Hold On…For A Wilson Phillips Reunion


It’s going to be a GREAT Christmas this year. Why, you ask? Because there is going to be a Wilson Phillips holiday album! The group, comprised of Wendy and Carnie Wilson and Chynna Phillips, last made a record in 2004 when they decided to make a cover album called California, prior to that, they hadn’t recorded together since 1992.

In addition to the album, they’re also going out on a tour which kicks off this week. The new album and tour come during a rough year for Chynna Phillips who was recently treated for anxiety after her half-sister Mackenzie revealed an incestuous relationship with their father, John Phillips. Chynna also filed divorce papers against her husband Billy Baldwin this year and then reconsidered. The couple are still together, which means Chynna also still has to endure brother-in-law Stephen Baldwin. Carnie Wilson has also had her shares of issues, most stemming from her weight struggles. She has appeared on Celebrity Fit Club and now has a show called Unstapled on the Game Show Network, and yes, the title is a reference to her gastric bypass surgery. Shudder. No one knows anything about Wendy.

Phillips said of the band’s reunion “We’re like family. I’m excited about working with the Wilson sisters again.” And we’re excited to hear more of those three-part harmonies that we were so fond of in seventh grade.

[Photo: Getty Images]