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Joe Manganiello Sings “Hungry Like The Wolf,” A Brilliant Career Move

Happy Magic Mike day, everyone! While Joe Manganiello has been doing nonstop press to promote his role as Big Dick Richie and the new season of True Blood, we noticed a little tweet of his yesterday that means even more to us than his body roll demonstration on Today. It was a link to the above video of him onstage at a Laguna Beach club with ’80s cover band Flashback Heart Attack singing Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf.” From what we can tell, this happened a few weeks ago, and Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger was also in attendance (hence Joe’s “Go Steelers!” at the end). But we think it’s perfect that the video is just surfacing this week. Here’s why:

  • It’s a sign to the producers of the proposed Magic Mike Broadway musical that he’s a possible candidate for the stage version. Sure, Joe’s off-key and probably drunk as he leans in to sing the chorus, but he’s certainly showing his potential … and willingness.

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Simon Le Bon Is Hairy Like The Wolf

If there’s one band we never thought would have a “beardo” phase, it’s Duran Duran. Simon Le Bon was looking his shaggiest en route to the studio in London earlier today, continuing to sport the beard he debuted earlier this month. While the singer’s mug definitely looks puffier than it did in the days of wine and Rio—he has been at it for 30 years!—we’re not sure if we’re digging the GrizzLe Bon vibe. Is their next album going to be some kind of esoteric Radiohead trip? Is Sting once again being a horrible influence on ’80s stars? Check out the gallery below and let us know if you’re pro-grow in our TheFABLife poll.

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