5 Reasons We’ll Miss Lil’ Wayne While He’s In Prison


Lil’ Wayne will be heading to prison tomorrow to serve a one-year sentence for felony gun possession, and even though we think no crime should go unpunished, we’re sad for the void he’ll leave in our lives for twelve months. Wayne has been busy recording The Carter IV and only just released his rock album Rebirth last week, so there won’t likely be a shortage of his music in 2010, but what of the antics we’ve grown to love? We’ve come up with a few ghosts of Lil’ Wayne’s past that we plan to revisit whenever we need of healthy dose of Dwayne Carter Jr.

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Is Amanda Bynes Crazy For Kid Cudi?

Amanda Bynes said she and Kid Cudi were “just friends” last September, but the Hairspray star’s Twitter feed has featured so many bizarre, coy messages concerning a new romantic partner that gossip folks can’t help but find clues connecting them to the “Day ‘N’ Nite” rapper. What we know:

  • The focus of her fascination is not Drake. “We have a mutual friend but we haven’t met yet! So for some reason people think we’re dating but we’re not lol!”
  • But he was up for a Grammy or two. “I’m irritated that a certain guy didn’t win certain awards.”
  • He lives in NY. “Wish he lived in NY and had a pad in LA! but when I get married I’m gonna get a house with my husband in the hills hehe :)”
  • He might be black.  “So turns out i prefer chocolate over vanilla. interesting :)”
  • And he’s definitely a sex god. “It’s amaziing how good it feels when someone knows how to love your body! I am having withdrawals from a certain guy lol :)”

If he’s Kid Cudi, he also has a girlfriend, model Jamie Baratta. But no matter who the object of Bynes’ affection is, she might want to consider chilling out for a day—or week. In the last twelve hours she’s posted “I can’t fall for you if you’re not there to catch me :),” “in most situations both people involved are feeling the exact same thing :)” and I feel like any guy that’s afraid of getting married is trying to hide something! real men want to have a wifey!” Every think about just e-mailing these needy pleas to whomever they’re for, Amanda? Posting them on top of your Maxim lingerie shots…it’s just a little desperate.

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Rihanna-Drake Rumors Heat Up

rihanna drake

Last month, Rihanna was caught making out with Drake, the DeGrassi star turned rapper. Despite the “just friends” denials that followed, Drake yelled “shout out to Rihanna, I love you baby!” on stage soon after and the stars continue to spend time together. Last week they both attended a Black Eyed Peas concert, and Monday night the pair showed up at the afterparty for Year One on the Empire Hotel roof. “She and Drake were attached at the hip…they are definitely together, but really trying to be discreet,” says Page Six‘s source.

Drake has a Top 20 single, “Best I Ever Had,” and he’s the opening act for Lil Wayne‘s “America’s Most Wanted” summer tour. Are they trying to avoid the attention a public relationship would receive—or is his career benefiting from the gossip?

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Rihanna Caught Kissing DeGrassi Star Drake

rihanna & drake

Rihanna spent Monday night bowling in Manhattan, but she didn’t strike out. Page Six spotted the singer smooching with Aubrey Graham, an aspiring rapper best known for playing Jimmy Brooks on DeGrassi: The Next Generation. “They were really cute together,” said their source, noting they left around midnight. Graham, Drake to Canadian rap fans, plans to release his debut album by the end of 2009. Think he’ll get her to cameo?

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