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Shirtless Actors, Republicans And Patrick Wilson: Ranking The Most Dateable Men Of Girls

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Girls returns for its third season tonight, hopefully answering the burning questions of whether Adam (Adam Driver) and Hannah (Lena Dunham) are currently living in domestic, Brooklyn bliss, and how Christopher Abbott‘s sudden departure will affect Charlie and Marnie’s relationship. Despite sweetly reuniting at Roberta’s in the Season 2 finale, all good things must come to an end. And besides, break-ups and heartache work better for this group. Like many 20somethings, the female protagonists of Dunham’s HBO series have had their fair share of romantic misfires. For every adoring boyfriend who is willing to hold your just-worn retainer, there’s a creepy older boss who doesn’t know the difference between good and bad touches or that casual hookup who won’t text you back.

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