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Where Does Green Day’s “The Forgotten” Rank Among The Twilight-iest Of Twilight Videos?

For five years now, there’s been one big event that truly marks the beginning of Twilight season: The premiere of the first video from the latest movie’s soundtrack. Last night, we saw the premiere of Green Day’s “The Forgotten,” the first single off Breaking Dawn -Part 2‘s disc. It combines a lot of the elements we’ve seen in earlier Twilight videos — clips of Edward and Bella, beautiful forest scenes, that filter that makes everything look like an old home movie — while also being very Green Day. You’re not going to see Billie Joe and company strolling about in the woods, even if this song is rather emo. Instead, they’re performing in a concert and a recording studio.

Other acts have taken a more literal approach to the videos accompanying the saga. Does that work better for you than the detached concert thing, or is it all about the music? Take a look at four other quintessential Twilight videos and then vote for your favorite below.

1. “Decoded,” Paramore: Twilight Read more…

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Zooey Deschanel And Ben Gibbard Split, We Lose Faith In Love

Oh, noes! Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard are splitting after two years of marriage, Us Weekly reports. Unlike some other high-profile splits, this has really shaken our perception of romance. I mean, how could the super-cute (I will NOT use the “A” word or the “Q” word today) New Girl star/She & Him singer and the super-sweet Death Cab for Cutie frontman not have little cartoon hearts floating around them and birds singing their love songs at all times?!

“It was mutual and amicable,” a source told the site. “There was no third party involved.”

Was work and touring what drove the wedge between them? Did Ben get annoyed by one too many “adorkable” posters (darn! I was trying not to use that one!)? Was she disappointed that Ben absolutely refused to turn every single HelloGiggles post into a Death Cab concept album? (Wait a second, I might have something there.) Did he see our own Halle Kiefer’s Zombie Deschanel Halloween costume and realize he was missing out on the real beauty? Stay tuned while we investigate.

In the meantime, let’s all go home and watch Dirty Dancing on mute while blasting “I Will Possess Your Heart” over and over in homage to their short love story.

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Celebrity Oscar Picks: Avatar, Clooney To Win

Throughout awards season, our friend Janell Snowden at VH1 News has been asking celebrities like Nick Jonas, Marion Cotillard, Sean Paul and Death Cab for Cutie for their 2010 Oscar predictions. If the sum total of these celebs are correct, then Avatar will win Best Picture and George Clooney Best Actor at Sunday night’s Academy Awards. Precious and Crazy Heart stand a chance, too. Listen to the hodgepodge of celebs give their predictions, and you’ll catch noteworthy moments like Avatar director James Cameron admitting that his ex-wife’s movie The Hurt Locker might take home the top prize.

Don’t miss our Live Oscars Viewing Party on Sunday at 7PM EST.


Critics’ Choice Awards Live Blog Party


The media is going gaga over Sunday’s Golden Globes, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, people. Do the Globes have Nick Jonas & The Administration as its house band? Do the Globes have Adam Lambert and Sarah Silverman presenting an award together (spoiler: expect something memorable)? Are John Krasinski, Amy Poehler and Death Cab for Cutie paying tribute to John Hughes at the Golden Globes? True, the Globes have funnyman Ricky Gervais as its host, but is he as easy on the eyes as funny girl and CCMA host Kristin Chenoweth? Of course not!

That’s why you’ll want to watch VH1 tonight at 9PM EST (red carpet, 8:30) and join our Critics’ Choice Blog Party right here or via mobile by texting PARTY to 22422. Blogging along with us are our pals Moviefone, The Envelope, The Huffington Post, BestWeekEver and fashion experts Refinery29.

Expect to see most actors nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award at the show (we’re talking A-listers at the George Clooney/Meryl Streep/Matt Damon level), plus a lineup of presenters that includes Kristen Bell, Emily Blunt, Bradley Cooper, Josh Duhamel, Zac Efron, Vera Farmiga, Heather Graham, Samuel L. Jackson, Tobey Maguire, Amy Poehler, Zoe Saldana and Susan Sarandon. Critics’ Choice is known as the best barometer for who will win at the Academy Awards. So use tonight to start filling out your Oscar ballots.


EXCLUSIVE: It’s Anything Goes As Adam Lambert, Sarah Silverman Take Critics’ Choice Stage


The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards isn’t known for drama. It’s known for its uncanny tendency to predict Oscar winners. That’s why Adam Lambert and Sarah Silverman presenting an award together at the show might feel like a wolf pack of two casing a herd of fenced-in sheep. Need we remind you that “Good Morning America” recently cut an upcoming Adam Lambert performance after his same sex AMAs kiss? Remember Sarah dissing both Paris Hilton and Hollywood at the MTV Movie Awards? Now we have two of America’s most provocative mainstream personalities on the same  stage at the same time talking to a captive group of Hollywood’s elite. And we haven’t even mentioned that Tracy  Morgan is also presenting!

Additional higlights of the show: Nick Jonas & The Administration will serve as the Critics’ Choice house band; special tribute will be paid to recently deceased director John Hughes by John Krasinski, Amy Poehler and Death Cab for Cutie, which will perform “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” from “The Breakfast Club”; and Kevin Bacon will be presented with a philanthropic award by no less than Meryl Streep. Additional presenters include Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Kristen Bell, Emily Blunt, Cedric the Entertainer, Bradley Cooper, Rob Corddry, Abbie Cornish, Josh Duhamel, Zac Efron, Vera Farmiga, Heather Graham, Ed Helms, Samuel L. Jackson, Ken Jeong, Tobey Maguire, Amy Poehler, Craig Robinson, Zoe Saldana and Susan Sarandon.

Hosted by Kristin Chenoweth, Critics’ Choice will air live on VH1 Friday, Jan. 15 at 9:00PM ET. Check back here as we live-blog the show with our partner sites, including AOL’s Moviefone, The Envelope, The Huffington Post, BestWeekEver and fashion experts Refinery29. Sign up below for an e-mail reminder for our Critics’ Choice Live Blog Party.

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Video: Death Cab For Cutie’s “Meet Me On The Equinox” From New Moon Soundtrack

We’re only six weeks out from the premiere of the next installment in the Twilight film series, and New Moon fever is officially underway. Today we celebrate Cullen mania with the world premiere of Death Cab for Cutie‘s new video for their song “Meet Me on the Equinox,” the first single to be released off the New Moon soundtrack. Cue squeals and excited shrieks – now!

Death Cab bassist Nick Harmer said of the new track, “This song marks the first attempt that Death Cab for Cutie has ever made at contributing new, unreleased material for a film.  It just seems a perfect synergy that a band from the Northwest would create a song for a series of novels set in the Northwest.  We are not only proud to be a part of the Twilight legacy but also honored to join so many other fantastic artists that have leant their amazing creativity to this soundtrack.”

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Zooey Deschanel Gets Married

As if she couldn’t get any more officially indie, Zooey Deschanel has married a quirky rock musician. The (500) Days Of Summer – oh, how those parentheses still irritate – star tied the knot with Death Cab for Cutie singer Ben Gibbard on Saturday night. The couple has been dating for nearly two years. Congratulations!…and we look forward to welcoming future children with equally impressive matching glossy brown hair.


America, Please Don’t Let Zooey Deschanel Be Your New “It Girl”

We’re embarrassed to admit that a few hours ago we knew very little about Zooey Deschanel, but when did not knowing about something ever stop a gossip blog from sharing its opinion? Our dislike for “kooky,” “zany” Zooey first came about when we watched her star in the mainstream flop Failure to Launch, and found her character to be so annoying that we dismissed her on the spot. An actress with a Valley Girl accent trying hard to be quirky in a Hollywood blockbuster? Not appealing.  We realize Zooey was decent in Almost Famous and Elf and it could have been the script’s fault, but we’re having an irrationally hard time letting it go.

Now Zooey is starring in (500) Days of Summer (out on Friday), which scored a phenomenal 95% on Rotten Tomatoes’ tomatometer and is being dubbed this century’s Annie Hall. Allegedly, Zooey is brilliant as Summer, an “aloof” and “unconvential” girl who doesn’t believe in committed relationships and thus crushes a guy’s heart. Excuse us, but isn’t this her acting schtick? We’re tempted to label her a one-trick pony, but we’ve just learned that she’s also in a not-too-bad band (again, we’re behind!) called She & Him (bad grammar on purpose, how wacky!) with indie star M. Ward. She not only sings and plays the piano but also the banjo (so hip and now!) as well as the xylophone and ukulele (too quirky for words!). And don’t get us started on the fact that she’s married to Death Cab For Cutie‘s Ben Gibbard, a match made in indie heaven.

Even the origin of Zooey’s name is preciously idiosyncratic — her Hollywood cinematographer father named her after the male protagonist of J.D. Salinger‘s Franny and Zooey. But the icing on the cake has to be that Zooey knits, crochets and bakes, according to a recent New York Times article, which also claims: “In person Ms. Deschanel is exactly as indie darling as her fans would hope.” Ugh. Zooey, your quirkiness is killing us. We kindly ask that you chop off your indie bangs, exchange your vintage clothes for sweats, go to the damn mall, and eat a Whopper at Burger King. Or wait. Would that be considered an act of irony? Never mind. We’ll probably fall in love you like the rest of the nation once we see your new flick anyway.

Browse pictures below of America’s newest It Girl, including shots of her in upcoming issues of both GQ and InStyle. And see video clips of her work after the jump. [Photo: GQ]

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