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Where Does Green Day’s “The Forgotten” Rank Among The Twilight-iest Of Twilight Videos?

For five years now, there’s been one big event that truly marks the beginning of Twilight season: The premiere of the first video from the latest movie’s soundtrack. Last night, we saw the premiere of Green Day’s “The Forgotten,” the first single off Breaking Dawn -Part 2‘s disc. It combines a lot of the elements we’ve seen in earlier Twilight videos — clips of Edward and Bella, beautiful forest scenes, that filter that makes everything look like an old home movie — while also being very Green Day. You’re not going to see Billie Joe and company strolling about in the woods, even if this song is rather emo. Instead, they’re performing in a concert and a recording studio.

Other acts have taken a more literal approach to the videos accompanying the saga. Does that work better for you than the detached concert thing, or is it all about the music? Take a look at four other quintessential Twilight videos and then vote for your favorite below.

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Exclusive: Christina Perri Weighs In On RobSten Relationship, Twilight

Singer/songwriter Christina Perri is one of the most famous Twilight fans around, and VH1 caught up with her recently and of course got her opinion on the effect Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson‘s recent relationship issues will have on the Twilight franchise. Her opinion: not much.

“I wrote ‘A Thousand Years’ for Edward and Bella because that’s my favorite love story,” she said of her song on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. “Rob and Kristen, I think, are completely separate from Edward and Bella.” She added, “It’s their personal life. I think it’s totally separate.”

As for their relationship ups and downs (and now ups again, according to every tabloid today) affecting the Twilight franchise and fans? “It shouldn’t,” she said. “Because Twi-hards are Twi-hards for a reason.”

That we are!

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Adele, Rihanna, Jessie J Get Cheeky At Brit Awards

We have a theory: Adele and the Brit Awards producers must have known that no one would treat “Adele wins” as a big headline-worthy deal this week, after she swept the Grammys last week. So they purposely cut her off during her acceptance speech, and she flipped them the bird. Yep. That worked! The triumphant songstress’ middle finger livened up her otherwise risk-free appearance, but other stars at last night’s show let their gowns (or lack thereof) do the talking. For her performance, Rihanna switched out her breathtaking, beaded gold gown for a sweatshirt and some boxer brief. Jessie J flashed us her underpants through a gauzy, flamenco-style red gown. And Florence Welch looked a bit like wild animals tried to rip her dress off her — but the look kind of worked on the energetic singer. It was a night when risks paid off, after all.

Check out the looks that wowed us, and a few that we’d like to splash with some of Coldplay’s Day-Glo paint, just to liven things up a bit.

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Style Seen: Christina Perri Is A Topshop Loyalist With Generous Fans

Everyone’s favorite tattooed Breaking Dawn-soundtrack-singing Twilight superfan Christina Perri stopped by the VH1 office yesterday to appear on Big Morning Buzz and chat about her Lovestrong tour, which touches down in Europe this week. She just announced a string of U.S. club dates for the spring, too. So, what does a jetsetting rising star wear about town? Scroll down to see her outfit in detail.
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Christina Perri Fends Off Attempted Car-Jacking: Report

Turns out Christina Perri can not only belt out a good heartbreaking tune, she’s also a bit of a badass. At least, that’s what we gather from TMZ’s account of the “A Thousand Years” singer’s encounter with a man who allegedly tried to force his way into her car in Los Angeles last Friday morning. Law enforcement sources told the site that Perri was about to pull into a building at 2 a.m. when the man opened the driver’s side door and tried to make her move over and let him in. But the “Jar of Hearts” crooner fought him and honked her horn until he ran off. She told police that he hit her in the head and body a few times, but she wasn’t injured in any serious way. Police still have no suspect in the incident. And now we will never, ever, ever drive without locking our doors. Glad you’re safe, Christina!

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Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Artists Dream Of Collaborating With “Amazing” Musician Rob Pattinson

We’re loving the Breaking Dawn soundtrack and were really excited to chat with the musicians featured on the album at the premiere last week. So many interesting, unique artists who were mostly unknowns before their songs were chosen got to go watch their music play in a blockbuster film. How surreal! We were lucky enough to speak with Christina Perri (a major Twilight fangirl), Imperial Mammoth, Sleeping at Last (OMG that song! Tears) and Cider Sky and asked them all if they’d ever consider collaborating with another Twilight musician — actor Rob Pattinson. They were all, obviously, gung-ho and complimented his talent as a singer-songwriter and musician.

“He’s an incredible singer and guitar player,” Perri said. When asked if she’d love to work with him she replied, “I would be so down.” So would every other artist we talked to. Check out their Rob love in the clip above.

Rob Pattinson Says Snow White And The Huntsman Looks “Amazing”
5 Things We Really Want From Breaking Dawn, Besides Bella’s Gown

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Christina Perri Matches Breaking Dawn Quote To “A Thousand Years”

We pose a lot of questions here at the FABlife. Rarely do we expect the actual subject of our questions to respond. But Christina Perri did just that! After her video for “A Thousand Years” premiered last week, we asked you to pick which Breaking Dawn quote went best with the song. Here’s Christina’s answer:

“The quote from the poll that most fits ‘A Thousand Years’ from the Twilight books is the one about pulling them together under the water forever and loving each other forever,” she told us, referring to this one, from the first night of their honeymoon: ” ‘Don’t be afraid,’ I murmured. ‘We belong together.’ … ‘Forever,’ he agreed, and then pulled us gently into deeper water.”

“I wrote ‘A Thousand Years’ about Edward and Bella being madly in love with each other for the past 1,000 years and for 1,000 more years and forever and ever and ever. So that quote fits the best!”

Makes sense to us. And who are we to argue with a girl with a Twilight-inspired tattoo?
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Which Breaking Dawn Quote Goes Best With Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years”?

Twilight season is really heating up this week! Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene kicked it off early with a red-carpet appearance in Paris on Sunday. Last night, we got a glimpse of the honeymoon scene, courtesy of Access Hollywood. And then at 12:01 a.m. today, MTV and VH1 premiered the video for Christina Perri‘s “A Thousand Years,” the second single off the Breaking Dawn soundtrack.

The clip features several scenes from the movie that have already been featured in the trailers and TV spots: those sweeping shots of Forks; Jacob receiving the wedding invitation; Bella and Charlie walking down the aisle; Bella and Edward in Rio, on a speedboat headed for Isle Esme, swimming under the waterfall and, of course, in bed. But the one bit of dialogue from the movie that we hear, Edward and Bella whispering “I love you” to each other at the altar, is a new tidbit. All of it is made extra super romantic when set to Christina Perri’s lilting waltz and those heartbreaking vampire-ready lyrics: “I have loved you for a/ Thousand years/ I’ll love you for a/ Thousand more.”

The song’s not going to be playing throughout all these scenes in the movie, of course. If it does, in fact, show up in the film (since many soundtrack songs don’t), we’re dying to know where. The folks at Summit really should have asked us for our opinion, but let’s pretend they did. After the jump, vote for which Breaking Dawn book quote goes best with “A Thousand Years.”
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