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Did Drama Magnet Chris Brown Get Kicked Out Of A Club For Trying To Start A Fight?

If it wasn’t mostly bad news, we’d think Chris Brown‘s P.R. people were a team of total geniuses. After getting blasted by Pink, Joe Jonas and model Chrissy Teigen for allegedly lip-syncing at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday, the “Tune The Music Up” singer is currently fielding rumors that he almost started a brawl at Las Vegas club Haze at Aria this weekend. According to the New York Post, Chris allegedly started to get it twisted after buying a group of ladies champagne, only to have them focus their attention on a different table of men. “Brown approached the guys in the group [at the next table] and started getting visibly agitated,” the paper’s source says, claiming that the singer swore and asked them “Are these girls with you or with me?” Oh man, if that turns out to be the hook in his next song, we swear…

After exchanging words, Brown was escorted out of the club, and while we wouldn’t put it past the guy to flip out and start ridiculous beef with a stranger (yelling homophobic slurs, anyone? Good Morning America meltdown, perhaps?), millions of people get peeved without it turning into a full-blown street flight. On the other hand, while Brown’s people said the allegations were “not true,” a representative from the nightclub says the singer was involved in an incident of some sort, adding “Haze has a zero tolerance policy for violence.” Maybe next time the team can switch it up and have Chris get caught planting trees or mentoring kids or something? That would get him kicked out of the club for sure. Almost every place has a strict 18-and-over policy…

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Cheryl Cole Informs America That We Should Just Forgive Chris Brown Already

Cheryl Cole Says Chris Brown Should Be Forgiven

It’s been over a month since someone has brought up the time Chris Brown physically assaulted Rihanna back in 2009. Sounds like it’s about time for a famous person completely unconnected to the incident to talk about it for no reason! “I think it’s really kind of Rihanna [to forgive Brown]. She’s come out and publicly forgiven him, really,” British pop star Cheryl Cole proclaimed during a radio interview on In: Demand with Alex James. “I think it’s about time we all [forgave Brown], if I’m completely honest, if you want my opinion,” Meanwhile, we will never forgive Cheryl Cole for making us think about one of the ugliest pop culture moments in recent history. How can we forgive when we aren’t allowed to forget, Cheryl? How?

For his part Brown clearly appreciated the shout-out, tweeting at the singer, “thanks for the support and believing in me as an artist!” No questions as to why anyone would still be talking about this, Chris? Fair enough.  “I think it’s time we all moved on,” Cole concluded. “That guy is talented as hell.” Thanks for your input, Cheryl Cole! While you’re at it, we’d also love to hear your thoughts on the Greek government’s austerity measures and Facebook’s falling stock prices. You’re not involved in either of those situations either, right?

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Chris Brown Clears Up That Whole PETA Pitbull Puppy Controversy

Chris Brown has been on PETA’s bad side as recently as last year for wearing fur; now he’s is in trouble for selling adorable puppies! Aw! Now what could be wrong with some wholesome baby pit bull distribution? According to PETA, everything. Early this week Brown’s mom Joyce Hawkins tweeted “CHRIS BROWN PUPPIES FOR SALE” and a link to CB Breeds, a site featuring some Chris Brown glamor shots. Oh, and seven pit bull puppies for sale for $1,000 a pup. “There is no such thing as a responsible breeder while wonderful dogs are being put down in animal shelters across the country for lack of a good home,” PETA told E! when they found out about Brown’s side gig. “This is a moneymaking scheme, and Brown will count the suckers who fall for it as he counts the money on the way to the bank.” Well, those “suckers” also still get an adorable puppy. Did PETA see that photo on the left up there? We’re pretty sure some people would pay $1,000 for that photo alone.

Chris Brown‘s publicist has since denied the accusation that the singer is “breeding” dogs to sell, insisting he and his family were just placing a litter of puppies born to a family dog in Virginia. “He loves animals, especially dogs,” his rep claims. That’s PETA for you, though: if they’re not electing a new, perpetually nude spokecelebrity, they’re going after celebs for their questionable animal-related decisions. Be glad you’re not a member of the Kardashian family, Chris, or it could be both at the same time!

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4/20 Party! 25 Celebs Caught Smoking Pot

We all love a good marijuana scandal — let’s say it’s the kind of thing that proves the rich and famous are human. Naturally, rappers like Wiz Khalifa actors like James Franco are the equivalent of a super prompt delivery service for these stories. But sometimes we like the special stuff, like when a less obvious star is caught on camera like Miley Cyrus smoking salvia on her 18th birthday. And it’s a riot when celebs full-on boast of their relationship with the green stuff, like Soulja Boy did via Twitter. Were we a little surprised when Robin Thicke was busted for pot possession? Hmm, maybe just by the fact that he got caught.

Now, it’s not like we’re advocating drug use here, folks. We’re just going to celebrate 4/20 the best way we know how, by looking at all our favorite famous people, including Kristen Stewart , Rihanna and Rupert Grint with the infamous Ms. Mary Jane.

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Johnny Depp Latest In Long, Varied List Of Celebs Sued For Bodyguards’ Actions

The lawsuit filed against Johnny Depp, his security detail and the Hollywood Palladium in connection with an incident at an Iggy and the Stooges concert last December (and made available on E! Online) is making us cringe, a lot. Not that we know how much of it is true, but the allegations made by “Jane Doe,” a disabled physician and med school professor, are pretty horrifying: Early in the night, she says some guards tried to block her from getting back to her seat in the VIP section, telling her to go to around to a different entrance, which she didn’t want to do since she didn’t have her cane with her. Later, she alleges that the bodyguards tried to forcefully pry her iPhone out of her hand, dragged her up to a balcony area and then proceeded to handcuff and drag her out in a manner that caused her pants to fall down “exposing her buttocks to the other Hollywood Palladium patrons.” She says she suffered “severe trauma and extensive injuries” as a result. The suit also says that Depp was looking on and talking to his bodyguards throughout the night, and thus directing their actions.

While we wait to see how this drama unfolds, we thought we’d look back (not so fondly) at the wide variety of celebrities who’ve been caught up in similar situations, due to their overzealous security team, overly aggressive fans and photographers, or, more likely, an unfortunate combination of the two.

  • In 2004, Prince and his bodyguards were sued by college student Anthony Fitzgerald who said they confiscated his camera after he snapped a photo of the artist in Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport. Prince countersued for invasion of privacy and violation of copyright and trademark law. The fact that we can’t find anything on the conclusion of this conflict leads us to believe both parties settled this quietly.

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Rihanna Tricks Us With Elle Chris Brown “Liberation” Quote

We see what you’re doing here, Rihanna, and we don’t like it. First you go and make us write about you ALL the time, what with your ever-changing hairstyles and topless pics and nasty racist rice-cake tweets and Ashton Kutcher booty calls and wearing fancy pajamas to a Battleship premiere and, yes, you’re ill-advised collaboration/renewed friendship with the man who beat you to a bloody pulp. Then you tell Elle magazine that we, the bloggers, are “wasting” our time by “ranting” about you and Brown. And that really makes us want to rant even more! You trapped us! Not fair!

Here’s her exact quotes, from the May cover story: “[Breaking up with Chris Brown] gave me guns. I was like, well, f—. They know more about me than I want them to know. It’s embarrassing. But that was my opening. That was my liberation, my moment of bring it. […] Now you know that, so you can say what you want about it. I don’t have anything to hide.”

And on reaction to her reconciliation with Chris: “The bottom line is that everyone thinks differently. It’s very hard for me to accept, but I get it. People end up wasting their time on the blogs or whatever, ranting away, and that’s all right. Because tomorrow I’m still going to be the same person. I’m still going to do what I want to do.”

OK, keep doing that. But also, maybe think about the fact that your audience is not just bloggers, but actual young women who might find themselves in abusive relationships. /Rant off. Now look at the pretty pictures of blond Rihanna in her undies.

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Rihanna Worked With Chris Brown Because He’s The Hottest…R&B Artist

Forget the dating rumors. Forgot that gross Twitter feud with Karrueche Tran. For better or for worse,  it seems like the Rihanna and Chris Brown collabos released last month were a purely business decision. “I reached out to him about doing “Birthday Cake” because that’s the only person that really — it made sense to do the record,” RiRi explained on Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS FM show this morning. “Just as a musician — despite everything else — that was going to be the person.” Okay, but why couldn’t Drake have been the person, RiRi? Or Nicki Minaj? What about J. Cole? What about Rick Ross even? You know that man loves cake more than any of us do! And we mean every single kind of cake there is!

That being said, it sounds like Rihanna wanted her track to blow up, and there was only one man who could provide the necessary heat. “I thought about rappers, and I’ve done that so many times, and the hottest R&B artist out right now is Chris Brown. So I wanted him on the track,” the singer explained. Said RiRi, “We did two records — one for my fans, one for his fans — and that way our fans can come together. There shouldn’t be a divide, you know? It’s music and it’s innocent.” Innocent…and extremely profitable! So why do we feel even grosser about the whole thing now?

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How Can Rihanna Be Single When Her Battleship Poster Looks Like This?

Rihanna threw herself a pity party on The Jonathan Ross Show this week over her unbearable singleness, but how can this woman be unattached when she looks this dirty fabulous on her new Italian Battleship poster? Even with those tattoos? It defies all logic! “Single life is so overrated,” RiRi sighed on the British talk show. “It sucks. I have such incredible experiences in my life. You don’t want to live your life and then meet someone. You want to share your life with someone. That’s what I’m missing right now.” Look, we love sexy Rihanna and hipster Rihanna as much as anyone else. But tatted-up, alien-fighting Rihanna? The idea that this image can exist in the world and RiRi not have engagement rings stacked on every finger is baffling to us.

Rihanna‘s complaints also suggest to us that rumors about a Rihanna/Chris Brown reunion have been greatly exaggerated. As does her level of Adele obsession, which based on our experience, suggests she is days away from creating an OkCupid profile. “Her last album, 21, spoke to me so much,” Rihanna said of the British songstress. “It was so personal to her, but I feel like everyone in the world identified with it, to the point that I had to stop listening because it was depressing me so much. If you identify with it, sometimes you don’t want to hear about it.” Do you want to hear about how fierce you looking holding a machine gun instead, RiRi? Because that’s what we want to talk about. And we have got all day.

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Um…Did Chris Brown Steal A Woman’s Cell Phone Outside Of A Club?

Chris Brown has been all over the news and inside your ear holes and lodged in your brain cavity this week due to his two new collabos with Rihanna (as well as the alleged Chris Brown Rihanna reunion that’s supposedly been going on). But has Chris Brown also been outside of America’s clubs stealing people’s phones, too? A woman named Christal Spann says yes. According to Spann, she was at Miami club Cameo on Sunday when she attempted to snap a photo of Brown and rapper Tyga as they got into their car. Chris allegedly “reached though his car window and snatched her phone from her hands.” Brown then supposedly hissed, “B—-, you ain’t going to put that on no website.” Unfortunately for Chris, he did not stop to think that saying something like that…is exactly what would get him put on a website.

Spann has since filed a police report in the hopes of retrieving her phone. The Miami Beach Police Department told Access Hollywood that Chris Brown has not been charged, but that an arrest warrant was being prepared. Most importantly, Brown is reportedly still under probation for his 2009 assault on Rihanna. Hopefully the details aren’t quit as clear as they seem, or else Chris is really going to wish he has just smiled and said cheese.

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What’s Wrong With A Chris Brown-Rihanna Reunion? Experts Weigh In

As Chris Brown continues his Twitter battles with the likes of Miranda Lambert and WWE heavyweight champ CM Punk, and Rihanna’s dating status is being debated — is she with Rob Kardashian, as Media Takeout purports, or is she considering reuniting with Chris, as TMZ says? — a lot of conversations we had back in 2009, after his brutal assault on her, are also resurfacing. After they dropped two collaborations on Rihanna’s birthday Monday, we decided to ask a couple of experts on domestic violence to answer the question burning in our minds: Is it possible that Chris has reformed, as he claims, and that a renewed relationship (friends or more) is not the crazy bad idea some think it is?

“We have to believe that there is opportunity for people to change, but it does not happen on its own. It requires a lot of work and the person has to want to change that behavior,” said Marjorie Gilberg, executive director of Break the Cycle, an organization that tries to teach both young victims and abusers how to change the patterns of violence in their lives. And while she believes change is possible, particularly in someone so young, Brown’s “outbursts” on Twitter and elsewhere aren’t great evidence that he’s done so. “I also think it’s not that probable that he would be able to have a healthy relationship with Rihanna, because they already have a pattern of communication and behavior. It’s difficult to change once you get in to that routine of it.

“I hope that they both can heal from it, and I hope that they can have healthier and happier relationships for the rest of their lives because they’re both very young,” Gilberg added. “I wouldn’t suggest that it was the greatest idea to have that relationship with one another.”
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