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Top 5 WTF Fashion Moments At Cannes This Year

The 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival wrapped up this weekend, and not a minute too soon. Our brains were starting to feel the fatigue due to the influx of too many premieres and too much fashion. But now that it’s over, we’re feeling a sort of fond affinity to a couple of gowns that stand out in our minds, not because they were best-dressed or worst-dressed, but because we emitted some very loud WTF’s when we saw them. So, without further ado, and because we like your WTF’s much better than our own, we’d like to present the top five of this exalted list to you.

1. Diane Kruger: This is Christian Dior Couture, guys. We want it. Even though we’re screaming WTF, we covet it. Only, Diane, the Victorian Era called. It wants dibs on the bustle next time.

2. Jada Pinkett Smith: Toy Story 2 was on television on rerun Sunday yesterday. We realized that if the evil Emperor Zurg had a consort, then we’d vote for Jada in this Paco Rabanne number as the number one pick for the part. She’s so AWESOME she’s beyond WTF. And could inflict real plain with those shoulder pads!

3. Kate Upton: Worn at the amfAR “Cinema Against AIDS” gala, this is just … no. It may be Louis Vuitton, but Kate … WTF? She looks like a box. With grandmother hair.

4. Cheryl Cole: Call the police! Someone murdered Big Bird and attached his remains to the bottom of Cheryl’s Stephane Rolland dress. R.I.P Big Bird. Also … WTF?

5. Freida Pinto: A box of glitter pens exploded on the bodice of her Michael Angel gown. The peplum is an origami exercise gone wrong. The slit is trying to be Angelina Jolie. WTF, Freida?

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Cameron Diaz Vs. Cheryl Cole At The What To Expect When You’re Expecting Premiere

Cameron Diaz, Cheryl Cole, What To Expect When You're Expecting UK

The last time we saw Cameron Diaz at a What To Expect When You’re Expecting shindig, was in L.A., and she was rocking a tiny semi-sheer Valentino mini dress. Perfection. Then she flew across the pond, and inadvertently, took on one of the U.K’s own superstars in the style stakes. We’re talking about Cheryl Cole, who attended the London premiere of the film last night and wore white, just like Cameron did. While both of them wore the same color, and look like best pals in all of the photographs we see of them together, they did wear completely different silhouettes.

Cameron wore a white, strapless Stella McCartney jumpsuit, heels and bag along with Kimberly McDonald jewelry. The actress is a tall, gorgeous drink of water and the upper half of her body rocked it, even though her hair is a tad messy. But the lower half could really have done with some alterations because the pants are ill-fitting and needed to be hemmed. Cheryl, on the other hand, wore a Victoria Beckham gown and suffered from the same problem. Her torso looks great, but the skirt of the gown, which is eggshell as opposed to the stark white of the halter, looks like it’s been pinned on. Both the ladies — or their stylists — made some really rookie mistakes. But since this a fashion face-off, we have to know who you think looked better, because we’re torn!

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Cheryl Cole Informs America That We Should Just Forgive Chris Brown Already

Cheryl Cole Says Chris Brown Should Be Forgiven

It’s been over a month since someone has brought up the time Chris Brown physically assaulted Rihanna back in 2009. Sounds like it’s about time for a famous person completely unconnected to the incident to talk about it for no reason! “I think it’s really kind of Rihanna [to forgive Brown]. She’s come out and publicly forgiven him, really,” British pop star Cheryl Cole proclaimed during a radio interview on In: Demand with Alex James. “I think it’s about time we all [forgave Brown], if I’m completely honest, if you want my opinion,” Meanwhile, we will never forgive Cheryl Cole for making us think about one of the ugliest pop culture moments in recent history. How can we forgive when we aren’t allowed to forget, Cheryl? How?

For his part Brown clearly appreciated the shout-out, tweeting at the singer, “thanks for the support and believing in me as an artist!” No questions as to why anyone would still be talking about this, Chris? Fair enough.  “I think it’s time we all moved on,” Cole concluded. “That guy is talented as hell.” Thanks for your input, Cheryl Cole! While you’re at it, we’d also love to hear your thoughts on the Greek government’s austerity measures and Facebook’s falling stock prices. You’re not involved in either of those situations either, right?

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What Cheryl Cole’s Beehive Could Make Her Morph Into

It starts off perfectly innocuous, this whole beehive business. And then suddenly, there just isn’t enough bouffant. They want more … MORE. Erm, sorry, guys. It’s only because Cheryl Cole‘s hair at the Stylist Picks launch party in London yesterday had us hallucinating for a second. She has such an angelic face, but we promise you, that ‘do can get the better of anyone. That towering block of hair can only be a statement of intent. Just ask Syndrome from The Incredibles. He went from jilted wannabe sidekick to — that. All with one flick of a stylist’s wrist and a hell of a lot of spandex. The latter of which the ex Girls Aloud singer already has plenty of in her wardrobe. Cheryl Cole, you stay away from the dark side, you hear? Seriously, she’s one backcomb away from supervillian status.

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Summer Trend Watch: Orange And Purple Color Mash-Up

We’ve noticed a color combination pop up more than usual on red carpets and magazine covers of late. It’s a trend within a trend, if you will. Orange and purple outfits are everywhere, making color blocking one of the biggest fashion must-do’s this summer. Nicole Scherzinger and Cheryl Cole were pitted against each other during The X-Factor and also took each other on by wearing the same shades. A pregnant Jessica Alba wore an orange and purple dress at the CFDA awards. Kim Kardashian wore a not so flattering version at her perfume launch in the UK, copying Jennifer Lawrence‘s Flare Magazine cover. Camilla Belle put her spin on it at a Pre-Grammy brunch, adding green pants to the mix. Finally, Rihanna rocked high-waisted orange pants and a purple crop-top in the UK.

But do we like it? Do we want to see more or do we want this trend to go away?  Who wore it best and who was a big fashion fail? Take a look after the jump at our gallery and then vote in our polls so we know what you’re thinking. Feel free to comment too!

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Simon Cowell Says He Was “Protecting” Cheryl Cole By Kicking Her Off X-Factor

It probably shouldn’t be a surprise that Simon Cowell‘s public apology after firing Cheryl Cole from the American X Factor is more than a little condescending. Turns out he was “protecting” the Girls Aloud singer by ejecting her from the judges’ table weeks into her first big stateside gig, after three years of judging on the British show. “I’m sorry. I hope we’re still close friends,” he told The Sun. “She’s still a star. The hardest thing to accept is that everyone has painted me as a monster because I embarrassed her. But the truth was I was protecting her. I just want people to be in the best place at the right time.” Apparently, that place was not America, and not anywhere near Paula Abdul.

While he admits Cole told him she was upset, Cowell appears to be showing his usual brusque manner over the slight. “‘This was never personal or saying you were terrible’. It wasn’t that she was terrible—she was good. I just thought she’d be happier in the UK. We noticed she was quieter than normal. The feeling was that she was slightly out of her comfort zone in America. The intention was to do it quietly and say to her she had an option to rejoin the UK show. At the end of the day we were saying, ‘Move to another show for even more money’. There was an offer of around £2.5million on the table including bonuses. How is that sacking someone?” With Cole’s friends claiming she only tried the American show as a favor to Cowell in the first place, it seems unlikely his claims of concern will dismiss the bad buzz following her exit. Will America be turned off by the firing of a celebrity they never really knew in the first place?

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Cheryl Cole Still Getting Her $1.5 Million After Leaving X-Factor

Cheryl Cole‘s sudden exit from the American X Factor may have been embarrassing for the UK singer—crossing over stateside without the platform will take some work—but it’s not like the cloud doesn’t have a silver lining. The Hollywood Reporter claims Cole will still get her $1.5 million paycheck in full, despite the fact she probably won’t appear in a single episode. That’s one hell of a severance package…and she doesn’t have to pretend she gets along with Paula Abdul!

Though it was rumored that Simon Cowell fired Cheryl from the UK show as well, it now sounds like the producers would like to keep her on the British program and that her anger at Cowell over the American slight that’s keeping her from returning. But, assuming she’s been paid off, Fox can let folks overseas worry about that, and focus on the bigger problem: turning X Factor into a hit stateside while competing with NBC’s The Voice and their own network’s American Idol for the title of Most Important Singing Competiton On TV.

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Cheryl Cole Out Of The X-Factor For Good

As it turns out, Cheryl Cole won’t be part of The X-Factor, period. Neither the U.S version or the U.K show! After last week’s embarrassing ordeal of being dropped from The X-Factor, U.S, Cheryl seemed to be headed across the pond to continue judging on Simon Cowell‘s (he’s executive producer) show’s original panel. She was ignominiously dropped right after the show’s first auditions in America and replaced by Nicole Scherzinger. Reports suggested that Paula Abdul and Cheryl weren’t exactly getting along as well.

News has now surfaced that Simon’s booted her from the U.K panel as well. He announced the judge’s line-up for the new season and while it includes Kelly Rowland, Gary Barlow, Louis Walsh and N-Dubz member Tulisa Contostavious, there’s no mention of Ms. Cole. What did she do it piss off the boss? More reports have popped up that Cheryl wasn’t cooperating at all and felt that the whole mess was a massive snub on Simon’s part. A source revealed, “Simon offered her an olive branch to come back but she didn’t take it. Now it is business as usual as far as he is concerned. He hopes that in six months it could be ‘Cheryl who?’ and people will be talking about the new judges instead…” The Cowell has spoken. And he’s normally right!

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The X-Factor Shake-Up: Cheryl Cole Out, Nicole Scherzinger In!

Things work quickly (read: ruthlessly) in showbiz. Just two weeks ago Cheryl Cole was at The X-Factor‘s first auditions along with fellow judges Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and L.A Reid. Steve Jones and Nicole Scherzinger were roped in as the hosts of the American adaptation of the hit show. Everything was in place and it looked like the formula for a hit series.

All of a sudden, Nicole’s replaced Cheryl as a judge! Just like that. Cheryl’s back on a plane to England! TMZ reports that it’s because Cheryl’s English accent is too indecipherable for American audiences and also because—and this is the damning one—of her “lack of chemistry” with Paula. It pays to go kissy-kissy with Simon in moments like these because there was no way anyone was getting rid of her. Apparently, Cheryl has been asked to go back to the original U.K show, but sources are saying that the singer’s so cheesed off with the whole mess that she wants out of the whole thing! No one’s heard from Simon about all of this yet and we’re waiting to hear what he has to say. All we know is that Nicole should steer clear from Cheryl for a while. Scratch that, the whole lot of them should watch out!

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Paul Abdul And Simon Cowell, Reunited, And It Feels So Good

Make-out sesh! Unfortunately this isn’t Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell getting together, as we have always hoped for them. This very staged photo was taken at the reception for the first round of auditions of the U.S. version of  The  X-Factor, which Paula has signed on for. And since the show is Cowell’s baby, that means Paula and Simon are back together bay-bee! Reunited!  This also means that Paula is going to be a judge again. Feel absolutely free to insert your own joke here. Paula, as expected, had a bit of an embarrassing moment with her skirt and a gust of wind while walking in, but you’re going to have to look through our gallery for that one!

Simon confirmed the news (in a very sweet statement) saying, “This show would never have been the same without Paula and I can’t believe I am saying this, [but] I have missed her a lot, and I am thrilled she’s on the show.” Forget Paula… we’ve missed you, Simon! Paula returned the favor stating, “…I’m also delighted and grateful to be sitting next to Simon again…but you might want to check back with me in a week or two!”  So there you have it, the judges panel of the U.S. version of The X-Factor is now complete with Paula and Simon  rounding off  L.A. Reid and  Cheryl Cole with  Nicole Scherzinger and  Steve Jones co-hosting. As planned, Paula and Simon sat next to each other during the auditions, and all was right with the universe again.

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