Rihanna Is NOT Wearing An Engagement Ring, At All

As we all know, RnB megastars Rihanna and Chris Brown are not dating. They are merely friends who like to follow each other around the world, frolic on exotic beach locations and allegedly get their minders to “rough up” paparazzi who try and snap the pair.

So, we were a little surprised to see this motherf*cking HUGE diamond ring dangling off Ri-ri’s wedding finger when she left London’s Movida club on New Year’s Day. Of course, it couldn’t be an engagement ring, because as their people keep telling us, Rihanna is not dating Chris Brown.

So perhaps it’s just a friendship ring. Yes, that must be right. Now please excuse us while we try and shield our eyes from the blinding light of this blinged-to-hell engagement friendship ring.

Here are some pictures of Chris Brown and Rihanna being friends. …