Samuel L. Jackson Doesn’t Look Too Shabby In A Pink Wig In His Spoof Of Nicki Minaj

Samuel L. Jackson is notorious for his forcefully loud voice, not to mention the expletives he drops whenever the bleep he feels like it. Since he’s hosting this year’s BET Awards on July 1 we’re wondering which version of Jackson will be in full force. Will it be Long Kiss Goodnight Jackson, Losing Isiah Jackson or Pulp Fiction Jackson? Perhaps it will be a combination, but after watching his promo spoof of Nicki Minaj we’re hoping he’s going to be, well, himself. No toned down PC Jackson, please. Read more…


Report: D’Angelo Charged With Solicitation


This is not how you make a comeback. R&B singer D’Angelo made a rare public appearance yesterday outside a New York City court, where he was reportedly charged with solicitation. According to Page Six, the reclusive artist offered a policewoman in the West Village $40 to perform oral sex in his Range Rover around 2:30 AM Sunday morning. Authorities found $12,000 in his car.

Best known for his critically acclaimed 2000 album Voodoo, D’Angelo has stayed mostly out of the limelight since, with only a handful of guest spots and leaked tracks reaching fans. The singer was arrested in 2005 for drug possession, appearing notably heavier in mugshots than in his abtastic video for “Untitled (How Does It Feel?)”. See photos of D’Angelo then and now in the gallery below.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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