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Aubrey O’Day’s 20 Most Scandalously Sexy Twitpics And Instagrams Ever In Honor Of Her Birthday

Aubrey O'Day's 20 most scandalous twitpics and instagrams ever

Aubrey O’Day has learned from some of the best moguls in the biz. She had P. Diddy managing her on Making The Band and went head-to-head with Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice, so we’re pretty sure she’s set to take over the universe! And we guess they taught her that the way to world domination is taking scantily-clad pictures of yourself and posting them on social media. Hmmm, works for us!

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Aubrey O’Day Finalizes Failed Career With Reality Show


Indulging the grandiose delusions of beautiful yet emotionally troubled people is what reality television is all about. And why shouldn’t one of those people be Aubrey O’Day, formerly of Making of the Band’s Danity Kane and various slutty photoshoots? No reason we can see!

Apparently the first season is going to focus on O’Day’s “work” in the Las Vegas burlesque review “Peepshow.” So while the show is currently named The Aubrey O’Day Project a more accurate title might be Aubrey O’Day Presents: O God, Please Look At Me, PLEASE. I’m Singing! Are you Still Looking, World? I SAID ARE YOU STILL LOOKING?!? That’s It, I’m Taking Off My Pants.

And it’s on Oxygen no less! “Young women have watched the ups and downs of Aubrey through the years, and they continue to cheer her on,” said Amy Introcaso-Davis, Senior VP Original Programming and Development at Oxygen.” “Besides,” Introcaso-Davis added, “You just KNOW she is going to be an epic train wreck. Am I right, ladies? Who’s with me?”

Okay, so she didn’t say that exactly, but do most young women really identify with someone who can’t buy paper towels without America watching? We are willing to cut O’Day miles and miles of slack, since we all plan to walk down the aisle to “Damaged” but let’s be real here. The amount of weave-yanking and elective facial surgery on this show is going to be turned up to 11. Either way, we’ll be watching.

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Aubrey O’Day Dyes Her Pooch

Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey O’Day of Danity Kane has been criticized recently for being a little too dye-happy – but she hasn’t been tending her own locks, she’s been playing colorist to her dog, Ginger. O’Day defended herself against critics who claim all that fur color is unhealthy, saying, “It actually seems like such a taboo weird thing nowadays, but if you research online, you will see a whole underworld of dogs who are dyed. [Ginger] loves attention and because she’s colored and has different outfits, she gets so much of it. She prefers it.”

Of all the vices one could have, having a dog of many colors seems pretty tame. O’Day has run her hobby by the dog’s vet to make sure it’s safe and even claims to be working on a line of natural dog dyes. Can’t be any more harmful than Lindsay Lohan‘s Sevin Nyne tanning spray, can it? [Photo: GettyImages]

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Aubrey’s Getting Naked For Playboy

We’ve essentially seen every bit of Aubrey O’Day‘s flesh, but we’ll take more! The former Danity Kane singer has confirmed that she’ll be Playboy‘s March cover girl, which means we’re destined to see every inch of her dog-kissing, bisexual body. Thanks, Hef!

Aubrey is – of course – thrilled with this little burst of skank energy reviving her otherwise dead career. “I’m honored to be a part of the Playboy legacy,” the singer gushed to Us, “and look forward to my March cover hitting newsstands on February 13.” Mark your calendars, dudes (and ladies) – her cover drops right before Valentine’s Day. That means all you single people now have plans!  [Photo:]

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Aubrey O’Day And Her Puppy Have No “Sexual Preference”

The rumors are true: Aubrey O’Day doesn’t care if the tongue down her throat belongs to a boy or a girl. “At this point in my life, I wouldn’t say one way or another what my preference is sexually,” the former Danity Kane singer told Us Magazine. “The only thing I’m looking for in life is incredible passion and honest love…no matter what options are on the table. All I really operate on is the way I feel in my heart when it comes to love.”

Or, as Dennis Hopper once put it, she’ll f*ck anything that moves.

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Afternoon Snack: Aubrey O’Dog

Aubrey O’Day showed up at L.A. fashion week with her loyal boyfriend dog in tow, as usual, dressed in a devil Halloween costume. Sadly, she looks a whole lot scarier than her little friend.  [Photo: GettyImages]

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Aubrey O’Day Gives Sex Tape Tips

Listen up ladies! Every woman’s role model, Aubrey O’Day, is giving tips on how to make a successful sex tape, and she wants you to pay attention! The trick is simple: f*ck on film, and then make the dude delete the tape after you’ve viewed it together. “I’ve made all of them (boyfriends) delete it right after we watched it… I watched them delete it,”she tells Complex magazine.

Wow, so how many deleted Aubrey O’Day sex tapes are there? Three? Three thousand? It doesn’t matter, sadly, because they’ve all gone to that sex tape heaven in the sky. But if that doesn’t fly with you first-time tapers, give this tip a try: “If you do a live feed through the TV, you can watch it on the TV while you’re doing it and it never records.”

Er, thanks Aubrey. We’ll be sure to get on that immediately. Anyone got a camera? [Photo: FilmMagic]

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Aubrey O’Day Takes Slutty Shots, Says Not A Slut

Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day is on the cover of Complex Magazine this month — wearing little more than a bra, down on all-fours and hanging off a stripper pole — talking about what a slut she isn’t. Of the many revelations in the interview: she loves porn, prefers dirty texting to having sex and disses Cassie and Diddy – implying they’re in a relationship. Some of the gems:

On dirty texting:
When you’re at dinner and you are listening to everybody but you’re actually writing some dirty shit, I love it! I’m so into that.

On her porn preference: I usually watch black guys doing white girls, that’s my little fetish, even though in real life race isn’t a factor for me. Really, I’m more turned on by watching the girls than the guys. I love someone who looks like they’re really into sex.

Check out to read the rest of her racy interview.


Is Diddy Playing Favorites?

Could it be true that Diddy doesn’t treat all his young Danity Kane protégés the same? TheYBF claims that Diddy has shown special favoritism toward group member Dawn Richard. Diddy “has been flying Dawn out from Baltimore to him for private meetings. And these meetings are preparing her to be the breakout star in a solo career. Apparently, Diddy believes she’s the most talented of the group, and the girls are pissy because they disagree.”

Diddy’s rep contended that there is no favoritism and all the girls get along. “At no point was Dawn flown anywhere to record solo or meet alone with Diddy. The girls are still very much together. They’re going out to the Video Music Awards together … and they’re promoting their album ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’ and working on their third.”

It’s hard to believe a group of 5 performing smokin’ hot chicks gets along perfectly, but still Diddy’s rep maintains they “absolutely” do. [Source:NYDailyNews; Photo:Getty Images]