Howard Stern Talks Trash On Idol: “F—in’ Karaoke Contest”

Howard Stern

While American Idol‘s producers refuse to discuss the possibility of Howard Stern replacing Simon Cowell with reporters, tabs are taking the shock jock’s acknowledgment that he’d consider doing the show as confirmation they’re in talks. “There’s not a better job on the planet than judging a f—–g karaoke contest,” he said on his Sirius radio program Monday, adding that he’d “tase” Ellen DeGeneres if she danced and “smack Randy Jackson‘s belly every time he opens his dopey mouth.” Bet they can’t wait, Howie, but what do you think of previous winners? ” I wouldn’t even put through that good looking kid who won, that Kris Allen. He never would have even been through…Carrie Underwood, I would’ve told her to lose weight…Hey Fantasia…little boys are scared that you are going to sit on them. You’re out. Honey, you look like you stepped out of a Haitian earthquake.” Tasteful! While his arrival might make for some must-see TV, we can’t help but wonder if Ellen will be enough of a chuckle factory for everyone involved.

So who will take Simon’s seat if not Fartman? Unless Simon Fuller is truly determined to replace seasoned music veterans with professional comedians, it’s more like to wind up an exec like former Sony Music honcho Tommy Mottola or Madonna manager Guy Oseary, whom a New York Daily News source puts as the front-runner. “His competition just can’t live up to his level of experience, and the people behind the show are slowly starting to realize it…People really only know [Mottola] as Mariah Carey’s big bad ex.” Hey, at least that’s something, though! The only music CEOs with name recognition tend to be rappers, and we haven’t heard Diddy‘s name tossed around for a while.

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Fantasia’s Gonna Get Real On VH1


The picture above, while ridiculous, is a visual expression of our excitement that American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino will be starring in her own VH1 reality show. Apparently the Lord was listening to the prayers of millions! Since the beginning of her fame, the singer has been open about her struggles, surviving a rape in high school, raising her daughter as a teenager and facing her illiteracy. We can’t wait to watch her day-today life unfold on our TVs.  Here’s the official word from VH1:

VH1 will follow Fantasia along her life’s journey — a journey full of both ups and downs — and will share how she deals with life and the seismic aftershocks of fame. The show will reveal Fantasia’s “reality” — her life as a blossoming recording artist and a young single mother who has achieved great success, but not without her share of hardship along the way. Nevertheless, Fantasia continues to persevere with the courage to live life with an openness and sincerity that her fans have come to love her for. The series is slated for an early 2010 premiere.  [Photo: Getty Images. Via VH1Blog]


Top 25 Greatest Idol Alumni Videos

American Idol as a TV show is about as successful as you can get, but people might not realize just how big the empire is. Okay, some of its former contestants probably realized after it was too late that conquering movies was maybe not their thing (From Justin to Kelly to … nowhere). But if you consider their musical track record, it’s pretty impressive. Since the show started in 2002, there have been more than 200 songs by Idol alums to hit the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart. David Cook even had 11 songs from his self-titled debut hit the chart in 2008 in the same week.

We took into account album sales and chart-toppers and threw in a dose of personal favorites to bring you our list of The Top 25 Greatest American Idol Alumni Videos. Some artists show up a few times (Kelly Clarkson bookends the list) and a certain someone only shows up once because his baby face is just too sweet to stare at for too long (David Archuleta, we’re looking at you…). Our methods aren’t scientific, but they do take things like over-cuteness into account.

25. Kelly Clarkson – “My Life Would Suck Without You”

The latest of Clarkson’s singles, it made our list because while it’s a great song, the video sticks to the Clarkson formula that all other Clarkson videos adhere to – shots of Kelly performing with the band, spliced with shots of Kelly freaking out on/about a guy in a series of dramatic reenactments.

24. Bo Bice – “Witness”

Bice’s hair blows so freely — in the wind, in his convertible, by the sheer power of song — throughout the video, we couldn’t turn away. Viewers loved it too, the song spent three weeks at #1 on the VH1 Top 20 in December 2007.

23. Daughtry – “Over You”

“Hi, my name is Sara. Only it’s not, it’s Jessica Szohr, of TV’s Gossip Girl. I’m sorry I just cried throughout this whole video while wrapped in a towel. Actually nevermind – that was probably pretty hot. You’re welcome.”

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Fantasia To Lose Home…And She Doesn’t Care

A month has passed since the planned sale of Fantasia Barrino‘s $1.3 million North Carolina home was announced, and the singer/actress has done absolutely nothing to stop it. Mecklenberg County sheriffs have tried repeatedly to contact her about the January 12th auction, but have yet to get past her mom(!). Ironically, the lien on the property stems from her refusal to pay a mere $55,000 she owes to a Florida credit company. Barrino has never responded to any documents related to the debt, nor has anyone ever appeared for her in court. “My client has continuously asked me why they won’t just pay it,” said the lawyer. “I just don’t have an answer.”

It might seem odd that Barrino would be willing to part with a mansion rather than pay the bill, but this isn’t the first time she’s walked away from a bill. She was sued last year over an unpaid promissory note and almost lost another Charlotte home in 2005. Fantasia, get new handlers! You can’t do worse than what you’ve got.

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Fantasia Faces Foreclosure

Fantasia may have put on a brave face at the “Cracked Xmas” charity fundraiser in LA last night, but she might be requiring a little charity herself. Media Takeout posted a court notice yesterday suggesting that the American Idol winner’s North Carolina mansion is going up for auction by January 12th of next year.

While Fantasia’s debut album went platinum, her second album did about half as well, and she was dropped by her management company last June. She still has the musical film version of The Color Purple to look forward to, so hopefully her luck will turn around. Then again, with the state of the music industry, we might see a lot of stars coughing up their posh residences soon.

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