American Idol: When He Was 17…


On second thought, maybe Harry Connick, Jr. is better in really small doses. His montage of hilarity last night got pretty irritating pretty fast. Still, the man can sing and his and Lady Gaga’s appearances were definitely some of the more talent-showcasing guest performances of the season. We aren’t familiar with Gaga’s latest song, “Alejandro” and it’s not her best, but as always, she’s a good show. Although – is that much butt cheek typically allowed in the 9 o’clock hour? Of course the real story here is not the filler performances, it’s the fact that Casey James did not get eliminated for his poor performance, seventeen-year-old Aaron Kelly did.
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Amy Winehouse’s Dad To Release Record


Thanks to his daughter’s headline-grabbing antics and his straightforward chat with the media, Amy Winehouse‘s dad Mitch has become somewhat of a celebrity himself these days. The London cabbie has already guest-hosted a radio show, and now he’s cementing his own fame by apparently releasing a record of Frank Sinatra covers and original material.

“Amy always credits her dad with getting her into singing. He loves music. He has a good voice and wants a go at turning professional,” reports The Sun.

We love it when dads prove you’re never too old to be embarrassed by them — although with the amount he’s put up with from Amy, we think Mitch deserves some fun. Although let’s keep our fingers crossed that this doesn’t inspire a musical move on Michael Lohan‘s part. [Photo: Splash News Online]