The ’80s Shows Up To See Itself At Take Me Home Tonight Premiere

Usually when a movie’s been on the shelf for over three years, the stars usually don’t want anything to do with it once it finally comes out—don’t mention Case 39 to Renee Zellweger or Bradley Cooper. So it’s hopefully a sign of relative quality that Topher Grace, Anna Faris, Michelle Trachtenberg and Dan Fogler all showed up for the premiere of Take Me Home Tonight, which they filmed all the way back in 2007. Sure, Faris met husband Chris Pratt on the set, but again…that didn’t mean much to Renee and Brad.

Also impressive is how many ’80s figures showed up to celebrate the film celebrating their decade of stardom: Deborah Gibson, Anthony Michael Hall, Ralph Macchio and Tawny Kitaen were just a few of the icons on hand, with future nostalgia marketers like Lance Bass and 50 Cent (wearing a velvet suit jacket!) on hand to take notes. Celebrity Rehab vets Leif Garrett and Rachel Uchitel showed up together as well—hope the on-screen coke use that kept the film off the market for so long wasn’t distracting for them.

See photos of all the stars in the gallery below.

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Tiffany Gets T.P.’ed For Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid

Ok, we know Tiffany‘s career is kind of a joke, but whoever wrapped her in gray toilet paper when nobody was looking is really, really mean. It must have taken all the restraint in the world for Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid co-star Deborah Gibson to not pull on the bottom and watch Tiffany spin around in total confusion. And we’ll just assume attendee Dustin Diamond didn’t get close enough to do it, because self-restraint is the last thing we associate with him.

What’s that, you say? “What other ghosts of the late ’80s popped up at the Syfy movie’s premiere”? Check out the gallery to see the current state of Taylor Dayne, Alan Thicke and—wubba wubba wubba—“Downtown” Julie Brown!


Gaga Goes To Washington


Pop star du jour Lady Gaga continued her crusade for marriage equality this weekend in Washington DC. She spoke at the National Equality March before roughly 250,000 LGBT activists and straight allies. During her passionate address, she stated that speaking at the march was the single most important moment in her career. While her speech was mostly poised and poignant, her trademark Gaga outrageousness surfaced at one point, as she screamed “ARE YOU LISTENING?!?” to President Obama. A source that was in the midst of the crowd on the Mall said she had the otherwise-rowdy crowd captivated in silence as she spoke. You go Gaga!  [Photo: Splash New Online]

The quest for marriage equality was nationwide yesterday as celebrities Sophia Bush, Emmy Rossum, Perez HiltonKelly Osbourne and others marched in West Hollywood to protest Prop 8.

See photos from both events below. 

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Check out Gaga’s speech after the jump.

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10 Teen Stars At 27: Britney Could Have It Worse

It’s hard to believe that Britney Spears, once America’s favorite exhibitionist virgin, is a 27-year-old mother of two. And though her career may still have the aroma of trainwreck, it could be worse—she could be a trainwreck no one cares about. Check out the gallery to see how Britney today compares to ten other former teen stars at 27. For every Drew Barrymore she might envy, there’s a Leif Garrett to envy her.

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