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Daughtry, Please Don’t Crawl In This Nice Clothing: Style Seen

As a band, Daughtry have a kind of ninja skill. They sneak past you, quiet and undetected at first, and then all of a sudden you turn around and they’re EVERYWHERE, outselling all those flashier bands. But even in their dark, subdued (ninja) outfits, frontman Chris Daughtry and guitar player Brian Craddock didn’t slip past our photographer, however, when they stopped by for Big Morning Buzz last week to chat about what Daughtry’s doing for VH1’s Save the Music and how family inspired Break the Spell, their new album out on November 21. And now we will examine the outfits that we think captures their everyman rock-star vibe.
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American Idol: Bye Bye Big Mike


Swim away, Willy. Swim away. You’re freeeee!

Even though Casey James had the inferior performance on Tuesday night, it was Michael Lynche who was kicked off American Idol last night for his version of “Will You Be There.” It may have inspired whales, but humans, not so much. But he has a baby! Where’s your heart, America?

The episode also featured guest appearances from Fantasia and her amazing baby voice, Chris Daughtry and his amazingly sculpted eyebrows, and Bon Jovi and their amazingly-still-80’s hair. And Jon Bon Jovi was rocking a shirt that was officially unbuttoned to his navel. Just in case it got hot on stage. Mentor Jamie Foxx was nowhere to be found. We assume that’s because he wanted to perform a monologue from The Soloist but that would have proved too powerful for this audience.

So in the end, our final three is the same as it has been for a couple weeks now: Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze and Casey James.  Will our nation’s lust for men with beautiful hair triumph over dreadlocks and paint chips? (Seriously, that’s the only fun fact about Lee we’ve been privy to. We get it! He knows his way around various shades of off-white.) Two more weeks to go!

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American Idol: The Curse Of The Runner-Ups

adam lambert vs. kris allen

Whether Kris Allen or Adam Lambert wins, they’re both going to be big stars, right? Just like Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken. Like the Davids Cook and Archuleta. Like Kelly Clarkson and…Justin Guarini? More often than not, the runner-up on the show doesn’t wind up being the second biggest star. For all we know,  Jason Castro‘s upcoming album could blow Archuleta’s out of the water. Stranger things have happened—like Constantine Mouralis getting a Tony nomination.

Check out the gallery to see why—even if the winner has to sing to sing the cheesy theme song—Allen and Lambert better hope they ace tonight’s show.

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Top 25 Greatest Idol Alumni Videos

American Idol as a TV show is about as successful as you can get, but people might not realize just how big the empire is. Okay, some of its former contestants probably realized after it was too late that conquering movies was maybe not their thing (From Justin to Kelly to … nowhere). But if you consider their musical track record, it’s pretty impressive. Since the show started in 2002, there have been more than 200 songs by Idol alums to hit the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. David Cook even had 11 songs from his self-titled debut hit the chart in 2008 in the same week.

We took into account album sales and chart-toppers and threw in a dose of personal favorites to bring you our list of The Top 25 Greatest American Idol Alumni Videos. Some artists show up a few times (Kelly Clarkson bookends the list) and a certain someone only shows up once because his baby face is just too sweet to stare at for too long (David Archuleta, we’re looking at you…). Our methods aren’t scientific, but they do take things like over-cuteness into account.

25. Kelly Clarkson – “My Life Would Suck Without You”

The latest of Clarkson’s singles, it made our list because while it’s a great song, the video sticks to the Clarkson formula that all other Clarkson videos adhere to – shots of Kelly performing with the band, spliced with shots of Kelly freaking out on/about a guy in a series of dramatic reenactments.

24. Bo Bice – “Witness”

Bice’s hair blows so freely — in the wind, in his convertible, by the sheer power of song — throughout the video, we couldn’t turn away. Viewers loved it too, the song spent three weeks at #1 on the VH1 Top 20 in December 2007.

23. Daughtry – “Over You”

“Hi, my name is Sara. Only it’s not, it’s Jessica Szohr, of TV’s Gossip Girl. I’m sorry I just cried throughout this whole video while wrapped in a towel. Actually nevermind – that was probably pretty hot. You’re welcome.”

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5 Music Videos For Idol Lovers

It’s Idol mania around here, with both David Archuleta and David Cook launching a chart-assault with their debut albums, and rumors that Kelly Clarkson‘s working on one right now. And of course, there are those Idols who’ll seemingly never leave us — like Clay Aiken and Daughtry. Check out videos from some of our favorites, and be sure to enter our David Cook’s “Light On” Contest. Check here for details on how David Cook can see you perform his brand-new hit single, and get some practice by watching these Idols!

David Cook — “Light On”

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