These Messy Drunk Celebs Will Make Your College Party Days Look Angelic

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We all love oohing and aahing over celebrities looking completely gorgeous and put together. Whether we’re drooling over Rihanna‘s sharp n’ sexy style or Sofia Vergara‘s painfully beautiful curves, many stars leave us with our jaws dropped. However, on occasion, these very same stars leave us ROTFL. Why? Because they all love drinking like the rest of us, and that causes some questionable photo moments. Ever wonder what Miley Cyrus looks like dancing on a bar? Or how Lindsay Lohan would pour shots down a rando guy’s throat? Well you don’t have to wonder anymore because we’ve got a gallery chock-full of all the very best intoxicated moments.

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The Most Powerful Redheads Of 2013

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Redheads have had to withstand their fair share of abuse throughout history–thanks largely to South Park creators and UV rays. No longer a hue to shy away from, stars like Julianne Moore and Isla Fisher have been inspiring copycats (including the likes of Rihanna) for years. And while they make up only two percent of the population, fiery celebrities of the ginger persuasion have been everywhere in 2013.

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We’re So Sorry About Your Alleged Break-Up, Taylor Swift, But Excited For Your New Boyfriends!

Okay, so we don’t actually know if Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have actually broken up or not. Maybe Richard Branson‘s island exerts mysterious influences on people, Lost-style. While we hope Haylor lasts unto eternity, forever and ever amen, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out that there are plenty of other fish in the sea for TSwift. Fish with boyish laughs and beautiful hair and emotional issues just begging to be memorialized in song. Fish like…

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Taylor Swift’s Perfect Birthday Gift? “Harry!” Says One Direction’s Liam

Happy birthday, Taylor Swift! I hope you don’t mind that our presents get to you a little late. We’ve been having a hard time coming up with what to get the girl who has everything. That’s why we asked some of the guys performing with you at the Jingle Ball last week. They gave us some great ideas!

“Harry!” suggested Harry StylesOne Direction bandmate Liam Payne. But it looks like you’ve already got that one. Here you are, earlier today celebrating your 23rd bday with Harry in the Lake District of England:

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles feed birds in the Lake District of England

How about a Golden Globe nomination? Oh, you’ve got that too, thanks to your collaboration with the Civil Wars on “Safe & Sound” for The Hunger Games. Read more…