Rihanna “Messed Up” Last Year’s Grammy Awards


Rihanna is nominated for two Grammys this year for her collaboration with Jay-Z and Kanye West for “Run This Town”, but the singer won’t be performing on stage when the show airs this Sunday.

If you’ll recall, the altercation between Chris Brown and Rihanna took place on Grammy night last year and overshadowed the evening’s musical proceedings. (Seriously – can you name one Grammy winner from last year? Neither can we.) During a radio interview with Carson Daly, Riri explained why she thinks she wasn’t asked to be a part of the award show saying “We messed up the show pretty bad last year, so they’re probably a little mad at me right now.” We seriously  doubt that the folks running the Grammys actually hold her responsible for what happened last year, but maybe they think that bringing her on stage will refresh people’s memories. Who knows? We’re just relieved that M.I.A. won’t be performing nine months pregnant again, our water broke just watching her. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Presented Without Commentary: Chris Brown And His Bruised Buddy


Apparently Chris Brown‘s damage control people took a night off. The singer buddied up to French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier in Paris yesterday, and the fashion bigwig (he’s responsible for Madonna‘s cone bra) picked an unfortunate night to debut his new beaten up look. Chris also posed with some sort of animal on acid that made numerous appearances in our childhood nightmares. Whoever is managing Brown’s PR must seriously be on Team Rihanna. Have a look for yourself below.

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Chris Brown Shows Off At Milan Fashion Week

Chris Brown

Chris Brown‘s music may not be doing so hot—Graffiti is in danger of slipping out of the Top 50 after little more than a month, while “Crawl” can’t even make the Top 50 singles—but that doesn’t mean the Twitter exile is going to disappear. The singer has been making the scene at Milan’s Fashion Week, appearing at men’s fashion shows every night since Friday. But as for his own fashion sense, well, you can decide for yourself whether his plaid shoes at Sunday’s Vivienne Westwood show or the caterpillar hoodie at Monday’s John Richman show was more stylish.

Check out the rest of his Fashion Week outfits in the gallery below.

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Chris Brown Quits Twitter After Expletive-Filled Rants

For the first time since returning from his post-assault exile, Chris Brown is shutting up. The Graffiti singer closed his Twitter account yesterday after spending the weekend accusing stores of “blackballing” his new album in a series of expletive-filled posts. “I WANNA THANK MY FANS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT,” said Brown in his final tweet. “I LOVE YALL. GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Walmart denied Brown’s accusations of a boycott in a press release. “All Walmart stores nationwide have carried the CD since its release, including the Wallingford, CT store mentioned in the post. This store actually sold through its initial shipment over the weekend.” We’ll learn just how well Graffiti did in its first week tomorrow, but it’s predicted to come in at no. 3 with around 100k copies sold (a little over half of what Rihanna‘s Rated R sold in its first week, but not bad, considering). Will Chris let the music do the talking from now on?


Chris Brown Lashes Out Over Album’s “Blackballing”

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is up in arms after learning not all stores are happy to stock his new album, Graffiti, following his assault conviction. “I’m tired of this s—,” the singer posted on his Twitter this weekend (spelling corrections ours). “Major stores are blackballing my CD. Not stocking the shelves and lying to costumers. What the f— do i gotta do…” Brown’s fury didn’t stop there.

WTF… yeah i said it and i aint retracting s—/ im not biting my tongue about s— else… the industry can kiss my ass/ for those people who r constantly tweeting me wit bulls—.. hop off my ****.. ur life is pointless/ for the young fans.. honestly, sorry for all the cursing..

Brown followed this barrage with a series of supportive comments from fans (“look at what mj had to deal with and still came out on top so you can 2″) and an irate report from a Wallington, Connecticut Wal-Mart, where he couldn’t find any copies of his album (“the manager told me that when there are new releases its mandatory to put em on the shelves.. BUT NO SIGN OF #GRAFFITI. BS”). Sounds like the felon might need another round of anger management classes.

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Chris Brown: “How Could I Be That Person?”


Chris Brown gave yet another interview this weekend, this time to ABC’s Robin Roberts on “20/20.” In addition to his countless apologies and his version of what happened the night he attacked Rihanna, he also claimed he wrote a song for her which made her cry.

First, Brown admitted that he was heavily coached by PR people when he released his YouTube apology to the world, saying, “They just telling me like, ‘OK, don’t say this. And don’t say it this way, ’cause they’re gonna take it this way. So, I had in my — my head wasn’t really giving me a chance to be me. It was just being myself through other people. … It was genuinely from me, but it wasn’t projected genuinely.” We can understand that – although the one thing we’ll never understand in all of this is that bow tie he wore on “Larry King.” But ANYway.

Brown also said that he apologized to Rihanna many, many times, which we’ve been hearing for months now, but he also said he wrote the song “Changed Man” for her (coincidentally off his new album which releases tomorrow).  A month after the incident, Brown played the song for Rihanna and says, “She called when she first heard the song. And I mean, I’m not trying to say — call her any liar or anything like that. But I played the song for her when I first wrote it. And she cried.”

We’re not entirely sure why we would think he was calling her a liar in this situation, but just so you know, world, convicted abuser Chris Brown doesn’t think Rihanna is a liar. Brown discusses his anger management classes and the fact that he never had any altercations with previous girlfriends, etc. etc etc. At this point it feels repetitive and while we’re almost starting to pity him, we wish these PR-heavy, face-saving interviews would go away. [Photo: GettyImages]


Chris Brown Recycles Apology


Chris Brown appears to be running out of ways to say he is sorry for beating Rihanna. After his YouTube video and appearance on Larry King, Chris is now appearing on 20/20 and spitting out some pretty familiar words. “I was wrong for what I did. And I would definitely say that it’s not past or look over. It’s something that’s really, really touchy. And, sorry for what went down, and what happened,” Chris said. Chris sounds pretty bored with apologizing; maybe this is his way of trying to get the world to stop talking about it too? [Photo: Splash News Online]


Rihanna Confirms Nude Photos, “They Were For My Boyfriend”

Rihanna recently confirmed to Hot 97 that it was really her in those nude photos someone leaked last May. “They were for my boyfriend at the time,” she told the station, “if you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel bad for him.” Yes, even with the public embarrassment she suffered after they leaked (“I thought, ‘Oh great, so now there’s nothing they don’t know about me and my private life'”), Rihanna is standing firm that providing naked photos of yourself is a lady’s romantic obligation. Making mom blush is just collateral damage.

“It was humiliating and it was embarrassing—especially my mom having to see that,” she continued, explaining that she sent flowers before breaking the news. “I was nervous [but] when the world is against me, she’s always there supporting.” Considering the same can’t be said about Chris Brown (who denied leaking the photos), maybe she should reconsider her stance on boudoir photography.

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Timbaland Drops Chris Brown From His Album


Chris Brown was officially dropped from Timbaland‘s new album, and although both parties insist it was a “mutual decision,” sources say it wasn’t entirely about the music. Chris’ vocals were removed from a song called “The One I Love,” due to the “drama” surrounding him. Although Timbaland’s manager confirms that Chris was dropped, he says there are no hard feelings. “There’s nothing against Chris. We love Chris,” he said. According to rapper D.O.E. – who does appear on the track – the song was originally called “Maniac” but was changed because “some people” didn’t think it would be a good idea to attach Chris to a song with that name. Yes, probably not the message to be sending right now. [Source: TMZ; Photo: Getty Images]


Chris Brown Not Ready To Date Yet


After a tumultuous year with a little domestic violence incident with Rihanna, Chris Brown says he is not quite ready for another girlfriend. “I’ve been kinda chillin'” the singer says, extremely eloquently. “I mean, I’m Chris Brown. I’m not saying it like that, but it’s just like, girls are gonna be around. I love women. But I would say I’ve just been chillin’. I haven’t really been tryin’ to get into a relationship or trying to date anybody. I’ve just kinda been working on me. Like I said, just really getting me straight.” Probably a good idea, considering Chris was accused of beating his then girlfriend, which she has since gone on to speak about publicly on 20/20. Not the best way to end a relationship. [Source: People; Photo: Getty Images]