haiti Fundraiser Celebrity Lineup Guessing Game, which includes Wyclef Jean, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, Diddy, U2, Alicia Keys, Coldplay, Shakira, John Legend, Adam Lambert, Ryan Seacrest and the Dixie Chicks. (But first, find out how you can help at the White House’s website.)

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Pete Wentz’ Head Shaved On Stage, “Death Of Emo Haircut” Announced

It looks like we weren’t the only people who thought Pete Wentz looked silly at wife Ashlee’s birthday party this weekend. After declaring the “death of the emo haircut,” the Fall Out Boy bassist had his head shaved by Blink-182‘s Mark Hoppus mid-set at Madison Square Garden last night. Wentz played it cool by pretending to sip from a cup through the shearing, but who drinks during a haircut? He was probably just trying to hide his tears.

After the show, Wentz twitteredjay-z had the death of autotune. this is the death of the emo swoosh” and posted before-and-after shots of his dome. Do you really think it’s gone for good (and for better)? Time will tell if other young rock stars follow his lead. After all, it’s not like Jay-Z’s gotten rid of autotune…