Happy Cinco De Mayo To 20 Celebs With Mexican Roots: Demi Lovato, Jessica Alba And More

Grab your stereotypical sombrero everybody, it’s Cinco de Mayo! In the American tradition of commercializing obscure holidays that have very little to do with their actual countries of origin, today’s festivities must include a street dance with a mariachi band, many tequila shots and some probably inauthentic Mexican food. How else to commemorate a minor victory over French invaders? Well, we’d also like to celebrate some of the other things our neighbors south of the border have given to the world, say for instance, a number of Hollywood’s hottest. Talented stars like Eva Longoria, Demi Lovato, and Mario Lopez are just a few of our favorite Mexican stars. While not all listed celebs are full-blood Mexican — and some on this list may surprise you — we like to think they all have a healthy dose of Latino pride. Take a break from your margarita blender and toast our 20 favorite celebs with Mexican roots. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Celebrate Carmen Electra’s 40th Birthday With Her Most Electrifying Looks

Carmen Electra’s killer charm and electrifying body has made her a staple in the entertainment world for close to twenty years. The blue-eyed beauty got her start by appearing in minor roles and print ads back in the mid 90s, but it was her role in the television classic Baywatch that launched her into the stratosphere. From there she earned parts on the big screen in movies like American Vampire, Scary Movie, and Starsky & Hutch, and landed on the cover of Playboy an astonishing five times!

But life hasn’t been a total beach for Carmen. Who could forget her tabloid train-wreck of a marriage to Dennis Rodman one drunken weekend in Vegas? And her reality wedding to Jane’s Addiction front-man Dave Navarro didn’t fare much better. Though her love life may have been questionable sometimes, we love her anyway. So to celebrate her 40th (!?) birthday, check out the ageless beauty’s 30 most electrifying looks in the gallery below. Enjoy!

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Red Carpet Rundown: Julie Benz Crushes On RPattz, Dave Navarro Sleeps In Coffins

TheFABlife and VH1 News hit up The Scream Awards to chat with celebs about America’s obsession with vampires, their picks for sexiest bloodsucker, and their plans for Halloween, Hollywood style. Of course a trip to the red carpet wouldn’t be complete without a chat with guitarist Dave Navarro, who revealed he owns 4 – yes, 4 – coffins that he sleeps in at home. Viva Hollywood weirdness!


ALMA Awards Turn Celebs Into Dorky High School Students

The ALMA Award Show on Sunday was probably a fun scene. Celebs like Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba and the cast of Ugly Betty were all in attendance and looked gorgeous and glam and some well-deserving shows like Battlestar Galactica and How I Met Your Mother received awards. The ceremonies will air on September 12th on ABC, but what you may not see are the backstage photos that look no different than dorky class photos. If the ALMA Awards were a high school, here’s what would be in its 2008 yearbook.

Homecoming Queen: Paula Abdul

Excellence In Shop Class: Dave Navarro

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